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  1. Lakeshore has a lot of great items for the classroom.

  2. Shelly M. says:

    We would love to get the tetherball tennis set.

  3. Love Lakeshore and would be excited to purchase so many things from them!

  4. Lakeshore Learning is one of my favorite places to shop. There are so many amazing choices, but my top wishlist item is the crazy shapes magnetic building set.

  5. cristine packard says:

    The paint from Lakeshore is so nice, but the purple is hard to wash off the kids hands. It turns pink after washing the kids hands,

  6. I’d love to win! Being a homeschool parent we would enjoy anything lakeshore

  7. Lana Corbitt says:

    I LOVE Lakeshore learning and so do my kids!! I try to be intentional with our toys and activities and lakeshore learning helps me do that!

  8. Thank you for your recommendation on paints! I homeschool my kids and some financial help with some learning supplies would be a huge help!

  9. Caroline G. says:

    Thanks for this fun handprint idea! Lots of things I could enjoy from Lakeshore!! Would probably prioritize shopping for small group stations. 🙂

  10. I’d love to use the Lakeshore Learning gift card for either the castle set or the little Take Alone Animal set!

  11. Suzanne Grisham says:

    Oops! I was so exicted about the “Joy” project, I forgot to leave my wishlist! I would pretty much ALL the toys and games for kindergarten aged kids!
    We recently purchased the ice cream counting cones and my kids LOVED using them in my housekeeping center! They also love the Alpha-Bots and Number-Bots!
    My biggest wishlist item is the “Preschool Two-Station Sand & Water Table – Natural Colors.” I would LOVE to have this for a sensory center!

  12. Suzanne Grisham says:

    This is such a cute project! Our character education word for December is “Joy!” I agree that Lakeshore’s No Spill Paint Cups are great! I need to try the brushes and paint. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Kathy Metcalf says:

    I would like things for indoor play such as bean bags, small balls, obstacle course building.

  14. Roxanne Aviles says:

    I love Lakeshore!! If I win the gift card, I am going to purchase math manipulatives to help my kiddos understand addition and subtraction.

  15. The pretend and play market is on my wishlist.

  16. Some things I would love for my classroom are: float & find alphabet bubbles; number bots & the alphabet learning locks.

  17. I have a long wish list from Lakeshore but right now it’s art supplies and the keepsake portfolio would really come in handy right now.

  18. Janet Rencsok says:

    I love sending home projects made with the student’s handprints and/or fingerprints! They make such a nice keepsake. I have several from when my daughters were little. This is a very cute project!

  19. I would love love love to order so many fun teaching tools for my son from lakeshore!

  20. Jennifer Smith says:

    I’ve been teaching 25 years. It’s time to update my art supplies. I need new brushes!

  21. Chandera Creamer says:

    Would be so much fun!

  22. The liquid floor tiles are at the top of my wish list.

  23. Jeni Taylor says:

    So many things I my wish list! But I would really love MagnaTiles and art supplies best. I love those no spill cups! They would be perfect for my kids!

  24. My wishlist is a mile long and I keep adding to it! I would like the alphabet and numbers magnetic tiles.

  25. Sally DePasquale says:

    I have a never ending wish list from Lakeshore. Right now though, I need a new set of crafting trays- large and small!

  26. Stephanie says:

    LL is one of our favorites! From furniture to accessories and toys, you can’t go wrong!

  27. Oh those brushes look amazing! And I have been eyeballing their scale for awhile!

  28. Rachael Richards says:

    The Magna Tiles are on my wish list for Lakeshore Learning.

  29. Marge Baum says:

    I love the paint containers. They work for any age, toddler to adult.

  30. Any of the stem manipulatives and wobble cushions would be awesome!

  31. Rachel Atia says:

    I want Rainbow High dolls from Amazon!!
    Thank you so much!!
    The paint items were amazing!
    Totally recommend!!
    So generous!!
    Thank you for the chance at $100!!

  32. I’m looking for ELA/ Reading materials but also I am looking at ordering construction paper, some paints, and searching for other materials I can stimulate my kindergarteners brains with- connecting hands-on/ creating
    with curriculum!

  33. Rachel Atia says:

    I want Rainbow High dolls from Amazon!!
    Thank you so much!!
    The paint items were amazing!
    Totally recommend!!
    So generous!!
    Thank you for the chance at $100!!

  34. So many great things from Lakeshore! I would love some sensory items or things to help with letter learning.

  35. Glee Rice says:

    I will be looking for resources I can use in speech therapy to promote language.

  36. The paint items look awesome!

  37. Paint, brushes, and no spill containers! Also, building blocks and puzzles!

  38. Alphabots are on my wish list!

  39. Michelle Alves says:

    Love the craft! You could use colorful hole-punched dots as ornaments and get in some fine motor practice 😉

  40. Lu leader says:

    I’d love to buy the cash register or stem toy!

  41. I love this simple craft! Thank you for sharing!

  42. Very cute! Thx for sharing!

  43. CJ Hansen says:

    So many great tools tools on Lakeshore! Alphabet learning locks, snap dinos, heavy duty storage box, tactile letters, Build-A-Word! Magnet Board – 3-Letter Words.

  44. Absolutely love this handprint idea. Joy is perfect! Thanks for sharing

  45. Sarah Champeau says:

    I would LOVE to add the Touch and Read Phonics Word Match set to my reading classroom!

  46. I love Lakeshore! Thank you for the opportunity.

  47. Ashley Zuehlke says:

    This is one of my favorite projects to do with the kids. I love that you highlighted it here as well.

  48. Thank you for such wonderful materials!

  49. Jaton Najera says:

    There are so many amazing products on Lakeshore that make teaching and learning easier and more fun! I would love to be able to purchase some new items for my classroom!

  50. Sarah Myers says:

    This is awesome! I love the resources and ideas!

  51. My daughter LOVES playing school! (I guess that’s what happens with BOTH of your parents are teachers!) On her and I’s wish list is the Play School Supplies Kit!

  52. Can;t wait ti try this hand print with my students. I love Lakeshore they have great resources

  53. Some of my favorite activities come from Lakeshore!

  54. Whitney Collins says:

    I would love the flex-space comfy floor seats for my classroom. I love providing flexible seating options for my students.

  55. Christine Locke says:

    I can’t wait to try this handprint craft! Also, adding these items you listed to my Lakeshore wishlist!

  56. I love Lakeshore Learning materials! They are so colorful and engaging for my students.

  57. Charlotte Sparks says:

    LOVE art using handprints!

  58. Real Bugs Discovery Kit
    Design and build Water Blocks
    Rainbow scratch paper
    Snap Dino

  59. Jenni Adams says:

    I would love to buy some new sensory toys for my toddlers and art supplies

  60. Briawna Hartmann says:

    My wishlist now includes these paint cups! My 2-year-old is hazardous with paint but loves it!

  61. There are so many arts and crafts things that would be great to get. My kids love to make crafts.

  62. Math learning helpers of all types for our daughter that really struggles with math. Visuals do help her.

  63. I’ve purchased a few things from Lakeshore! Amazing products! EXCELLENT quality! Would love to add to my educational toys!

  64. I love these products and my girls are super paint lovers! They will love them…and so will I! 😁

  65. Samantha N. says:

    Love Lakeshore Learning educational materials and toys for my kids!

  66. Stephenie Sun says:

    It’s good to know that the Lakeshore paint is super washable.

  67. Handprint Christmas tree, what a wonderful idea! My boys will be doing this one for sure!!

  68. Sooo many good things at Lakeshore! Right now I would want the tabletop caddy to get some organization going on!

  69. Lakeshore has some really fun stuff – especially for my preschool speech-language kiddos!

  70. Vicki Riddiough says:

    Those Flex-Space Comfy floor seats would be a big hit in our home!

  71. Love this handprint JOY picture, sooo cute! And I love to shop our Lakeshore outlet, great stuff!

  72. That would be an amazing gift!
    Lakeshore learning has quality items for the classroom!!

  73. I enjoy the manipulatives that can be used with my students with disabilities.

  74. Leona Blessing says:

    I think that the paint cups are a great idea. It will help my kindergarten students to be independent without the mess. They would love these for our classroom. I love Lakeshore Learning. They have a lot of great things for the classroom.

  75. Sheri Stewart says:

    I love the handprint tree. We made ornaments using that idea.

  76. I love LSL! I find so many things to help enrich my children’s learning! Just bought the Alphabots for my 3 yr old for Christmas. But I’d love to get more things to help with his budding math skills as well as his literary skill. I’d also love to get more art items for my daughters.

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      We love the Alphabots!!

  77. Kathy Bessent says:

    Such a cute idea!

  78. Cathy McDonald says:

    I love Lakeshore Learning and have several gifts purchased already with more to come!

  79. Christine says:

    I love all of their stuff, my wish list would be huge!!!

  80. Deirdre Thomas says:

    This is adorable.

  81. Any of their sensory materials would be wonderful!

  82. i absolutely need those paint cups. My kinder needs them. I am so ordering . Thanks for the JOY I am using that as well.

  83. This is going to be perfect as the December project to include in our memory book collections.

  84. Kathy Davis says:

    I love handprint art! I still have all that my kids made when they were little, and have made some with my granddaughter to give to her parents!

  85. Jana Frederick says:

    I have a magnetic designer with designer cards on my wish list.

  86. I love those little cups, how convenient.

  87. Love lakeshore resources

  88. Heather Gledhill says:

    I love Lakeshore products, they have a way of taking regular classroom tools and tweaking them for the better.

    Also, that Joy handprint activity is a perfect last week art.

  89. I have had two wobble chairs in my classroom for six years now and I could use a couple more so the students don’t have to take turns.

  90. M Sheehan says:

    Cute project…thank you!

  91. Super cute idea!!!!
    And so simple.
    I love simple projects that end up looking and feeling super special.

  92. Rachel Boni says:

    I NEED these paint cups!!! So tired of spills!

  93. I’m building a listening center within my library, for the students who forget their books. So headphones and read alongside are on top of my list! Thanks for the chance!

  94. Catherine says:

    I would love some magnetic wands from Lakeshore,

  95. Sarah Johnson says:

    I love Lakeshore and all of their things!!

  96. Lynn Montgomery says:

    I love Lakeshore! It’s a toy land for teachers. I would love some of the no spill paint cups for homeschooling my grandkids.

  97. Wobble chair has been on my list!

  98. I love the washable acrylic paints and I would like to try their paint brushes, they look very nice.

  99. Laura Hancock says:

    I love all that lakeshore has to offer. Their washable paints, learning games and so much more

  100. Hard to choose…there are so many good options at Lakeshore! Snap dinos, trace and write alphabet, build a burger. All great options for my OT sessions at preschool!

  101. Lamarla Buchanan says:

    Great Activity.

  102. Lakeshore has so many great materials for learning – would love to win a gift card!

  103. Bingo dot markers and wiki sticks are on my wish list!!

  104. Such a cute idea! Can’t wait to try!

  105. LaRayne McGahan says:

    I am a school based OT and love, love, love these painting tips! All of it! What a lifesaver when working with children!

    Thanks for your wonderful giveaways!

  106. Robin Mathews says:

    I LOVE Lakeshore!

  107. Elodie Ayala says:

    Lakeshore Learning’s color maze is a great idea for young ones just starting out with learning. Hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, and learning colors!

  108. My kids are always asking to paint, these supplies would be a great addition to our craft center!

  109. Rachel Bertagnoli says:

    I love lakeshore learning. The supplies hold up better than others. I love their trays and am looking to get another set.

  110. I would love those no spill paint cups. They would save on clean-up.

  111. Deborah Coffey says:

    Such a sweet craft to do with my grandchildren! I’ve used Lakeshore Learning materials for years~ first, as a speech-language pathologist, and now, with my own grandchildren. The quality and content can’t be beat. We love ALL their products. I would love to have more science and math concept materials for them.

  112. We love lakeshore products in our preschool class.

  113. I love Lakeshore Learning, and their products are amazing! 🙂

  114. Cindy Rodriguez says:

    I would love to the space rover! My students love the space ship so the river would be a nice addition.

  115. I love the letter and word locks! Also the touch and read word cards. They have so many amazing products!!

  116. Emily Gervase says:

    First, I LOVE lakeshore learning -every year I try to buy something from them for my kids for Christmas. Their products are great! With that said, we can always use more supplies for teaching at home – they have this pack of supplies that would be fantastic!

  117. Amy Bolling says:

    I would love some educational hands on activities to homeschool my special needs son.

  118. I love the people that Lakeshore has, the kids love to imagine with them. The great thing about the people they can be used in almost all the centers.

  119. I’d love to get more STEM play options like the Playsticks

  120. Stephanie says:

    I’d use the Lakeshore gift card to buy supplies for my kids’ preschool! It’s a wonderful, tiny little co-op, they depend on community support!

  121. Would love some new puzzles!

  122. Kristy Foy says:

    I make these christmas tree handprints every year. I love the idea of adding it to make the word joy!

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