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  1. Janet Harbry says:

    Love the sensory tub for my 7 grandtoddlers. But wondering about the mess with the colors staining hands , clothes? Did yo have any trouble with that?

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Hi! It doesn’t stain anything. Once the color dries, then it doesn’t rub off. Hope that helps!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love that sort & snap color match game… I will definitely have to get that!

    1. teachingmamablog says:

      I know it looks so fun for little ones!! Thanks for your comment and I hope you’re doing well!!

  3. Liz Mueller says:

    I would buy some Christmas presents!!

    1. teachingmamablog says:

      Yes for sure! Thanks for your comment, Liz!

  4. Love the sensory tub idea!!! We would buy some new books for the kiddos with the giftcard! Thanks for the chance!

    1. teachingmamablog says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! Hope you will try the sensory tub. Good luck!

  5. Kristen Prosser says:

    LOVE your blog Ang! Super excited for you! I have ten million things I could buy with this gift card.. love the giveaway πŸ™‚ hello to your boys!

    1. teachingmamablog says:

      Thanks, Kristen! Love you, friend!

  6. So glad I found this blog! I love the lacing cards- I would love to buy those for our boys!

    1. teachingmamablog says:

      Thank you!! I know, those lacing cards look so fun! Thanks for your comment!

  7. Love this post, Ang!!! I would definitely get Rowan the next set of the Bob Readers… We already have the first set and he loves them,,,

    1. teachingmamablog says:

      Thanks sweet Alison!! I want to get the BOB readers for Troy. Glad to hear you like them, too! He may just get them for Christmas πŸ™‚

  8. Angela, you have the cutest ideas! Thx for all the specific instructions you give. Totally going to make the Christmas sensory tub.

    1. teachingmamablog says:

      Thanks, Sharla! I’m sure your little ones will love playing with it. Hope you’re doing with 4 kiddos now!

  9. Sarah Macon says:

    I think my 2 yr old would LOVE those lace up cards! Cute blog!

    1. teachingmamablog says:

      Thanks Sarah! Yes, I think they look so much fun. Thanks for your comment!

  10. Love the Christmas sensory table – definitely going to do this for Kaila. I just picked up 1000 Gifts this weekend – can not wait to start reading it. I have a list of Christmas books I would love to pick up to read to the kids.

    1. teachingmamablog says:

      Thanks!! Kaila will love it and it’s really easy to set up! Oh and you will really enjoy 1000 Gifts. It gives a new meaning to being thankful. Hope you win the giveaway!

  11. Erin Joseph says:

    LOVE your new blog! Thank you for the fun idea for a sensory tub-I can see doing this for my little ones to occupy themselves during their “blanket time.” πŸ™‚

    1. teachingmamablog says:

      THANK YOU! Yes, it would be fun for blanket time! It can get messy, but keeps the kids occupied for awhile.

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