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  1. Sabonete Artesanal says:

    Great ways to keep them busy, better than use a cellphone!! Nowadays the parents use the cellphone to entertain the kids with the cellphone, addicting them since they 1 year old!! Great post

  2. Hi Angela I love your ideas and I have successfully tried the paint bag and pipe ideas with my 2.5 year old Son. One thing he can play at for couple of hours are lots of barley grains and an assortment of wares from the kitchen – I gave him a funnel, a deep measuring cup that fitted the funnel, a spoon, a small bowl, a large bowl, an empty plastic bottle and a tray. The idea is to vary the shapes and sizes. It’s amazing how interesting he found transferring barley grains from one spot to another in as many ways as he could imagine. I have also mentioned this post in one of my stories . It’s a brand new blog – I hope you will give it a read and leave me a comment, thanks! Connie

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