End of the Year Wrap Up!


Hello and Happy Friday!! Today will be my last post until the new year! I'll be taking a break from posting activities so I can spend time celebrating the holidays with my family! Since I haven't done a life update in a while, I thought I'd share a few things that we've been up to! Get ready for picture overload! First up...our fall family photos! My friend, Katie, took these beautiful photos of our family. I simply love them! Wesley (age 3) Lincoln (age 3 months) Troy … [Read more...]

Christmas Thank You Cards Kids Can Make

Christmas Thank You Cards

Christmas is just about a week away, which seems crazy! After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it's time for kids to start writing Christmas thank you cards. Kids may dread this (especially if they are a little older!), but there are some fun ways to write thank you notes! Today, I'm sharing 8 creative ways to write your cards! 1. Shaving Cream Thank You Notes My kids love playing with shaving cream...so why not use it to make cards?! You can read how to make it here. 2. … [Read more...]

Homemade Drum for The Little Drummer Boy

Homemade Drum

One of our preschool activities this week was learning about The Little Drummer Boy. It's not a story from the Bible, but it is a great Christmas song and story. To add to the story, we created a homemade drum! I had been saving a hot chocolate tub for a while because I knew it would be good for a craft someday. Turns out, it was perfect for making a drum! Here's what you need for the homemade drum: large canister (like a hot chocolate one) paper hot glue gun (or some other type … [Read more...]

Crush the Cups and Get Free Cameron’s Coffee!

Crush the Cups

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cameron's Coffee. All opinions expressed are my own. Each morning, I start the day by turning on my Keurig and brewing a cup of coffee. It's just something that makes me smile in the morning and helps me wake up! I love to sip my coffee while I read my Bible and pray before the kids get up. I used to despise coffee, but after having kids, I needed some caffeine and decided to give coffee a try! Now I love to have 1-2 cups a day. My husband isn't a … [Read more...]

Easy Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Easy Christmas Gifts for Teachers

As a former teacher, I loved receiving gifts from my students. Of course, I never expected to receive anything, but I loved it when I did! If you are a parent looking for an easy Christmas gift for your teacher, then today I want to share with you some ideas! And these ideas don't necessarily need to gifted to teachers...they would be great for friends, family, or neighbors, too! I love this crayon monogram gift! I would proudly display this on my desk as a teacher! Have some candy … [Read more...]

Christmas Sensory Bottle

Christmas Sensory Bottle-700

I'm excited to share with you our newest sensory bottle for the month of December! I made this sensory bottle with a Christmas theme. I love this bottle. The oil and water separation makes it super interesting to look at. The red and silver table scatter I used inside the bottle moved slowly when we turned the bottle. That made it really fun to watch! A few of them even stuck to the side of the bottle. Baby Lincoln loved it, too! At 4 months old, he is really interested in the … [Read more...]

Merry & Bright Christmas Printable for Lip Balm

Merry & Bright Christmas Gift

I was using my favorite favorite lip balm the other day and I started thinking that it would make a good gift for a teacher, neighbor, or friend. It's a small gift, yet thoughtful and practical! I thought it would look pretty plain just to give them lip balm by itself, so I came up with a little card for it! I thought the yellow lip balm would look so cute as star! I also saw a Rudolph card with red lip balm on Pinterest that would be so cute! You could add ribbon around the card, or put … [Read more...]

Popsicle Stick Tree Ornaments

3 Popsicle Stick Ornaments

Looking for an easy Christmas ornament craft for a toddler or preschooler? Try making these popsicle stick tree ornaments! They are simple to make and allow the child to use their own creativity for this craft. Here's what you need: 3 popsicle sticks yarn, beads, jewels, pom-poms, or whatever you have on hand! glue ribbon Before inviting your child to create this craft, you will need to put together the tree with 3 popsicle sticks. I took one popsicle stick and broke it 1/4th … [Read more...]

DIY Christmas Window Clings

close up

My newest favorite craft is making homemade window clings! They are so simple to make and they make our windows look bright and cheery! Today, I'm going to show you how we made Christmas window clings with just 3 ingredients! Here's what you need: 1 Tablespoon glue a few drops of dish soap food coloring plastic page protector sheets paintbrush cookie cutters Start by mixing 1 tablespoon of glue with a few drops of dish soap. Then mix in the food coloring. I've used … [Read more...]

Winter Songs for Preschoolers

Winter Songs for Preschoolers

I love to teach songs and chants to my little ones. They love music, especially ones that go along with the season! Today, I'm sharing with you some songs and chants about winter. They are great for toddlers and preschoolers! You can use them in a classroom or in your homeschool. At the end of the post you'll find a link to download the PDF copy of the songs. Snowball -- This is a fun song that you can incorporate actions into! You could even have kids wad up paper into "snowballs" if you … [Read more...]