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  1. Looks like a fun (and delightfully messy) way to play. I love the “dinosaur swamp” idea!
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  2. Teaching Mama says:

    Thanks, Gina for the idea!! So glad to hear you fixed the problem with the balloons. Very creative! I don’t think we have Angel Delight/whip, but I don’t know for sure. I’ll have to see! Love your comments-have a good weekend!

  3. Ha-ha, that looks very familiar. We have done this with I think you guys call it cornstarch as well which is always a joy. I think cous-cous would be fun and warm as well. Sensory play is cool. My kids are older but still love it. I got around my balloon problem by mixing gelatine with warm water and adding some Angel Delight and cooling it in the fridge. I put dinosaurs in a muffin tin with rounded bottoms to the cake spaces and spooned in some of my gloop. When it was set, and it set very firm, I took it out and put the dinos in upside down and added more gloop. So they are sort of egg-shaped and will taste lovely to my kids and be an interesting texture for them. I think i could have done it with warm milk but I am new to gelatine. I don’t know if you guys have Angel Delight or Angel Whip, it is a powdered solution that comes in a fair sized sachet and you add cold milk, whisk and set it in the fridge and makes a mouse that mostly tastes of chemicals if you are a grown up and tastes delightful if you are a kid.

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