eBook and printable PDFs were created for the purpose to help YOU in your educational journey with your students. My passion is to create high-quality printables that can be used by parents, grandparents, teachers, and tutors. While I do share a lot of free printables on my blog, these are the products that I’m most proud of and would highly recommend using to enhance the early school years with your students.


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A few legal things…

These printables were created for you to use at home with your own child or with multiple children in a classroom setting. You are not allowed to sell or reproduce these on another site (including Dropbox, 4Shared, Mediafire, or your own blog).

I want to note that all of my products are digital. Nothing will be sent to you in the mail.

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Welcome to my store!! I’m happy you’re here because you get to see my most favorite ideas in the form of digital products! My

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  • Sale!

    Short Vowel Decodable Phonics Books


    Build your library of phonics books and save BIG when you grab this bundle of short vowel phonics books!

    Each book comes with a lesson plan, word work activities, sequencing activity, and 3 styles of books. 

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  • CVC activities

    CVC Activities Bundle


    Make teaching phonics fun with these engaging, hands-on CVC word activities! This bundle includes 24 low-prep activities that are perfect for your students learning to read consonant vowel consonant words.

    Students will love how fun these activities are… no more boring worksheets!

    This bundle includes 456 pages of low-prep, engaging CVC activities.

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  • Sorting by Attributes


    Help children learn to sort with these fun, hands-on activities! These math activities are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

    This product includes colorful posters to teach about sorting and activities to practice sorting by color, shape, and size.

    This is a digital product, so you will receive the files and print them yourself.

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  • Color by Number – Winter Pictures


    Are you looking for an easy activity all about numbers? These Color by Number Winter Pictures make learning about numbers fun!

    This set has 6 pages for children to color and include numbers 0-20. This activity helps children identify numbers, visually discriminate between numbers, strengthen on fine motor skills, and learn the colors.

    This product is a digital file, so no physical product will be sent to you in the mail. You will receive an email with a download link so you can print it as many times as you’d like!


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  • Reading Comprehension Passages


    Help your students practice fluency and reading comprehension with these fun reading passages! These are great for 1st graders or 2nd graders, depending on their reading levels.

    There are 10 passages in this file. 5 are fiction and 5 are nonfiction.

    After reading the passage, students will answer 4 questions. They include multiple choice, short answer, or true/false questions.

    These passages are great for small group practice, reading independently, or sending home to practice reading with parents.

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  • Rhyming Wheels


    Are you teaching students to rhyme? These rhyming wheels are a great way to practice this important skill!

    Students will identify the picture in the middle and then find the pictures on the wheel that rhyme. Use a clothespin to identify the rhyming words. For a simpler version, ask students to find one matching rhyming picture. There are 4 rhyming pictures on each wheel.

    This product has 24 printable wheels: 12 in color and 12 in black & white.

    This is a digital product and no physical copy will be sent in the mail.

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  • Beginning Sounds Bingo Game


    This Beginning Sounds Bingo game is a fun and engaging way to identify beginning sounds! This printable activity includes 30 different Bingo cards so that you can use this with a class or in small groups.

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  • Preschool Math Activities Pack


    Are you looking for low-prep math activities for preschoolers?

    This Preschool Math Activities Pack is here to help you out!

    In this download, you’ll receive 10 fun activities for preschool math skills!

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  • spelling activities for kids

    Editable Spelling Activities


    Making spelling fun with these engaging, editable spelling activities! This set includes 10 low-prep activities and games to help kids master their spelling words! Quick and easy setup, plus clear directions make these activities perfect for centers or small groups.

    Spelling is an essential skill, but many children struggle with it! These activities are an easy and effective way to practice spelling words. Within minutes you’ll have 10 activities ready to print! The activities in this product can be used with any spelling list!

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  • Editable Spelling Mazes


    Practice spelling words with spelling mazes!

    Kids love mazes, so adding spelling practice to them is a FUN way to learn spelling words!

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  • CVC Fluency Strips


    Help students practice reading with these CVC fluency strips! Children will decode CVC words in isolation and then read them in sentences.

    These strips are perfect for helping students build their fluency with reading short vowel words in simple sentences.

    There are 24 sets and they come in color and black & white.

    These CVC fluency strips are perfect for beginning or struggling readers working on decoding.

    This is a digital product and nothing will be mailed to you.

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  • Handprint Calendar for Northern Hemisphere


    Create the perfect homemade gift with this handprint calendar. Follow the instructions to make a handprint craft for each month and then put it together to make the calendar!

    This product includes the following:

    * PDF calendar with a poem for each month
    * instructions for making the handprint crafts


    This product contains files for 2022 and 2023 calendars.

    Please note: This calendar was created for families who live in the northern hemisphere – Spring (March), Summer (June), Fall (September), Winter (December)

    This is a digital product and no physical product will be sent to you.

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  • Uppercase and Lowercase Bundle


    Teach little ones how to write uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters with these formation rhymes! This set of printables explains how to write the letters with a fun little rhyme. These can be used as posters around a room, tracing with a finger, or tracing with a writing utensil.

    There are 52 rhymes in this collection.

    This product is digital and no physical product will be sent to you.

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  • sight words for kindergartners

    Sight Word Readers for Kindergarten – Part 2


    If you teach sight words, these sight word readers are for you!

    Help kids learn how to read with these simple booklets. Each booklet focuses on a sight word from the Dolch Primer list.

    The booklets focus on these sight words:

    1. now
    2. no
    3 .came
    4. ride
    5. into
    6. good
    7. want
    8. too
    9. pretty
    10. four
    11. saw
    12. well
    13. ran
    14. brown
    15. eat
    16. who
    17. new
    18. must
    19. black
    20. white
    21. soon
    22. our
    23. ate
    24. stay
    25. under
    26. please

    The product is digital, so you can print as many copies as you’d like!

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  • Sight Word Readers for Kindergarten


    If you teach sight words, these sight word readers are for you!

    Help kids learn how to read with these simple booklets. Each booklet focuses on a sight word from the Dolch Primer list.

    The booklets focus on these sight words:

    1. he
    2. was
    3. that
    4. she
    5. on
    6. they
    7. but
    8. at
    9. with
    10. all
    11. there
    12. out
    13. be
    14. have
    15. am
    16. do
    17. what
    18. did
    19. so
    20. get
    21. like
    22. this
    23. will
    24. yes
    25. went
    26. are

    The product is digital, so you can print as many copies as you’d like!

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  • Kindergarten Digital Math Activities Bundle


    Are you looking for ways for kindergarteners to sharpen their math skills?

    Whether you’re looking for distance learning activities, literacy centers, or ways to help kids at home, this kindergarten digital math activities bundle is for you!

    This bundle includes 10 digital activities that focus on these math skills:

    • tally mark practice for numbers 1-10
    • tally mark practice for numbers 11-20
    • base ten practice for numbers 1-19
    • base ten practice for numbers 20-40
    • addition to 10
    • addition to 20
    • subtraction to 4
    • subtraction to 8
    • patterns
    • ten frame practice up to 20
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