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  1. Lisa Roose says:

    I LOVE this idea and this my little girl will love it when we start preschool this fall!

  2. Cheerful Learning says:

    I, too, love the idea of using stickers. And no kidding, I just came across a divided box similar to this while cleaning out my schoolroom this week, and thought, “Wonder what I can do with this?” What a blessing to come across this post! Thank you SO much! –Amy

  3. Love this! Adding this to my list for projects to make for pre-k this fall. Thanks!

  4. Great activity! Would you recommend teaching the letters in those groups or just the letter sounds? Just curious. I saw that Montesorri recommends teaching the sounds instead of the letter name and in groups. Is that right? I have been going over one letter at a time at a pretty relaxed pace with Abby and plan really start her pre-school next year.

    1. Teaching Mama says:

      Hi Anna! After doing some research, it seems that people have various opinions on how to teach the letters. I went with the Montessori approach, which teaches them in groups. These groups of letters are from Tim Seldin’s book that is a popular way to teach the letters. I think it makes sense to teach in these groups because it only has 1 vowel per group. They do recommend teaching the sounds first, but I teach sounds and letters. Abby is young, so I think it’s totally fine to do a relaxed pace with her. Hope that answer is helpful and not too confusing!

  5. The letter cards are so cute! Great idea 🙂

    1. Teaching Mama says:

      Thank you, Jen! 🙂

  6. Kirstylee says:

    Those letters turned out so cute! I love that you used stickers for this activity. I have seen these boxes with small objects for each letter and I just got overwhelmed. I don’t have a fortune to spend on tiny objects for sound boxes! I never thought to use stickers though. What a great idea! Thanks.

    1. Teaching Mama says:

      Thank you!! It was very easy to set it up. I know, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on little objects that would probably get lost. I think this is a lot easier and probably cheaper. Thanks for your comment!

      1. Rayna Scott says:

        I cannot download the pdf of teaching letters in groups and your ebook through the link provided on this page.

        1. Angela Thayer says:

          I’m so sorry! I updated the file, so you can download it now. Sorry about that!

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