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  1. I saw these in my mail last week but didn’t have time to look at them Today I searched to find them because I LOVE magna tiles, as do the kids! I was so sad when I saw a few of the pictures and words that were chosen for this activity.

    g- giraffe- this can be confusing -same sound as j/soft g (giraffe/jellyfish)
    o-owl- kind of blends in with the w and doesn’t have a true /o/ sound (a diphthong)
    u-urchin- r-controlled – sounds like /er/ rather than /u/

    maybe goldfish, ostrich and umbrellabird? 🙂 I had to google for that one! lol!

    LOVE the idea!!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Great suggestion! I actually had a contributor make this printable for me. You are right…the animals chosen for those three letters are confusing. I will try to fix that ASAP!

  2. Dear Angela-
    Thank you for the lower case magna tile printables. I have your upper case and the kiddos will love these.

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