100 Picture Books to Read This Summer

100 Picture Books - Pin

Earlier this week I sent out the challenge for families to read 100 books together. The boys are so excited about this and are already adding plenty of stickers to our chart. Today I'm sharing with you 100 picture books to read this summer. I've personally looked through all these books and I've either read them or would read them in the future with my boys. This list contains affiliate links. See my disclosure for details. These books are great for preschool and early elementary age … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites — Graduation Time!


Happy Friday!! This week has been a blur...full of graduation festivities! My favorites today are 3 graduates that are dear to me! First up...my oldest son! He attended a church preschool this year and last Friday he graduated from preschool. They had a cute morning with parents and got to wear a fun graduation hat. Then we celebrated with ice cream! I'm so thankful for his time at this preschool. I watched him grow in so many ways and enjoyed seeing him choose great friends. Also, my … [Read more...]

Everything Early Childhood {Week 2}

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Happy Wednesday! It's week 2 of the link up for Everything Early Childhood. This is the place to be for parents and teachers looking for early childhood ideas. It's also the place for kid bloggers to share their ideas! Each Wednesday, I'm asking kid bloggers to link up early childhood learning and play ideas here. I will feature the most-clicked posts as well as ones that were my favorite. Before linking up, here are a few guidelines: only link up activities for early childhood … [Read more...]

Can You Read 100 Books? Summer Reading Challenge!

Summer Reading Challenge

Summer is just about here! While we take a break from our school routine here, we do a lot of reading! I wanted to create a fun way to challenge my little ones to read, so I came up with the challenge to read 100 books together this summer. I also created a chart to track the books we read. On this chart, there are 100 colored circles. After we read a book together, we will either put a sticker on the circle, mark it with an 'X', or stamp it with a Do-a-Dot marker. I also created a … [Read more...]

Soap Foam Sensory Bottle

Soap Foam Sensory Bottle 2

Today I'm sharing our sensory bottle for the month of May! We've been making a new sensory bottle each month and adding it to our collection. I love using sensory bottles with babies. They love to roll, shake, and look at them. My baby is 9 months old and he is just starting to really move the sensory bottle himself. In the past, I would roll it or shake it and he would watch. It's been fun to watch him play with it himself now! Here's what I used to make the bottle: Voss plastic … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites – We Have Butterflies!

butterfly collage

Hey hey! Happy Friday! We've got a fun weekend ahead with my sister graduating high school! She's my baby sister (youngest of 6) and I am so proud of her. Can't wait to celebrate her this weekend! I've heard this is a busy weekend for graduation open houses...are you going to one this weekend? Favorite #1 Mother's Day! It was such a great Mother's Day. We really didn't do anything different, but it was a very nice relaxing day together. We did use a gift card we had at a Mexican restaurant … [Read more...]

Everything Early Childhood Link Up {Week 1}

Everything Early Childhood Link-Up

Welcome to the first Everything Early Childhood Link Up! Today is the start of a new link up for kid bloggers. I'm so excited to host this link up because I know this will be a great resource for parents and teachers of little ones! Each Wednesday, I'm asking kid bloggers to link up early childhood learning and play ideas here. I will feature the most-clicked posts as well as ones that were my favorite. In the past I hosted the Toddlers & Preschool Pinning Party and was always … [Read more...]

Teaching Preschoolers How to Pick Out Books Independently

Choosing Good Books Printable

This is an all too familiar scene for us...we are at the library and I tell the kiddos to pick out books. My two preschoolers head over to the book section and grab a handful of 5 books and toss them in a pile and head somewhere else. Great. They hardly looked at them before dumping them in our book pile! Since I'm usually busy keeping my baby happy, I only get a quick glance at what they picked out. We check them out and when we get home to read the books we sometimes find that the books are … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites – Busy, Busy, Busy!


Happy Friday! You may have noticed it's been a little slow on the blog this week. Honestly, I've been so busy that it's hard to get everything done in a day. I'm sure you can relate! If I had more time, I would definitely be blogging more! But life with three littles is very time consuming. :) Here are my favorites from the week... Favorite #1 My mom! Yes, it's Mother's Day this Sunday, but it was also her birthday last week. My mom is absolutely incredible. She is my role model and I … [Read more...]

Ribbon Box – Baby Play Activity

Ribbon Box- FB

My baby is really into grabbing and pulling things...especially drawstrings on my jackets! Since he loves things that dangle, I decided to create an ribbon activity box for him to play with! This baby play activity is simple to make! I was inspired by the idea when I saw this sensory box. Since I didn't have a cardboard box that large around, I used a plastic tote. I cut ribbon all the same length and then used a hot glue gun to glue them to the back. After it was prepared, I … [Read more...]