Friday Favorites – Giveaway Time!


Hey there and Happy Friday! Did you have a good week? It seemed to fly by here! After I share my favorites from the week, I have a giveaway that you won't want to miss! Favorite #1 I love soccer season. Call me crazy, but I like being a soccer mom. Troy loves playing soccer and we love to watch. I bring all the kids and we make a little play area on a blanket. And of course we have snacks! :) Favorite #2 This is my new favorite mug! I got it from This phrase is a great … [Read more...]

Insect Sensory Bin and Alphabet Activity

Insect Sensory Bin

Spring is a great time to do an insect theme with preschoolers. We've done a lot of crafts and activities about insects in the past, but today I'm sharing our insect sensory bin with an alphabet activity. This post contains affiliate links. For more info on this, please see my disclosure policy. In this sensory bin, we used the following: ground coffee green felt plastic insects alphabet stickers gems shallow plastic bin I first glued green felt to the sides of the plastic … [Read more...]

10 Kid-Friendly Meals That Are Easy to Make

10 Kid Friendly Meals

Do you ever struggle with what to make for dinner? Or is it hard for you to find recipes that are kid-friendly AND healthy? My husband and I enjoy eating healthy, but my kids don't always love what we make. We do have them eat what we eat, but sometimes it's really great to make an easy, kid-friendly meal. Today I'm sharing 10 of our favorite recipes. 1. Chicken Pocket One of my favorite dinners as a kid was chicken pockets. They are warm, delicious, and a cinch to make! You can find … [Read more...]

I’m an Overwhelmed Homemaker…Are You?


Let me start today by making a confession...I am an overwhelmed homemaker. A lot of days I wake up tried, overwhelmed, occasionally grumpy, and feeling behind on keeping up with the home. I try my best to keep up with all I need to do in a day, but it's rare that I get my to-do list done. Does this sound like you? In fact, this was me yesterday...I was overwhelmed with cleaning the house and taking care of the kids while my husband was at work. As I looked up in the mirror I laughed out loud. … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites – We Love Spring!


Haaaaapy Friday! Anyone else doing a happy Friday dance? My hubby has today off, which is rare for him since he is usually works on the weekend. So I am happy! We've had a great week around here! The weather has been nice and we are loving spring! Not much happened this week, but here's some fun pictures of our week! Favorite #1 FINALLY, baby Lincoln found a type of food he likes. He loves bananas! I was getting frustrated with him because he wasn't really liking the food I had tried … [Read more...]

10 Really Neat Ways to Blow Bubbles

10 Really Neat Ways to Blow Bubbles

Playing with bubbles is one of the best ways to play outside! There are so many incredible ways to blow bubbles and today I'm sharing with you 10 unique ways! Before I share the recipes, you may wonder if there's really any benefits to playing with bubbles. There actually are great reasons to play with bubbles. There's practice with fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, oral motor skills and more! To see more reasons, check out this article on 11 benefits to playing with bubbles. Now … [Read more...]

Should You Send Your Child to Preschool?

Should I Send My Child to Preschool

If you have a child between the ages of 2 and 5, you've probably thought about the options for preschool. I have 3 boys, and two of them are preschools this year. We've thought a lot about preschool over the years. In fact, we've decided to homeschool AND send our child to a church preschool. Today, I'm sharing my thoughts and experiences with both, which will hopefully help those of you who can't decide what to do! When my oldest was 2.5, I started doing preschool at home with him. In … [Read more...]

10 Short Cuts for Moms

10 Short Cuts for Moms

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Motts. I only share products that I love and all opinions expressed are my own. Compensation was provided by Motts via Mode Media. It's no secret that being a mom is a busy job. One thing I've learned as a mom is that you are constantly multi-tasking. The more kids you add in, the more you multi-task!! Sometimes I take short cuts to make life easier. Today I'm confessing some of the short cuts I take! 1. Paper Plates When I just can't do any … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites — We’ve Got a Crawler!


Hello and Happy Friday!! We've had quite the rainy week here, so we did lots of activities indoors! Here are my favorites from the week! Favorite #1 Baby Lincoln is on the move! He started crawling yesterday!! He can scoot and roll to get to things, but just started to crawl. I've got to baby proof ASAP! He's definitely going to keep me on my toes. We just adore that little boy! Favorite #2 We had so much fun celebrating Easter with my family last weekend. My hubby had to work (boo!!), … [Read more...]

10 Rainy Day Crafts

10 Rainy Day Crafts

It's April, which means lots of rain where we live! To keep my kids busy on rainy days, we like to do crafts. Here are 10 rainy day crafts that we love! Umbrellas make an adorable craft! Here are some of my favorites. Looks Like Rain Craft from Cutting Tiny Bites Umbrella Craft  Coffee Filter Umbrella Craft from B-Inspired Mama 3D Umbrella Card from Crafty Morning Rainy Day Collage from Artsy Craftsy Mom Tissue Paper Umbrella from Mama's Little Muse Rainy … [Read more...]