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  1. idea for writing on popits: piece of paper with tape over it or something laminated and then attached with adhesive

  2. Rachel lara says:

    Nothing sticks to silicone but silicone. This means that only silicone ink can be used to print on silicone rubber wristbands or any silicone part. There is a silicone ink but it’s commercial made for industrial uses. Other than this, any writing solution you find for the popits will be purely temporary. So, for those looking for how to write on their popits, best to look at getting a premade.

  3. Hi
    I’m really interested to know what you used to write on the Popits
    I purchased keyboard pop its and spent ages (5 sets) writing all the letters on only for it to come off within seconds of students using them. Was very annoying

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      I’m so sorry! That is very frustrating. I have been trying all sorts of permanent markers to try and solve this problem. So far, I haven’t found one that works well. I’ll update the post when I do find a solution!

  4. Thanks for all the great ideas! What do you use to write letters on the pop its? I used sharpie and they are coming off when my students use them.

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      I have tried Sharpies and other paint pens. Unfortunately, none of them have stayed on permanently. If I find a solution, I will be sure to share!

  5. Meredith Rockwell says:

    Did your sharpie stay on the popits ? Kids used and it rubbed off on finger not only leaving dirty finger but the letters were gone

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      I’m so sorry! Yes, mine eventually rubbed off, too. I’m still trying to find a product that stays on!

  6. Beth Steese says:

    Thanks for teaching me some new ideas. My classroom loves these.

  7. My students love pop its! I use them as calm down tools. I love these ideas to incorporate learning with a tool they already enjoy!

  8. Teresa Jordan says:

    These look like a great learning tool!

  9. I have used them just for fidgets. We need to try these ideas!

  10. Carolyn Lee says:

    I have one that I use as a Table Top game in the morning with my youngest kids in room for colors. In the afternoon; I have a child who doesn’t nap and he uses it to help with numbers. Having another would be great!

    1. Any suggestions for getting the permanent marker to not rub off?
      I put all the numbers on a 100 count one yesterday and by the time we finished afternoon homework they had all rubbed off.

      1. Angela Thayer says:

        I’m SO sorry! That is frustrating since you spent the time writing them on there. I’m still trying to find a better solution. I can’t find anything that will stick permanently to silicone.

  11. Cheyenne Mundy says:

    I haven’t used Pop Its in the classroom yet, but am going to start using them for my Kindergartener.

  12. This looks SO fun while learning!

  13. My kindergartener and 2yo have a popper with colors on one side and shapes on the other. I’d love a letters one to be able to work with both of them on different skills. Spelling, letter sounds, letter recognition, etc.

  14. Amy Cowen says:

    I love this idea! So perfect for all the many different levels I have in my classroom!

  15. Pop its are so much fun, I never realized there were so many ways to use them in learning. LOVE IT!

  16. Pop it’s are a great tool for learning

  17. Stephanie says:

    I use them in my classroom for calm down time in our “Zen Den”.

  18. Christina Reynolds says:

    I love the simple idea of Roll and Pop! Rolling the die and popping that many bubbles is such a fun way to teach one to one correspondence and quantification!

  19. I would love to win the empty Pop It! I have a wide age range of kiddos and the blank one opens up so many possibilities to teach each one at their own level. Such a great gift!

  20. Raye Frerer says:

    My story is similar to yours, but the teaching started in 1975! I taught in public classrooms, then homeschooled my own and then made my way back to a classroom setting! I also have grands that I love to encourage with these great ideas!

  21. I use for finger isolation for young children!

  22. This is a great idea why didn’t I think of this lol love it

  23. Anastasia says:

    Haven’t used it yet for learning activities but now I have some wonderful ideas how to do it.

  24. Carly Bade says:

    These are all such wonderful ideas! My girls love these toys but I’ve never considered all the great ways to use them in our schooling.

  25. It is crazy to see all of the ideas for how to utilize the pop its! My students would love this opportunity!

  26. Priscilla Wagner says:

    Homeschooling mom here. I’ve used our pop it’s for counting, but I don’t have a 100 grid one. Would love that. I will be turning one of the pop it’s I have into an alphabet one. You’ve given me some really great ideas! Thanks!

  27. Samantha Mueller says:

    I love all the alphabet ideas!! Sounding out words, spelling, their all great ideas!!

  28. we use pop its in our quiet corner and we are starting to use them for counting games

  29. I have just started to use them for addition using dice. I got some different operation and numeral dice variations for my older students.

  30. Amber Spurlock says:

    Love pop it’s! I found some letter and number shaped ones on Amazon too. Love your ideas!

  31. Trisha Cooper says:

    Popping the letters of their names would be fun!

  32. Angela Wagner says:

    We use pop it’s for sensory time, fidgets, and calming tools

  33. Jeanne Ramos says:

    I’ve seen these pop ups but never thought of these many ways to use them.

  34. cristine packard says:

    I have not used pop it in my classroom yet!!! Now that I know ways to use them I give them a try!!! Thanks

  35. Tanya Bloom says:

    I have tons of pop it activities and can always use more.

  36. I just learned about pop it’s from my grandson. I think it would be great to use as an instructional tool or as a calm down for my autistic little firstie. That’s why I chose the blank one.

  37. Have not used it. Would be great for simple math right now

  38. Terri Allen says:

    I always look forward to seeing your ideas and reading your thoughts about teaching!

  39. Kourtnay Kemsley says:

    I have not yet used pop it’s in the classroom, but I can definitely see my kiddos loving it! Does it work to sharpie both sides so you could have letters on one and numbers on the other?

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Yes you could! I’m trying to figure out a permanent marker that will stay on the silicone. I’ve tried quite a few! It will stay on initially, but then rub off after some use.

  40. Sarah Myers says:

    As a special education teacher, this could be a very hands-on way for my students to learn! I love it!!

  41. Glady Reyes says:

    I love your ideas! Some of my kids could use this fidget

  42. Colleen Smurawa says:

    Great ideas. Thanks

  43. I am an OT and I use it for finger isolation and a sensory break.

  44. Love the ideas, very useful.

  45. EducationMelanie says:

    So helpful and fun.

  46. Laura Rifenberry says:

    Would use a pop it alphabet and numbers to help my littles learn the alphabet as well as counting.

  47. I am using these in my classroom — Trying to obtain one shape for every month — like september was a circle, october was a square for Spookley — can’t seem to find a rectangle one – and I don’t want a keyboard one for some reason. I have even gotten some theme shaped ones — found a gingerbread man one! The kids love them – super good for fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, and as a calm down activity!

  48. What a fantastic way to implement this fun toy into the classroom!

  49. Julie Pertmer says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas! Would love to use these with my pre-k class!

  50. I recently saw a teacher use a pop it for math. What a great idea!

  51. Joscelin Steiner says:

    Would love to try popping the alphabet letters for my kiddos still struggling in this area!

  52. Amanda Gordon says:

    Love the ideas!

  53. What great ideas how to use pop it’s for learning

  54. I would love to try fidget in my prek class! This would be a great alternative to our bingo boards!

  55. Lauren Kiefer says:

    I homeschool my Kindergartener, but haven’t used a pop-it for learning. Thank you for the ideas!!!

  56. Caroline G says:

    The only way that I’ve had a pop-it in my preK class so far is as a fidget toy for one of my kiddos!

  57. Amy Goldsberry says:

    I have not used pop its in the classroom, but I think they would be great learning tools.

  58. These are great ideas for using Pop-Its. All my kids love them, and now I will have a few great ways to use them during instruction.

  59. Wasserman Jaime says:

    I haven’t used pop it’s before in my class but I LOVE all of your ideas and will definitely be trying!

  60. I like the 100 grid and the dice counting game

  61. Sherry VanOrman says:

    We used it by rolling the dice and popping how many you roll.

  62. These would be great for a couple of my students.

  63. Wow! I had no idea you could actually put these things to good use!!! I see them everywhere and wondered why this is so popular…
    Thank you for all the great ideas!

  64. lisa m corpora says:

    Thank you for sharing this idea. I would never have thought of using those poppers like that. What a way to teach number recognition and do sensory at same time! Love it!

  65. Rhonda Tucker says:

    This is genius! I never would have thought of using these for teaching the way you described! I would love to add these to our learning time!

  66. Haven’t used it yet, looking forward to trying to in the future.

  67. Yes, my kids love pop-ups, we have different shapes! I loved your idea of writing the letters and numbers on the pop-ups but even with sharpie they rub right off. The kids would love the pop-ups with the letters and numbers printed on them since they are learning to identify different letters and work with numbers.

  68. I have not used them yet but they have been on my amazon classroom wishlist haha

  69. I love using popits in my calming corner.

  70. Suzanne Hawkins says:

    This is differentiated learning! I love how it makes learning fun. I have not invested in any yet. This is definitely a great resource to any classroom.

  71. We have some pop-its in the calm corner (with pillows & stuffed animals) for those kiddos who just need to relax & have some time to themselves.

  72. I have not used pop-its in the classroom. Some of my students have their own that they bring to school, but I have not purchased any. I hadn’t heard of or seen some of these pop-its! They would be great to have in the classroom!

  73. Rene T Latner says:

    You had some great suggestions. I would definitely use them in math for counting. I like the odd and even numbers. Also I would use them for spelling!

  74. I have not tried any of these activities with my T-class, but am definitely excited to try if i win:)

  75. Love these ideas!! Fantastic!

  76. These are great ideas! I hope to incorporate them into my classroom since I was just moved to a kindergarten autistic support classroom.

  77. Denise M Pruitt says:

    I have not used the fidget poppers, but would definitely love to!

  78. I love the idea of using a Pop-It for 1:1 correspondence, which is something that my class is struggling with this year. Thanks for the idea!

  79. Shannon Shultie says:

    I would love to use all these different pop its for my Kindergarten class!

  80. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

  81. RaeAnn Jones says:

    I use them for a math game like the one posted here. Absolutely love all the ideas.

  82. You have some great ideas that I haven’t thought of!

  83. Violet Blake says:

    pop its are great for my students some of them are already using them and they work out well.

  84. Sara Leonard says:

    I have students with autism in my class. They use pop its to help with our large group times. I love the idea of using the pop its for letters and numbers.

  85. Jamey DiFonzo says:

    I love fidgets and my Kindergartners do as well. This is an excellent post about more ways to use these engaging tools. I would love to have more of these fidgets to put out in centers.

  86. I have not used pop its in the classroom, but after reading the blog I’m interested in trying it.

  87. I would love to win this for my students and use it during center’s for my class!

  88. I love the dice games with the pop its.

  89. Randi Lindquist says:

    I have not yet used pop-its in my classroom, but only because I haven’t actually bought one yet. I’ve been intending to! I teach Preschool Special Education. It would be great for letter recognition, counting practice, simple addition, and just as a fidget and fine motor toy!

  90. Jenny Nicholson says:

    Awesome Ideas!!!

  91. Tracie Miller says:

    I am going to use these ideas with my 4K kiddos. Thanks!

  92. Daniela Oropeza says:

    I have not used these but they look like they would be a hit with my kids!!!

  93. Robyn Fox says:

    I use the pop it for playing with sounds of the alphabet kids love it.

    1. Sandra Romero says:

      Great technique

  94. I have used pop-its in my zen zone and for some basic literacy and numeracy activities but I love the idea of the marbles and the water beads.

  95. Carol Tavares says:


    I have not used pop its in the classroom yet but certainly would be willing to try it as students are totally engaged with their own. I think this can be a very helpful way to teach letters, etc. to young kg. students.

  96. Sharon Bardy says:

    This is fantastic for home use too! I have sent it to parents of children with autism who love water beads. I will use the number and alphabet idea for my grandson and also for my clients who need phonological awareness skills! How clever and easy! Thank you!
    Sharon, Speech Language Pathologist

  97. I love learning new ways to teach letters and numbers to my preschoolers! They would love this!!

  98. Rachel B. says:

    I never thought of using pop its in this way! So many great ideas!

  99. Jamie Pignatelli says:

    Thank you. Love the ideas

  100. Sue Hiser says:

    I have not used these but they look like they would be a hit with my kids!!!

  101. ahh these are great ideas!!!

  102. Great ideas. Looking forward to trying some.

  103. I’ve only used one to keep my toddler occupied while I teach my other kids. But the numbers and letters seem great for teaching.

  104. Heidi Klump says:

    I love the ideas you shared and feel many would be beneficial to my students. Thank you! I would love to be considered for the give-away! 🙂

  105. Brandi Hall says:

    Our kiddos would love these and I can see them working so hard on also using them for speech or with color recognition. Thank you for all the ideas time to invest in some 🙂

  106. I also like the pop its that are the game board with the dice! Those are a lot of fun in kindergarten!

  107. no i have not used pop it’s in the classroom yet

  108. Brittany M Bratt says:

    Love this! I have seen friends with the letters and numbers on their kiddos’ pop-its but never thought to write them on myself! Great ideas! Thank you!

  109. I would love to win a pop it for my kindergarten classroom! Thank you for the opportunity.

  110. I have not used pop its in the classroom yet, but I love the ideas!!
    Thank you!

  111. Debra Hawkins says:

    I have never used them, but they look like they could be very engaging.

  112. I love all of these great ideas!
    My son is working on spelling so I think I may try writing the letters on one for him.
    Thanks for such a great blog post!!

  113. I love these ideas. I’d like to be entered into the giveaway.

  114. Jana Meyer says:

    These are all great ideas to share with families! Thank you!!

  115. The alphabet pop it would be great for encouraging spelling. Thank you for the chance to win.

  116. I have some kinesthetic learners that would love using these!

  117. Pixie Coleman says:

    Awesome cool ideas. I’ve used it as a fidget but these ideas are great!

  118. Brenda L Bare says:

    Use two pop its that are the same size and use it to play a game. One person rolls two dice and either adds or multiplies the two numbers together. Pop up the answer (i.e. if the answer is 6, pop up six spaces. Then it is the second person’s turn. Whoever gets all their spaces popped first is the winner.

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Great idea!! Thanks for sharing.

  119. Love the idea to use these for counting words in sentences, syllables in words, or sounds in words!

  120. Tanishe Wade-Megghross says:

    These would be great for my adhd preschoolers in my class.

  121. Alison Bussard says:

    I am an Early Childhood Special Educator. I use the pop-it as fidget, for identifying colors and for counting.

  122. Hannah Beck says:

    I have not used pop its in the classroom but I have been wanting to! My students would enjoy that learning letters would feel more like a game.

  123. I love your ideas for these pop it’s!

  124. cynthia parker says:

    I think the 100 pop it is excellent. what a good way to bring number patterns found on the 100s chart to life!

  125. I am an SLP and love to use this for sensory break and one with numbers to count, and one with different colors to tell the color to pop, as well as alphabet for sounds. Much like you!

  126. I work in a special needs preschool classroom and numbers are always a favorite. They are so predictable and able to be put in order. The numbers pop it would be calming for so many of my students.

  127. Sarah oldre says:

    We homeschool, and we haven’t used pop its before, but I like the idea. Especially for my one kiddo who is a more visual math learner!

  128. Kathy Lucas says:

    Great ideas on how to use the pop-its for learning. Thank you!

  129. Great ideas! Can’t wait to try some of these during Christmas break.

  130. Shelley Ellis says:

    I had no idea there were so many learning activities using fidget toys! I can’t wait to try them with my four year old grandson who I am homeschooling.

  131. using the pop it for number patters would be a great introduction to a hundreds chart, and the patterns of counting, for my Pre K class

  132. Diana Mercer says:

    I have used the pop its for tactile work, and as a calming therapy toy. I haven’t yet used them for academic work, but already added some to my Amazon cart! Thank you for the ideas!

  133. These are fantastic ideas for Pop Its! So clever, I can’t wait to start using them. Fingers crossed I win one and thank you for always sharing your talents:)

  134. Veronica Marciante says:

    I love this Christmas giveaway that you do every year! Thanks so much for helping me homeschool throughout the years.

  135. These are fantastic ideas for pop-its! So clever, I can’t wait to try some of these. Fingers crossed I get to win:) Thank you for always sharing your talents!

  136. I use pop its in my quiet corner to help with sensory issues.

  137. Mik'Ael Kurtz says:

    I bought 4 pop-its for my classroom. We practice making lowercase letters and number formation with them. They are a wonderful tool!

  138. Rose Orth says:

    These are amazing. I have used them for alphabet recognition and the students love them. They not only help with letters/numbers they also aid in fine motor…hand and eye coordination.

    I currently an inclusion program and I could use more to accommodate all my students especially my special education students.

  139. Michelle Fasbender says:

    Now you’ve got me thinking about other ways I can use theses!

  140. Ellen Chavez says:

    A pencil sharpener would be life changing! My daughter breaks the many millions of pencils we have so this would just simplify my mom life. Love the pop its too!! You have awesome ideas for learning with those 🙂

  141. Laura Atkinson says:

    These are great ideas! I love that you can take these any where!

  142. Julianna D. says:

    We use pop its all the time in my day program! Adding some with letters and/or numbers would be great! Thanks for the ideas!

  143. Lauren Smith says:

    I have some alphabet ones and I absolutely LOVE them. My students stay engaged and are learning so well with them.

    I would love to get more of any of them so I can work with more kids in many different areas!

  144. Angela Lawrence says:

    Very creative, also the dice pop-it with two sides is great for math.
    Roll dice and add number and that is how many to push. First one to clear board side winds.

    BAOLSLS Large Pop Game Fidgets Board Toy ,Chess Board Fidget Popper Game,Push Board Bubble Fidget Game Toy,Stress Relief Pop Game Fidget

  145. Great ideas for pop itsl

  146. I love the hands on approach to learning- fun and engaging

  147. I have seen many ways to use Poppits in the classroom but I have not tried it yet. I can see way more possibilities after reading this blog post and it inspires me. Thank you!

  148. The kids in my class love using pop its! So many new wonderful ideas on this blog post- thank you!

  149. My little one loves her pop it. I am excited to start using it in teaching. I’ve never used one before but I think the water beads, rolling the die, and letter/number identification are all activities we would use in our schooling

  150. Anita Gottsponer says:

    My triplet grandkids love these!

  151. Laurie Connor says:

    I would love to try the alphabet and numbers pop it with my SEN students. I believe they will like it and find the lesson more interactive. Also the plain ones I can use them as a stress reliever with them.

  152. lana doolaege says:

    Love this idea

  153. Jennie Richards says:

    CLEVER ways that I hadn’t thought of! Thanks!

  154. I am always trying to find new materials for my students to use to practice their skills. Pop-its are motivating students to show their skills in new ways. Love them!

  155. Araseliz Ayala says:

    The children love these. Love all the different ways to incorporate early literacy. It’s a great fine motor tool.

  156. Crystal Sharp says:

    I love the 100 pop it with the math facts strategies!!! Never thought to use them this way but my homeschool kindergartner would love it. Wish the 100 rainbow pop it wasn’t out of stock!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Oh shoot! It must’ve just got out of stock…I looked last night and it was there! Here’s an alternative –

  157. Louise Beadle says:

    Brilliant use of a toy already loved by my kids.

  158. Who doesn’t love a good popper?!

  159. My preschoolers love these!

  160. Cristina Cummings says:

    In the classroom, I have only recommended using pop its as fidgets to aid with attention. As I am a school-based occupational therapist, I would love the alphabet pop it to engage in different literacy/spelling activities.

  161. My kids love these! What a great tool to incorporate.

  162. Seleen Brewer says:

    Would be very relevant for my special needs students!

  163. Melanie Bachanas says:

    You are so incredibly Sweet for offering this. Yesterday I went from the school in an ambulance for and acute kidney damage. I went to an ER where I was also exposed to COVID. I have been working at the same school for 31 years now. I have had Type 1 diabetes for 40 years this last October. I have always pushed myself hard and I would hate to have to leave on a Medical before Christmas. I currently have 37 students which I would love to be able to give Christmas presents to. I live in a tiny town called Schoharie in Upstate NY where lots of kids go without Christmas. This would be a lovely surprise for the at-risk students that I teach Math Intervention to in grades K, 1, and 2. Thank you for considering my kiddos!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      I’m so sorry to hear this! I can tell you love teaching and you love your students.

  164. Marci Watson says:

    Wow… this helps so much with fine motor. They are perfect for my kindergarteners… We would love them so much.

  165. Sara Sykes says:

    I love Pop It’s. The kids use the Pop it’s in the safe place.

  166. Jennifer Funk says:

    My littles absolutely love fidget toys. I would love to be able to have one to let them play with during my time with them.

  167. Rebecca Klinge says:

    Love these ideas!

  168. This is such a great use of the pop it! My son is only in preschool but working on number and letter recognition and I think this would help make it more fun!

  169. Michelle Brumagim says:

    As a Special Ed teacher, I have used the Pop Its for sensory, but these are genius ways of using them with multiple purposes. They get sensory satisfaction along with tapping into educational skills…if they say the task aloud also, then they will be tapping into all 4 parts of the brain to have the skill go into the long term memory!!!! LOVE IT…thank you for sharing, I need them all 🙂

  170. I’m not gonna lie I’m almost as interested in these for myself! But I’ve never tried these and would love to find new ways to learn!

  171. Barb Schroeder says:

    I never have used the pop it, but after seeing all the things you can use them for.

    I would love one for my preschool kids

  172. helen dennis says:

    i love pop its – we have been using them to form the letters (UC and LC) and i just bought 4 pop it strips for cvc and cvce words

  173. Patricia Myers says:

    Although I’m not a teacher, my kids love Pop Its. We have some with the alphabet printed on them, but I never thought to use them for math and counting as well. Thank you for the great ideas listed.

  174. kim Guthrie says:

    I have not used pop its but now I WANT to!! I love the counting, abc and sound pop ideas!!!

  175. Such creative ways to use pop its. Thank you for sharing!

  176. I LOVED your article on using pop-its for learning. It is kinesthetic and using OT skills AND HELP STUDENTS WITH ANXIXETY OR STRESS all while still learning! You’re the best!

  177. Ms.Mickey says:

    That’s a lot of activities that would also work with the Special Needs students.

  178. Love all these fabulous ideas. My grandchildren would love learning and playing with all these pop its.

  179. Thank you for all the great ideas! I didn’t think of all the ways you can use a pop it toy.

  180. Lacey Thompson says:

    These are all awesome ideas! I am a work from home stay at home mom with a very smart 3 year old. She loves playing with her cousin’s pop-its and I believe the alphabet one would help her practice her ABCs. Thanks for all your posts! I love reading them.

  181. Cheyenne Smith says:

    I have pop-it’s in my calm down area. I love all the different activities that you shared. I will definitely have to get some more of these and incorporate these ideas!

  182. Malessa Wing says:

    I am in Awe over all of these ideas for using POP It’s for learning. Not only do I want to share them with our pre school and childcare teachers, I want my own kids to try some of them. Thank you so much!

  183. Brenda Bollivar says:

    The kids I work with love pop its and I don’t have one to share with them. These would be great!

  184. Karen Smith says:

    Not yet. I wasn’t sure how!!! Now this is great advice!

  185. Rachel Gill says:

    I teach math to 1st and 2nd graders and the numbers pop it would be great.
    My co-teacher has banned pop it’s in the classroom but I would love to use them educationally!

  186. Wendy Person says:

    I teach MOD self-contained Special Education Kinder-1st. My students love to chew on them too.

  187. I have never used the pop it for learning. What a great idea!
    Thanks for sharing!

  188. Leona Blessing says:

    I like pop-its. I wish I could find one with 10 across to teach about teen numbers

  189. I’m so impressed with these! My pre schooler would love the letters but the 100’s would be super helpful for my 3&4th graders. We have smaller pop it’s but I never thought of the 100’s chart!! Wonderful ideas.

  190. I love the math uses here, especially for learning Multiplication and the 100 chart!

  191. Kate O'Reilly says:

    This activities look awesome! Definitely something to try with my 1st graders.

  192. I am a school-based speech-language pathologist and would love to utilize these in therapy to increase repetitions of target sounds!

  193. Jessica L says:

    Fantastic creative ideas!! Adding pop it fidget toys to my preschool supply list NOW!! ♥️

  194. Love this idea. I work with ages k5 through 5th grade. All of these would by helpful for my students.

  195. Have not used a pop it yet but definitely will give it a try!

  196. Erica Kreider says:

    My SPED students love popits! Great sensory input that’s not distracting. Love these ideas, definitely going to try these out. 😀

  197. Leslie Black says:

    For kindergarten, I use the pop its shaped like numbers and have kids practice writing their numbers correctly before they can pop the pop it. I also have keyboard pop its and have them practice typing their names on the pop it. I hope to do these same things for Pre-K later in the school year.

  198. I would love to have pop-it for our Sped classroom!

  199. Chalsie North says:

    Thank you! Awesome ideas! I can’t wait to add them to our learning. Definitly need more pop its to make this happen.

  200. I have not used pop-its in the classroom yet! But I have definitely been looking into them.

  201. We don’t have a Pop It yet, but it looks so helpful for teaching. Thanks for the information!

  202. Shiloh Olson says:

    I have not used pop its, but can’t wait to try!

  203. My students love their pop its….might as well have them use them for learning! 🙂

  204. Thank you for all the different ways to use a Pop It! I am going to have to implement a lot of your suggestions!

  205. These were wonderful ideas!! Thank you for sharing.

  206. Mariah Samek says:

    I have not used pop its in the classroom, but these are great ideas!

  207. Theresa Lehmann says:

    I use pop it in speech therapy for various articulation or language tasks.

  208. I have not used these in the classroom yet but these are some great ideas to incorporate into centers or individual time.

  209. Kathy Smith says:

    I’m going to use these ideas with my preschool and kindergarten age grandkids! Thanks for the ideas!

  210. I LOVE the idea of using. Pop-it for more than just sensory play. Using it to help teach math and sight words would be a game changer.

  211. Sandi Kang says:

    I didn’t realize their were so many different ways to utilize pop its in the classroom. Thank you.

  212. Love these ideas! Just wondering how it sounds with a whole room of them going off LOL!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Haha! Probably pretty loud!

  213. Never used pop-its before. They look really cool!

  214. I’m homeschooling a preschooler, kindergartener, and 2nd grader. These would be so fun for math! I’ve seen them around but never noticed how useful they could be for teaching until now. Thank you!

  215. Corrie Filstrup says:

    Thank you for theresa me o ideas with these pop it fidgets. I absolutely love them as they have soo many used and the students have sensory items at their immediate disposal. Love all these new ways to just them!

  216. My daughter is special needs and she loves using her pop-it while doing therapy and schoolwork! Such great tools!

  217. I like to use them to count syllables in words and then eventually to count the individual sounds in words.

    I like the idea of using them for math to create an array. I hadn’t thought of that.

  218. Stacy Cisco says:

    Love these ideas to use for writing/spelling!

  219. Jessica R Shain says:

    I would love to have a number pop-it for my math centers!

  220. Thanks for the ideas here! Lots of ways to use for fun!

  221. My grandchildren love pop its. I can see where the alphabet pop it would be helpful and fun for some of my struggling earners.

  222. Christina Gamboa says:

    My students love to use these as fidgets.

  223. Megan Ellickson says:

    I have mostly used them as fidgets but would be good as a letter recognition game.

  224. I love these ideas! I especially like the idea of using them for letter recognition and for sensory with water beads!

  225. Karen Souter says:

    Love all the ideas! Thanks!

  226. Cassondra says:

    We have a couple pop it’s in my special needs classroom. The kids really love them! I’ll have to try the water beads with them too!

  227. These are fantastic ideas. Thank you!

  228. What great ideas for math!

  229. Teresa Lass says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  230. Jennifer Maynard says:

    I haven’t used them like this but I certainly will! We have small ones so I’m looking forward to the number one, I think it would really help my son with his numbers.

  231. Danielle Sanders says:

    These are some great ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  232. These are literally everywhere in our school! Kids love them. And I love the idea of adapting them to serve specific needs in the classroom beyond just relaxation or refocus.

  233. I haven’t had the chance to use these in my classroom yet but when I do, I know my students are going ro love them!

  234. Love all your ideas! I bet my kindergarteners will love learning to sound out and write words using the pop its! I see lots of kids at my school with them, but I doubt they use them for academic (reading and math) purposes! 😉

  235. My kinders love popits! I love the 100 pop it and the letter popit. If I had to choose I would pick the letter.

  236. Love using pop it with my math groups to work on skip counting.

  237. Jody Kazmier says:

    Never thought of that! What great ideas. Thank you !

  238. We haven’t used these yet, but now I need some! There are so many ways to use them that I didn’t think of. My young girls would probably love them for play and learning.

  239. Love using pop-its for counting as we push the bubbles down, a few in the calm down corner, and wrote ABC’s on an empty pop-it.

  240. Shelly Murphy says:

    We used pop-its daily for sensory play and for math. We love them!

  241. Laura Heitman says:

    I have used pop its for math.

  242. Love Pop-its for learning!

  243. I’ve never used Pop its however, I like your example of using it for multiplication and other math facts

  244. I have pop-its in the classroom and the children love them! I would like to have more variety though.

  245. I use the pop its in my classroom all the time. I use the in my safe place for kids to use just to calm down, I use the them in math for popping the number rolled on the dice, I use them in LA for popping the alphabet letter turned over on the card. No matter what the activity the kids love them!!!!

  246. Dottie Smith says:

    I have never thought about using them like this. I work with ECSE, so not a whole lot would work with them, but has got me thinking. I tutor after school 1st grade and this will for sure become a tool I use!

  247. I love all the different ideas for the popits in the educational setting! How fun would these be for many different uses. I could also see a bingo game, using it for sight words…so many different options!

  248. Diana L Lorge says:

    I do not have any pop it’s they look like fun first kids to use.

  249. Hello! I have never thought about using these as learning manipulatives. What a great idea!

  250. Pop it’s are so handy toga e in the classroom. You have so many examples, I can’t wait to try them!

  251. Rachel Boni says:

    WOW- I have wanted the 100 grid pop-its for my classroom! This would be a great tool for any classroom! Thank you for the opportunity!

  252. I have not used the pop its, but I think they would be a great tool for my granddaughter’s sensory issues.

  253. I have not used pop-its in the classroom yet, but I just bought my students pop-it bracelets to use for sentence, syllable, and phoneme segmentation!

  254. Ka'Lon Montgomery says:

    My three year old would love this. It’ll be a fun way to teach alphabet recognition and reinforce colors.

  255. Lisa Waddle says:

    I haven’t used them for educational purposes, but my students love pop its! I really like the idea of using them to determine even and odd numbers. They would be great to use for skip counting too! Thanks for the ideas!!!

  256. Wow! I never realized all of the cool games and activities you could do with a pop it fidget! I’ll definitely be using this with my son!

  257. I have never used a pop it.

  258. Carolynn Andress says:

    I have not used the pop it in class, but I have seen so many ideas. I can’t wait to use during my small groups.

  259. Kaela Westman says:

    Love these for learning and long car trips!

  260. Who knew there were so many things you could do with pop its! This is great! I had no idea there were so many options!!

  261. Love Pop-its for behavior and counseling stategies too!

  262. Raquel Félix says:

    I haven’t used pop it’s gift teaching, but love there’s so many ways to use them!

  263. We had one for sensory play, and it was so popular the bubbles tore! Would love to use them for my math content!

  264. Not yet! But I have a bunch of pop-its on my work “wish list” for incentives and learning language.

  265. My early childhood special education students love to use the pop-its for sensory input.

  266. Jessica Jackson says:

    Love pop it!! I am giving my class small pop it key chains for Christmas. It would be great to come back and have a large one to help teach!!

  267. Becky Taylor says:

    I love all these Pop It ideas! My daughter loves Pop Its and I love these ideas for her and to use them in my preschool classroom.

  268. I have used pop-its as a game where student’s roll the dice and see who has it ‘popped’ first.

  269. Kendra Morris says:

    My students really love these! Thanks for the ideas for academic uses for them as well.

  270. I use pop-its to make numbers and letters in my classroom! I also have them in my students break boxes in my Autistic Support classroom. Love using them!

  271. Katelyn Medeiros says:

    We love pop-it’s for the car!

  272. Jill Tepe says:

    Love these Pop It’s as a teaching tool!

  273. Love these ways to use pop its!

  274. Kelli Wallace says:

    I really love the idea of doing multiplication arrays with it. Thank you for the great ideas!

  275. Faviola Aguilar says:

    My 5 yo has been asking for a pop it for awhile now. I enjoyed seeing the various ways to use it for learning. Fantastic ideas!

  276. Tamekia Allcock says:

    I think your ideas are perfect for pop it’s! I had not thought of syllable counting! I know the students love these and they would be wonderful to have in the classroom to engage the students in learning. I would be happy with any of them. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  277. My kids love pop-it’s! I can’t wait to try some of these ideas!

  278. I’d love to try pop-its during my speech therapy sessions with my K-5 students, since they are all crazy for them this school year!

  279. Amy Shearer says:

    I love the idea of using a pop it for learning letters and numbers!

  280. Sarah Burleigh says:

    I have used them with letters on them for the students to practice CVC words. Only problem is the marker keeps wearing off of them.

  281. These would be great to use with my students who are struggling with phonemic awareness.

  282. Sydney Webb says:

    I use pop-its in my calming corner. If a student needs a break, they walk over and grab a pop-it. I have egg timers that they are responsible for flipping over. When the egg timer is empty, they can choose to flip it over one more time if they need longer. I would love to start using them for phonics and sight word work! I teach K, so they are really loving the pop-its in the classroom!

  283. shannon irish says:

    I have used Pop-Its for reward time and for breaks. I would like to use them for spelling practice.

  284. Love all of these ideas! Thanks so much for sharing. I work one-on-one with students with a variety of learning issues and they love pop-its! Making it educational is even better.

  285. angela arney says:

    I have several kiddos who could use these during circle time but just can’t afford to purchase them.

  286. Carolyn Garbinsky says:

    Pop-its are so popular and my students love fidgeting with htem. Would love to employ them in my classroom!

  287. Cassie Flaten says:

    I love the idea of using an alphabet pop-it to teach kids how to spell and identify letters.

  288. Sarah Tetschner says:

    I haven’t used pop-its yet, but at home I use them alot! I am really intrigued by the dice game with pop-its! I think that would be so fun!

  289. Jennifer McDonald says:

    My husband can’t stand popits, he has not seen the education side. My kids have one smalll, but I did not think of using it for multiplication, what a great idea.
    God Bless

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Haha I understand. I know people who don’t like pop its, but they truly are a great tool for learning!

  290. Cindy Brakke says:

    pop its are so popular right now that to be able to use the pop it for a learning activity would be great! I can’t wait to find the right marker and try some of these.

  291. Mary Katherine Nichols says:

    SO COOL! I have not seen anyone use these academically!

  292. Love all the different ideas of how to use these! I think my daughter would love the alphabet one- a fun way to sound out words and learn spelling!! Thanks for these ideas!

  293. Tara O'Hagan says:

    I use Pop- Its for STEM in my Library, as well as to use when talking about Fiction and Nonfiction call numbers.

  294. I have seen these in a few classrooms that I visit, but have never gotten a chance to examine them. They are used mainly as a “keep their hands busy during Circle Time” tool. If I win a set, I would use them to foster letter and number identification with my developmentally delayed preschoolers.

  295. Charlotte Parker says:

    These are great ideas!

  296. Katie Mitchell says:

    Thanks for all the great tips on how to use pop its. Will put some in place today.

  297. Pamela Jones says:

    I use to help with mi grandson who has autism.

  298. Hi,
    I love the different ways to use the pop-its! I think I will try to use it for some phonological awareness activities with my prek students. We already use pop its for their calming effects…Thank you!

  299. Thanks so much for these wonderful idea’s, and also your give-a-ways! Happy Holidays!

  300. Mickey Banks says:

    I have not used pop its in my classroom.

  301. I use it to test fluency. Mix up upper/lower case letters of the alphabet, blends or diagraphs etc. It is a great tool!

  302. Teresa Rich says:

    Pop its are so great to add sensory movement to learning! Hands-on learning is always best and sticks with them so much longer than all the computer practice.

  303. I have loved using pop its in my kindergarten classroom with CVC words it gives the kids a brain break while still learning.

  304. I would love to have the alphabet pop it to use with my grandsons. One is just learning the alphabet and one is beginning to make words. They both love pop its in the car when they travel, so it would be a great learning. tool. I can’t wait till they are old enough to play hangman with it!

  305. Sarah Forkner says:

    I am loving using pop it’s. When I pull them out at group my kids are so engaged and excited. Would love more to use throughout the day and during independent activities. Probably the most engaging thing for kinders right now.

  306. The alphabet activity would work well for preschoolers learning their letters! These are great ideas!

  307. Darlene Pinkos says:

    I am using many of the ideas for the letters in my independent reading centers (cuz the smaller round ones were cheap on Amazon). LOVE the idea of the 100 chart on the larger square!!! I would especially love the 1-1 correspondence with my intervention kiddos. Thanks for the idea!!

  308. Penny Collin says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas!

  309. These ideas are really creative and will be fun!

    Blessings, Rachel

  310. Catherine says:

    So many great uses for these!

  311. Stephanie says:

    I have seen pop its but have not used them in the classroom yet.

  312. I love this idea! My oldest is so tactile and hands on with learning and this will be a game changer for her! Thank you so much for this!

  313. I haven’t used them in my classroom yet but I think I will try the Syllable Counting first since it is an activity usually done by clapping our hands.

  314. I’ve used pop its to play math games. Love the idea to use the alphabet pop it for spelling words when practicing phoneme segmentation.

  315. I never thought about using them in some of these ways. Thanks for the ideas.

  316. Robin Rickman says:

    Multiple word repetitions in speech therapy!

  317. All great ideas! I love it!

  318. Stephanie says:

    I have been wanting to get a 100 pop-it to use with my students for number identification. I also like the use of it for multiplication arrays. Many great ideas!

  319. Laura Patterson says:

    I have a little one who needs a pop it for fidgeting during direct instruction. I have also used it for counting and for determining the number of sounds in a word.

  320. No I haven’t used pop its before in my classroom but I teach Kindergarten so having them use it to spell simple words or practice their letter identification will be so engaging and helpful!

  321. Susan S Smith says:

    Love my Pop Its for Spelling

  322. I would love to win this because I can never have enough fidgit toys in my class.

  323. Martha Stamper says:

    Great ideas for using pop its! I teach very young children with disabilities, but they all love pop its. We use them to work on taking turns, waiting, and fine motor skills. I’d love to win some!

  324. I have tried acrylic paint pens, a mighty marker, and sharpies, and none of these have succeeded in keeping the writing on the poppers. If anyone has any luck, let me know!

  325. Nicole Ogunbodede says:

    How do you keep the sharpie from coming off the pop-it? I’ve written on it several times and it seems to come off after the kids have used it.

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      I’m sorry…I haven’t been able to find a marker that stays on! Here is one from Amazon that is printed on –

  326. Alison Garabedian says:

    I bought one and tried to write the multiplication table for my son to practice, but the permanent marker just beads up on the surface. Are the links above the exact ones you bought? Wondering if the one I got just has a different make-up or coating and I should try a different toy.

  327. Sandy Power says:

    FYI, they now make Pop It’s with the numbers and letters on them!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Yes! My son actually got one for his birthday. They are great!

      1. Do you have a link please?

  328. Diane Henderson says:

    You can write the COLOR WORDS on the square one. There are enough pop its to spell them out. Children can then practice identifying the color, color word & spelling it as they pop the letters for that row of colorful dots. 🙂

  329. Also looking for how to keep the numbers on! Sharpie just rubs off. Pen rubs off. Vis-a-vis rubs off. Tried clear finger nail polish… it cracked and everything came off. Lol. Tomorrow going to try modge podge!

    Please if somebody find what works

    1. Any luck with mod podge? Looking for an easy solution. It rubs off between students but such a great one to one teaching tool for alphabet etc.

  330. Love these ideas so much that I tried it today with my summer school students! What did you use to write the letters? I used a sharpie but it smeared off by the end of class!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Shoot! I’m sorry. I am trying to find a better solution…I tried paint pens and it did the same thing. I’ll keep you posted if I find anything that works better!

      1. What about using stickers? (Numbers or letters)

  331. MaryCatherine says:

    How do you get the sharpie to stay? I have tried different sealers and nothing is helping the sharpie stay.

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      I’m sorry! I’m trying to find a good solution. So far Sharpie works the best, but yes it does eventually rub off.

  332. Kadie Gault says:

    Great ideas for these! Thanks!!

  333. Barbara McDonald says:

    Great ideas!! I bought a couple of the round for my classroom. I want to try and find a smaller version of your 100 square. Really love larger “pops” and have 10 !! I love your idea of actually placing numbers/letters on the ‘pops’ themselves. Thanks

  334. Nicole Mariscal says:

    These are such fun and great ideas! Thanks!

  335. My girls love these toys – what a perfect way to incorporate learning into the fun! Thank you!

  336. does the sharpie wear off quickly? I feel like it would with repeated use.

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      You’re right, it can wear off. So far ours has been okay but it’s only being used with two kids.

  337. Hi, so I love this idea and got some pop it’s to try it out- but the sharpie rubs off after hardly any play. Did you use a regular sharpie? I wonder if there is something I needed to do to get the marker to adhere better? I’d love to use these with my preschool class but not if I need to re write the letters after every use.

  338. Your ideas just made me think of one I’d like to try for my daughter: write sight words and let her pop them as we call and spell them out. I’ll give it a try soon but thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      That is such a great idea!

  339. Leslie Guhl says:

    What a timely post. Thank you for the ideas!

    1. I just love these activities!

  340. This post blows my mind! I will be searching for pop its right now!

  341. The original pop it was called last one lost or last mouse lost. It is a game of strategy like tic tac toe. It is a good game for indoor recess or fast finishers.

    Love your ideas! I will use them!

    Thank you 😊

  342. Love this idea for helping my globally delayed /speech impaired little man. Didn’t think of using POPITS for letter recognition. Thanks for sharing!

  343. Angela Jamieson says:

    i bought a few for my special ed. classroom and then of course we got shut down. I cut one of the big ones into 10s and fives so my littles can work on one to one correspondence. I love your idea with the waterbeads… anything that involves water is a hit. These popits are great since they can be run through the dishwasher to sanitize and they dry quickly. My teen grabbed one and has been having a great time making patterns… I may never get that one back..they are indeed, kind of addicting

  344. Denise White says:

    My nieces and nephews are obsessed with fidgets and especially the pop it toys! This is going to make learning extra fun! Thank you for the ideas. 👩‍🏫💕

  345. Courtney S says:

    These are awesome! I bought some pop its for my quiet time last school year. I think adding some letters and numbers will be a wonderful addition 🙂

    1. Hi!! I’m a teacher and I was wondering, what type of market do you use to write the letter on the pop it. I used a Sharpie but… EVERY time they use it, it erases more and more and its back to marck everything again. So you put them in the oven?
      Kind regards!!
      Sandra A.

      1. Angela Thayer says:

        I’m sorry…I haven’t been able to find a marker that stays on! Here is one from Amazon that is printed on –

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