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  1. Would love to win Five Senses!!

  2. We LOVE brown bear brown bear!

    1. I would like to win a sensory activity to calm their fears down as well to make them relax more, as well I would like to win any items it would help make all of our jobs easier to do, and a little not to stressful. but I am having trouble entering my name in their.

  3. Stacey Johnson says:

    Every classroom needs big books.

  4. osiris velazquez says:

    Hello! I love all these great books! My students will enjoy them.

  5. Katherine says:

    I would love to win polar bear polar bear what do you hear? for my preschool classroom! We are starting a unit on arctic animals in January, so this would be perfect to have!

  6. My favorite book is Caps for Sale!

  7. Julia Suthard says:

    Books open the world to every child. These are great options ♡

  8. These are all so great for children, love all these big books, especially my 5 senses!

  9. Fantastic! Love low prep work and love free stuff!

  10. Jennifer Shepherd says:

    I love shared reading my AU/IO Class this year loved reading especially The Rainbow Fish and Brown Bear.

  11. I love It looked like spilt milk!

  12. Colleen Smurawa says:

    Chrysanthemum! This is one book that I do not have.

  13. Kristen Fishburn says:

    My favorite big book is Knuffle Bunny! 🙂 Out of your favorites, my favorite would have to be Chrysanthemum!

  14. Lynette Pruett says:

    YES!!! I use books! I used them with our children, and now I use them with our grands! My favorites for babies are all of the Brown Bear books…such classics!

  15. Karen Cochrane says:

    I LOVE using “big books” with my 2 yr old class!
    It’s so much easier to keep their attention. The Napping House or Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? would be my top choices, but really any would be AMAZING!

  16. Marianna Moustaka says:

    I would love to win the ” It looked like spilt milk”.

  17. Fran Meyer says:

    I would love any of these big books. I usually check them out of the library, but they don’t have that many available now. My 2-3 year old preschoolers love big books!

  18. Sandra Wilborn says:

    We’re starting a new preschool at my church and we would love those book!

  19. Shelly M. says:

    The Napping Bed definitely resonates with me. It sounds like our “family bed” every night.

  20. We have never used big books! The five senses one would be awesome to share with my boys!

  21. Looks like Spilt Milk would be my choice:)

  22. Hard to choose: Spilt Milk or Brown Bear, Brown Bear? I think I would go with Spilt Milk because everyone has spilled something. They can all relate to this!

  23. Kay Koronka says:

    I love Stellaluna!

  24. My students love it when we read Big Books together! I would love to own any of these, but the Rainbow fish has always been a personal favourite.

  25. Michele Murphy says:

    It Looked Likd Spilt Milk woukd be a wonderful addition to my preschool library!
    Michele Murphy

  26. Christine M Forsythe says:

    Hello All, I would have to say out of all of your big book choices, I would choose Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See, as a big book. I love that this story is so interactive, and the kiddos love it as much as I do. I also love that Eric Carle illustrated books are so colorful and artistic. I like talking about all of the colorful ways he made the pictures with the kids as well.

  27. I just love love the story of rainbow fish!! Would love to have it

  28. Lindsey J says:

    I would LOVE The Napping House! 🙂 Thank you.

  29. I read all these books when I taught school and created matching activities! Yet I’ve only read one now that I have twin toddlers. Thanks for this reminder. I’m excited to plan and share the joy with them now.

  30. Love all of these books! My choice would be it looked like spilt milk

  31. Rainbow fish would be such a cute big book for beginning of the year, or any time really! My class has been struggling with kindness.

  32. My toddler loves Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear? ❤️🐻‍❄️

  33. Raelyn Parker says:

    Chrysanthemum is one of the books I read the first week every year. I’d love for my students to be able to see the pictures better in big book form!

  34. Jessica Penn says:

    I would love to win Chrysanthemum because it would be new for my class and myself and it could be a learning lesson for all of them as well.

  35. Vicki Riddiough says:

    I’d like “It Looks Like Spilt Milk”.

  36. Christina Wilson says:

    Any of these books would be a wonderful contribution. My daughter and I made our own Brown Bear, Brown Bear book by doing our own handprints of the animals.

  37. I love them all I cant choose which one is my favorite! This is an awesome giveaway prize! Teaching Mama wins again!

  38. Suzanne Grisham says:

    My kindergarteners LOVE big books! I would love to have Stellaluna in Big Book format!

  39. All of these are great but It Looked Like Spilt Milk or The Napping would be my choices!!

  40. Tiffany Smith says:

    I would love It Looked Like Spilt Milk because it would fit into my homeschooling plans perfectly.

  41. Would love “it Looks Like Split Milk”!

  42. Christina Ross says:

    I think my kindergarteners would love any of them but I’ve never read “It Looked Like Spilt Milk” or “Mouse Paints”, so maybe one of those would be great! Thanks for this offer!!

  43. I would like Chrysanthemum.

  44. I love Rainbow Fish. I love the message and lesson it teaches my little ones

  45. I love all these books but a copy of It Looked Like Spilled Milk in big book format would be amazing!

  46. Too many to choose just 1!
    Brown Bear, Brown Bear would be my choice. The kids love it and tons of activities!

  47. My students would love It Looked Like Spilt Milk so they could see the pictures even better.

  48. Caps for sale would be great to have!

  49. I have one big book in my classroom and the kids absolutely love it. I would like to have a couple more so we can alternate.

  50. Shannon Goad says:

    Thank you for the chance to win some awesome books to add to.our classroom. I am a Preschool teacher of 2 yrs olds and they love to listen to books.

  51. Love them. I always read Chrysanthemum at the beginning of the year.

  52. These books are so good!

  53. Even though Brown Bear is so familiar to the kids I love reading it to them since they “read” it with me by repeating the chanting text with me. It makes for a shared reading experience that I love!

  54. Jeni Taylor says:

    I love big books! I taught homeschool preschool for my littles and they loved story time with our one big book. I’d love to add to my collection. The Napping House is one of my favorite books to check out at the library.

  55. It’s a difficult choice, but I’d choose Chrysanthemum.

  56. I love Stellaluna and enjoy reading it to my students. Would love to have a copy that I don’t have to keep hidden from the students, so it doesn’t get destroyed.

  57. I love the book” The Rainbow Fish” it’s a great book to teach about friendship

  58. Valerie E Vericella-Cavuoto says:

    Stellaluna was a favorite of my boys who are now 32 and 28.

  59. Caps for Sale, Brown Brown Bear, Rainbow Fish and The Napping House are a few of our favorites!!!

  60. Janna Hindman says:

    I love all of your resources and these tools are so awesome!! Thanks for all the ideas for us to use in our classroom!

  61. Love Big Books for my Pre-K kiddos. These titles are some of my favorites!

  62. Great classics! I would love to add these to my classroom!

  63. Wonderful collection of books! The Napping House is one of my most favorites! It teaches children about sequencing and repetition which helps to enhance cognitive development.

  64. I love Eric Carle books so I’d love “Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear?”

  65. I would love to win a Brown Bear big book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. So hard to pick just one, you have some really awesome titles 🙂 I have been teaching for just over 30 years and I still remember using “It looked Like Spilt Milk” for a project when I was doing my student teaching in a second grade classroom, so that title holds a special place in my heart!

  67. Nadine Haber says:

    I LOVE these books. I’m moving into Year 1 next year and these books would be perfect! I just love children’s books 😊 Thank You

  68. I LOVE all of the books on this list! Such great choices!!

  69. Meg Williams says:

    I would be thrilled to have any of them! All so wonderful for different reasons. Thank you!

  70. I homeschool my 4 kiddos and am always looking to add to our book collection! Thank you for giving these away!

  71. Julie Chmielewski says:

    These are all wonderful books. I would take any of them

  72. Mouse Paint is one of my favorites! Such a fun way to talk about color combinations!

  73. My favourite book is Rainbow Fish. A classic with such a good lesson!

  74. Lauren Ten Eyck says:

    My youngest son absolutely LOVES big books! That is his favorite thing to check out at the library. He would be greatful for anyone of them. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity 😃

  75. I would love Polar Bear, Polar Bear or Chrysanthemum!

  76. Carole Abbott says:

    I love so many of these. One of my favorites is Rainbow Fish. Love Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? as well.

  77. Lisa Williams says:

    They are all so good! I do love mouse paint!

  78. Katie Mech says:

    I would love Mouse Paint or Chrysanthemum!

  79. I’d love polar bear polar bear because my kids love brown bear

  80. thanks for the opportunity. i love big books

  81. Stellaluna! My daughter love animals and I think this would go well with our homeschool book collection

  82. Love Brown Bear and Chrysanthemum!

  83. Kristina Pingleton says:

    I would love Chrysanthemum if I had that in big book form. I don’t have many but from the ones I do have, Jamberry is our fave.

  84. These are all great…Napping House is a fun and engaging book to read!

  85. I love big books! These are all great! My favorites are Stellaluna and My Five Senses!

  86. My favorite is “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” as well.

  87. Love these books for the kids!

  88. I use books daily in my classroom so I know these would be put to great use!!

  89. Brittany Vivatson says:

    I remember being read the Rainbow gosh in pre-school and now that I teach 0-5, I’d love to share this story with my kids! ❤️

  90. Laura Smith says:

    I love using Big Books in my classroom

  91. The napping house is my favorite!

  92. Rebekah Hayes says:

    Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

  93. Sara Smith says:

    We love big books over here! We use them as much as possible. I think the Napping House is our favorite!

  94. I would love to win the big book “It Looked Like Spilt Milk” for my Kinder classroom. Thank you for the opportunity.

  95. Angela Lawrence says:

    I love these books and so do all kids!!!

  96. Anita Gottsponer says:

    I love the Rainbow Fish!

  97. I love to read to my students. These would be great for circle time!!

  98. Kristy Foy says:

    I would love the Brown Bear Brown Bear book! Such a great book that I use all the time with my students.

  99. Oh my these are AMAZING Big Book options!!! I love this so much! Don and Audrey Wood are one of my favorites so I’ll say The Napping House would be my top choice, but wow, they’re all amazing!!

  100. I have most of the books in my classroom library. Would love to add the big books.

  101. Vera Story says:

    I would like to win The Napping House

  102. I would love any board books to update my cabinets!

  103. I love all these books. I have read some of these books to my class (caps for sale, rainbow fish, brown bear). I do take them from the library to read to my primary class. I would love to have a copy in my classroom too.

  104. Stellauna – I could definitely use this for my early intervention preschoolers.

  105. I love to read stories to my preschool class

  106. I love Caps for Sale! It’s a silly story that the kids really get into. I have fond memories of some of the groups I’ve had who used the story as a readers theater.

  107. All these books look fun.

  108. These are awesome recommendations! As a first year teacher, I am looking for engaging books to read with my students. 🙂

  109. Daryllyn Giglio says:

    I love all of these great books!

  110. The Napping House looks like it would be such a great book to add to my collection! Thanks for the chance!

  111. Becky Dragt says:

    It’s hard to pick just one, but I’d have to say “It Looked Like Spilt Milk.”

  112. I love the book Caps For Sale!

  113. I love all of these books! The Five Senses by Aliki is one I do not have in my Big Book collection.

  114. This is a great selection of books. They are all good choices.

  115. Tambra Akers says:

    I would like to win Polar Bear Polar Bear

  116. Would love the Mouse Paint book!

  117. Angela Arney says:

    I love all of these big books

  118. I love all these big books! These would be a great addition to our library time!

  119. I love big books! They are great for circle time. I haven’t read Mouse Paint before though!

  120. Leann Pabich-Schiller says:

    Merry Christmas!

  121. OMGoodness! I love all these books and my students love when we pull out the BIG books! Stellaluna and Chrysanthemum are my top 2!!

  122. Changcan Li says:

    Thank you for sharing the lists of children favorite books.

    1. Changcan Li says:

      I use big books in my classroom. Children are focused more

  123. Brown Bear is my favorite. Seeing the children memorize the order is always exciting !

  124. I’ve always love the rainbow fish! Even when I was little!

  125. I like big books and I cannot lie…
    but The Napping House is my favorite.

  126. Cheri Smith Tate says:

    It Looked Like Spilt Milk is my absolute favorite book for my PreK class. We use cotton balls to make a picture on dark blue paper after our story. I had not student make on that looked just like Colonel Sanders from Kentucky Fried Chicken. I kept it for years!

  127. So hard to choose one! I think I will go with “It Looked Like Spilt Milk,”

  128. Lisa Dickman says:

    Such a great selection!

  129. Elizabeth Macumber says:

    I like to use big books in my classroom to help show and highlight different things. and the kids can interact also.

  130. Would love to have The Rainbow Fish!

  131. We read a lot in our house. So many great books listed here. It’s hard to pick a favorite.

  132. This are such great books!

  133. Donnia Callahan says:

    Fabulous titles!
    Thanks Teaching Mama😉

  134. I llove them all! I would be happy with any of them!

  135. I LOVE all these books!!!!

  136. I would love to win Brown Bear, Brown Bear. We use sign language for it.

  137. I love the Napping House and Caps for Sale. What a fun giveaway. My students love big books 🙂

  138. Rebecca Severson says:

    My students love Stellaluna!

  139. LaVonne Bates says:

    I love big books. The children seem to pay more attention and they love pointing out details they see.

  140. Love the Napping House book and Brown Bear Brown Bear

  141. Tricia Lee says:

    I would love StellaLuna!

  142. Zenaida G says:

    All of these books are great! We would love to have polar bear polar bear what do you hear? In our classroom.

  143. Jana Frederick says:

    Would love to win the Eric Carle and Rainbow Fish books! Such good ones!

  144. Sandra Kingsland says:

    Caps for Sale – would be perfect!!!!! thank you!!!

  145. Kristen N says:

    I would LOVE Stellaluna!! 🙂

  146. I love these books and use many of them.

    1. Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you Hear? This would be my choice for sure!

  147. Brianna Earley says:

    I would love to win Rainbow Fish, but any of the books would be a blessing!

  148. I would love Mouse Paint or My Five Senses! Big books are a great tool for my preschool class!

  149. I would like to win Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

  150. I love all of the books but would especially love The Rainbow Fish! It is one of my all-time favorites and there are so many fun and engaging activities you can do along with this book in the classroom!

  151. Patricia Ordonez says:

    Love these titles!

  152. Stellaluna looks like a great book!

  153. Big books are so fun!

  154. I would like to win the rainbowfish.

  155. Cindy Gunderson says:

    It is between Mouse Paint and It Looked Like Spilled Milk. Of those two I would have to go with Mouse Paint!!

  156. Stephanie says:

    I would love to win Mouse Paint🙂

  157. Stephanie says:

    I like Brown Bear Brown Bear because it’s great for so many activities and you can change it up.

  158. Tammy Brizendine says:

    I love to share big books.

  159. I would pick Stellalluna. 🦇

  160. My favorite is It Looked Like Spilt Milk.

  161. Michelle Lowe says:

    I like to read the big book Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh. It is a great way for my special education class to explore shapes.

  162. Oh there are so many great Big Books here! Mouse Paint is awesome! It Looked Like Spilt Milk is one of my favorite books. I would love to have it as a Big Book!

  163. I teach English as a second language and all books are a great opportunity to learn new vocabulary. Love them all, but my fav is Polar Bear Polar Bear what do you hear?

  164. The Five Senses is my favorite one to use for my Early Childhood SPED kiddos! 🙂

  165. Love all of these, but I’d have to say Stellaluna is one of my favorites!

  166. Rachel Bertagnoli says:

    All of these are great! Rainbow fish is definitely my favorite.

  167. So many wonderful classics! Big books provide fantastic learning opportunities for children! Thank you for sharing.

  168. Stellaluna and Chrysanthemum are my favorite to read with my daughter.

  169. Christine says:

    “It Looked like spilt milk” is one of my favorites!

  170. I would love a copy of Mouse Paint! Such a fun book with so many ways to connect the kids to it!

  171. Miss Susan says:

    This is a tough one as they are all excellent books our students love, but I’ll go with Chrysanthemum because I have a lot of students with unusual names and they identify with the lovely Chrysanthemum.

  172. Danielle Surprenant says:

    It looked like spilt milk is my favorite. I do a fun art and writing project every year with this book.

  173. Melissa Archer says:

    I love book s, big or small in my classroom!

  174. Kathy Smith says:

    Every single book is a must for the students I work with and my grandchildren!

  175. I love the creativity of It looked like spilt milk!

  176. Brown Bear Brown Bear is a fun one that I do in my classroom often and then we have a class book with the students pictures so they can learn each others’ names.

  177. It Looked Like Spilt Milk would be such a fun book to have!

  178. Deirdre Thomas says:

    My preschool class loved Caps for Sale.

  179. Caps for sale is such a classic!

  180. Marcella Baker says:

    These are all great books. It’s hard to pick one as my favorite.

  181. Melody Walper says:

    Love read a loud books! Such a great intro for kids and reading!

  182. Ang Jackson says:

    Mouse Paint looks like such a cute book!!!!

  183. I’ve been reading some of these books since I was little and would love to have copies for my young ones! Thank you for sharing such a great compilation!

  184. I would like to win My Five Senses!!

  185. We do love Mouse Paint around here!

  186. Cassondra says:

    These are such great books!!!

  187. Amy Johnson says:

    I love the Napping House!

  188. Polar bear polar bear what do you hear.

  189. Briawna Hartmann says:

    My son loves Mouse Paint! A big book version of it would be so fun!

    1. Such great titles, it would be hard to choose one!! Our littles love books!!

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