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  1. My students love using dot markers and the seasonal worksheets. Thank your for sharing the pages

  2. Kids love these and so do I – under a poster board for the leaks 🙂

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Yes! Good tip for under a poster board.

  3. Dot markers are a favorite with my preschoolers. They love the colors and the stamping; I love the skills that I can work on with them while they use it. We can always use dot markers in our little class.

  4. Love the Do a Dot markers for rainbow colors.

  5. Shelly M. says:

    We love dot markers. Love these options!

  6. My kids love do-a-dot pages! These Christmas ones are so cute – I’m printing some off for my littles to do while I work on school with my older child. Thank you!

  7. I have loved using dot markers (we used to call them “bingo daubers” with kids in the past. They’re another great way to practice hand-eye coordination and motor skills. I’ve used them with sheets like these, to fill shapes, to add texture to artwork (they’re great for making scales on fish or mermaid tails, etc) and to write names.

  8. These will be great for the fine motor centers. Thanks for the printables.

  9. Vicki Riddiough says:

    I’ve been interested in these types of “markers” before but have been hesitant because of the potential mess if not used properly. I think the Shimmer colors would be fun to use on the Christmas pages!

  10. These are great for centers!

  11. Leona Blessing says:

    I love dot markers. It helps with hand eye coordination and lets my students be creative. Many students are not developing the hand muscle or hand eye coordination, so the dot markers will make a difference.

  12. Lynn Montgomery says:

    My daughter is homeschooling our autistic grandson. He loves doing the dot a dot activities. They are a great resource for him. I help out with his schooling and it gives us something to do together.

  13. i love using the dot markers for literacy centers or early finishers. Thanks so much for the freebies!

  14. These look so fun! Love that they aren’t messy!

  15. Theses are always so fun for the kids.

  16. Julie Chmielewski says:

    We love these and need some new ones!!

  17. Kristen Fishburn says:

    We used Do-a-Dot markers ALL the time! We love them! I had no idea they had ice cream scented ones. So fun!!

  18. Would love to win these! I’ve wanted them for a long time, but so expensive!

  19. Kaleigh Williams says:

    My favorite way to develop hand eye coordination as well as gluing skills…just a dot…not a-lot!

  20. My kids love using dot markers. I use them for coloring pages, covering up letters, etc.

  21. love using these for free art

  22. We love Do-A-Dot! I am excited to use these printables!

  23. M. Sheehan says:

    Thanks for all the giveaways! 🙂

  24. Rachael Richards says:

    These look so fun. I think both my toddler and preschooler would enjoy them!

  25. Beth Steese says:

    My kids love dobbers ! Thanks for the chance to win the amazing giveaway!

  26. I would love a set of the shimmers! Thank you for the printables!

  27. These markers and the dot-a-dot printable would be so fun for little ones I know! Thanks for a chance to win!

  28. Do A Dot Markers are great for fine motor. Shimmer Dot Markers would be so much fun. Thank you for the opportunity.

  29. Do-a-dot markers come in better washable colors than bingo dabbers, and are great chunky tools to grab for little hands. Can’t wait to use these!

  30. I LOVE this activity and I hope I win the markers because my students would enjoy dot markers. I think they work on a bunch of skills and are a quick way to find the ‘hunt’ type of work! I love it!

  31. I haven’t seen the shimmer before!

  32. Melissa Webster says:

    These pictures help a few students that I work with at my school job and they have the different varieties of pictures.

  33. Jodi M Posey says:

    I use these dot activities all the time in my classroom

  34. I would love to have a set of Dot markers for my students. We use them to practice grasping, aiming, using the “helper hand” to stabilize the paper, etc.

  35. I haven’t tried these yet with my 23 month old but I will soon!

  36. I love dot markers because it keeps the kids engaged in their education.

  37. These markers are great for little ones learning to grasp. Great for my kiddos with motor delays as well!

  38. Mary Dahlia says:

    My class LOVES dot markers. I love it for fine motor skills when doing dot marker pages, and also for free at choices. I only have 1 set of dot markers, so would love to get a few more, so more kids could participate at a time.

  39. Donnia Callahan says:

    Mucho Gracias!!!!

  40. I’d love to win a set of dot markers to give to a teacher at our local school!

  41. Julie Connelly says:

    My students always LOVE using dot markers!!!! I use them a lot for letter hunt pages or I Spy type activities.

  42. We love dot markers for making pictures but can use them for so much more, too, including visual cues for ways to make 5, ways to make 10, etc.

  43. As an OT, do a dot markers would be a great tool to add for the students on my caseload to work on their fine motor skills.

  44. Jody Kazmier says:

    As an OT, the dot pages and markers are a super easy to prep and a great activity for daily task box in my autism classrooms. Independent work that addressed motor planning and hand-eye coordination.

  45. These are so fun!! I love how a variety of ages can use these!

    Thank you

  46. Deirdre Thomas says:

    I would love these markers for my 2 year old twins (grandchildren).

  47. Sarah Hamilton says:

    I love using dot markers with my kids. There is something so inviting about them, that my boys quickly jump into the activity when I pull them out. (Their great love of them is why our current set is done for and we need a fresh set! 😆)

  48. Rebecca Severson says:

    My students love Do-a-Dot markers (we call them dabbers)! We typically use them when learning a new letter – they dab the circles inside of the letter. It’s great hand-eye coordination for them to practice getting the dabber inside the circle! They are always asking to do more!

  49. Stephanie says:

    My preschool class love these!! We use them for morning seat work!

  50. My students love these pictures. Thanks for sharing

  51. I love these for several reasons – they are seasonal and the kids are all about seasonal fun right now, while I’m all about seasonal fun while learning right now. WIN! Also, I have kids with visual discrimination challenges. The bright dot markers are so helpful and engaging for them! Also, the fine motor practice is great anytime! Thank you!

  52. I would use them for arts and crafts and activities that promot creativity

  53. My students love dot activities. It seems to calm them while they are working on these activities 🙂

  54. Jenni Adams says:

    I would love to win these markers to use with my kids at school and at home! these are one of my favorite fine motor tools. From using them to make process art and working on fine motor skills to following directions.

  55. Rachel Boni says:

    My students loved these in Kinder, but in 1st grade, I’ve never had them in my room. My kiddos always ask if they can do dots, so I would love a set of my own!

  56. Nancy Shreve says:

    I love these as they are perfect for my grandkids and littles at school! Thank you for all of your fantastic ideas!

  57. These would be great for my preschooler and also my daughter when we play sight word bingo.

  58. Do a dot markers would be fantastic for my child care children. This an activity they love!

  59. Teresa Lass says:

    These would be perfect for my sweet special education 1st & 2nd grade littles!

  60. I love those coloring pages and I’ve always wanted dot markers but have not been able to get them. I would love to win these for my kinders as well as my 4 year old son.

  61. Love these for my students with little motor control; they can still create artwork independently!

  62. Whitney Collins says:

    My kids would love dot markers. They are learning basic math concepts and we play alot of bingo with math and sight words!

  63. Stephanie says:

    Do a dot markers have so many classroom uses!

  64. I would love to try these for art projects in my special ed classroom! So cool!

  65. Samantha Martin says:

    We use dot markers for so many things!!! Homeschool worksheets for my Kindergartener, making pictures, etc

  66. I’ve never used Do-a-Dot markers. It would be fun to try them out in my classroom.

  67. We have an older set of dot markers and my kids love them! They are so fun for them to use. 🙂

  68. I really like the Shimmer ones and the children love them!

  69. Stephanie K says:

    My older daughter used her set so much that the foam tip started wearing away. I hope my younger son would like these just as much!

  70. We LOVE dauber pages!!!!

  71. I would use the dot markers to find letters and sounds. I’m not extra creative LOL

  72. Jeni Taylor says:

    These are so fun! I’d love to let my 5 year old son play with these! It would be a fun way to practice his letters and numbers!

  73. Thank you for sharing the pages. I didn’t know they sold those sets of dot markers. I was getting mine at the Dollar Tree and they weren’t always working.

  74. I love do a dot markers! We use them so much in our classroom and go through so many every year. Many of my students struggle with fine motor skills so this is an easier way to identify their answers.

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