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  1. I didn’t know you could do all that with these tiles. Looks like a fun playtime plus learning too.

  2. I would love these to use as a fine motor tool with my kids! A great tool to combine learning and coordination.
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  3. Such creative ideas with Magna-Tiles! I work w/students in Special Ed. and writing typically a non-preferred task. These will surely get them engaged to either use dry erase to write on them (who knew?) or to build the individual letters in Upper and Lower case! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Laura Patterson says:

    I love Magna-Tiles, and you have so many wonderful ideas here! I’ve given my kids cards with pictures of structures on them. I challenge them to build the structure using the tiles. We also make patterns with them and combine the to make various shapes. Your gift to someone of a set of these is very generous! Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. Amy Lynch says:

    I love Magna-Tiles and I would love to have another set for my library. Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Thank you! We love using Magna Tiles in my class, but we don’t have a class supply yet, so thank you for this opportunity.

  7. The children I visit would like the magna tiles.

  8. My grandsons love them, but we only have a few. A full set would be wonderful.

  9. Deirdre Thomas says:

    Thank you for these ideas.

  10. Jennifer Smith says:

    I love these ideas! I would love to have a set to use in my classroom.

  11. Roxanne Aviles says:

    My 3 year old uses Magnatiles at school and loves them! I would love a set for my kindergarten classroom. The kids would enjoy using them just like he does!

  12. laurie connor says:

    I like the diverse activities you can do with the magnetic tiles. They will be pretty helpful in my classroom.

  13. My students & I LOVE magnatiles!!!! Some other things on my wish list are: number bots, alphabet learning locks &the find & float alphabet bubbles.

  14. Erin Gomez says:

    I love magnatiles! Another favorite are the manetic gears and the alphabet sounds tubs!

  15. Karen Cochrane says:

    Wow, such great ideas! Thank you!

  16. Cathy McDonald says:

    Love that Magnatiles foster such independent creativity! I would love them for my grandkids!!

  17. I never thought to draw on them!!! What a great idea!

  18. Erin Cockrell says:

    Great activities for kids to work on a vertical surface! Always need more to add to the toolkit.

  19. Melissa Peloso! I would love to have these magnetic blocks to use with my class!

  20. Love these, would help my Kindergartner with sight words.

  21. These are some great ideas! Love the garage door idea!

  22. My 2 and 5 year old LOVE the few that we have! I love how open-ended they are!

  23. Ronda Enger says:

    The magna blocks are so cool and my special needs preschoolers would love them

  24. My special ed students would love these

  25. stacey Sibilski says:

    These are amazing! I would love to own a set for my students!

  26. I love these for working on bilateral skills for my students!!

  27. I love these! They would be great to use with my special needs preschoolers!

  28. Sue Rodrigues says:

    So fun! Wish we had these in our classroom.

  29. These are all fantastic ideas!

  30. I love all of the ideas of different ways to use the magna tiles!

  31. Jeanette Barnes says:

    I would love another set of Magnatiles, but Bernadette Mackay needs them more than I do. God Bless her mission school!

  32. Peggy Canfield says:

    The kiddos in my self contained classes would love these, especially making the dinosaurs!!

  33. Julie Connelly says:

    My kids LOVED these when they were younger!!! And now my students absolutely LOVE playing w/ them!!! This set would be a GREAT addition to my classroom!!!!

  34. Wow! What a hreat giveaway! Would love to explore these with my kiddos!

  35. Julie Van Braam Morris says:

    I’ve always wanted a set of these.

  36. Angela Wagner says:

    These are so awesome!!! I know lots of children and teachers who play and build for hours…. such a versatile toy !!!!

  37. Angela Little says:

    Would love to have a set. Students would love them!

  38. Would be a wonderful addition to my preschool class. My kids would love it.

  39. Grace Yan says:

    Thanks for showing all the different ways to use Magna Tiles! Would love to have it in my library.

  40. These are so great to encourage creativity and mind challenges. They also make my granddaughter tell made up stories about her creations. I love them.

  41. I’d love to win because I feel like my 2 and 5 year old would spend so much time getting creative with these!

  42. I am excited to see my kindergarten students being creative and being problem solvers when they use the Magna Tiles.

  43. Christie Burroughs says:

    My class would enjoy these so much. We are limited to what we can have out due to Covid but these would be east to keep sanitized.

  44. Bernadette Mackay says:

    We have just one set to share among 60 kids. Your ideas for using them has just broadened my horizons and creativity. It would be simply awesome to win anothe set for our mission school.

  45. I’ve never used these, but they seem like a really fun option for a small break corner for my class!

  46. Love the dinosaurs idea, and the garage door!

  47. Teri Ware says:

    My granddaughters have a few of these, but they are lost in their house somewhere. I would love to have a set for my house.

  48. Love the idea of using them to teach alphabet!

  49. Michelle Peek says:

    These would be perfect for my language delayed kiddos—shapes, colors, following directions, etc.

  50. Megan Cotter says:

    My kiddos would love these!

  51. Eva Hermann says:

    These look like so much fun! I would love to get some for my two kids. Thanks for the ideas!

  52. My kindergarten students would LOVE these to add to their imaginative play.

  53. Peggy Adam says:

    We love Magnatiles in our classroom…..and now with your ideas on how to use them in more creative ways, they will certainly be part of our daily activities. Thank you so much!

  54. Taryn Brown says:

    Great ideas for using the Magna Tiles! We need to get some more.

  55. Catherine says:

    Love how they have so many uses. Thankyou for showing them to us. I work with preschoolers and all these ideas have got my mind racing.

  56. Nancy Y Fillip says:

    These are the most diverse things ever. I love how they allow kids to really use their imagination. Thanks for offering these.

  57. Neato. My 2 granddaughters marvel at the versatility of magnatiles.

  58. The preschool and kindergarten students love these

  59. These would be a great resource for my Preschool class.

  60. money has been tight and it would brighten my son’s day. Thank you

  61. Diana Carrier says:

    My daycare children would absolutely LOVE these, not to mention my grandchildren!

  62. G. G. Cary says:

    You are so clever! I have a hard time thinking out of the box sometimes. Those are cool ideas!!

  63. I love magna tiles. Thanks for all the ideas.

  64. Love the idea about writing letters or drawing pictures on the tiles.

  65. Rene T Latner says:

    We love Magnatiles. What a fun way to use them on the garage door! We may have to try that! My kids are getting magnetic people to add to their collection of magnetic toys!

  66. Stephanie E Owen says:

    Magna Tiles are a favorite of teachers and kids alike in my classroom. I just ordered some Eric Carle inspired Magna Tiles and can’t wait to introduce them to my kiddos. What a wonderful prize this is…thank you.

  67. Bette Schmidt says:

    My grandson AND I would love to have these tiles.. They provide so many ways to stimulate learning while having fun.

  68. Diane L Weiland says:

    My grandkids LOVE Magna-Tiles. Having another set would mean they could build even biger, more magestic structures!!

  69. Barbara R. Sebens says:

    So many options to support learning

  70. Jeanne Velasquez says:

    Love the great ideas that you shared. AND who couldn’t use more Magna-Tiles, they are so versatile as you have shown. Would love to add these to my Kindergarten classroom.

  71. These are such great ideas! Thank you for sharing! Would love to do this with my 4 year old and watch him grow in the way he plays with them as he gets older.

  72. Heidi Clarke says:

    I would love to use these with my first graders!

  73. These are a great way to work on coordination, motor skills and visual discrimination. I would love to have more of them for my pre- k class.

  74. Linda Adler says:

    would love a set.
    never would have thought to use on the garage door. great idea

  75. Lorraine L says:

    So many great learning activities with these, would love a set for my boys!

  76. My granddaughters and I would love playing with these

  77. VaNae Barlow says:

    Wow! So many ways to play with them. They look like a must have in my grandma toys.

  78. I love the versatility of these!

  79. What great ideas!
    I especially like the light table idea.

  80. Kristin Sherk says:

    We use these at the library. Would be great to have more to go around.

  81. Christina Connor says:

    These are awesome in my SPED classroom. Never have enough!

  82. Totally screenshot some of these ideas to use! They’re brilliants new uses I never even considered

    1. Nohra Morrison says:

      I’ve always been fascinated by what you can make with these tiles!

  83. Stacey Olson says:

    Magnatiles are great for social skills

  84. Kailene Campbell says:

    These would be so fun for my nieces and nephews!

  85. Andrea Liechti says:

    I love the idea for the magna tiles alphabet! The dinosaur shapes are very cute too! Our preschool pod would love them.

  86. Such a great tool for building and exploring light! Would love these to use with my GrandDarlings!

  87. Lauren Mallett says:

    Would love to win a set for my little ones! They have had fun playing with some at a friend’s house, and I’ve been wanting to get some for our home. I love all the creative ways you can utilize them for play and learning!

  88. Caitlin Hopper says:

    I think my two and three year old would really enjoy these! Great toy for them to learn to be creative with!

  89. Never thought you could use those in so many different ways!

  90. My mind is blown! I thought these were just to make little buildings. These are such innovative ideas.

  91. Kaci kennedy says:

    So many things you can do with them!

  92. I love the many ideas to use magna tiles as a learning tool. Thanks a lot!

  93. My preschoolers would love this!

  94. Sarah Cooper says:

    These are so cool!!!! What a neat invention.

  95. Karen Kane says:

    These look like so much fun! We have some in our classroom but not the large ones!

  96. Elizabeth says:

    This is an amazing giveaway! I’ve wanted magnatiles forever for my two kids! (They’re 3 and 2)

  97. I can see millions of possibilities using these tiles-from patterns and shapes to STEM activities! I work with a student with complex needs who loves hands on activities and winning these will mean a lot.

  98. Tammy Brizendine says:

    I would love to have the magnetic tiles.

  99. Kim Thompson says:

    Love that they’re magnetic. Our preschool kids love using blocks to build things. A great manipulative to use for so many different things!

  100. I watch my Grandson weekdays and he loves to create and build things. These would be perfect for him.

  101. You’ve opened my eyes to see how many ways we can use these in home learning to make it more fun! Especially writing on them with dry erase… for phonics/spelling or for math!

  102. So many different ways to use them! Never would have considered some of these ideas. Thanks for sharing

  103. Stephanie says:

    What a great idea to use the manga-tiles on a light table

  104. My 3yr old loves to build. His cousin has these but we do not and it’s the first thing he always wants to play with.

  105. Jessie Ericson says:

    I have never thought of so many great ways to use Magna tiles! My boys are obsessed with building with them, but I love the ideas of making the dinosaurs, using them to make color shadows, and the etch a sketch tracing! These are one of my favorite toys for my boys!

  106. I love magnatiles! You’re right, there are a ton of great ideas for these, plus the preschoolers LOVE them! I just wish they weren’t so expensive. A free set would be wonderful 🙂

  107. we have these at school, the kids love them. We never have enough so more would be awesome. All our ideas for using them are great! I love the idea of tracing a pattern or design for them to make.

  108. We have never bought them but it looks like my kids would enjoy this 😊😊

  109. Would love to win a set of these

  110. As a new preschool teacher there are so many things to do with magnatiles

  111. Debra Jones says:

    The kids love using the magna tiles.

  112. Stefanie H. says:

    This would be a great resource in my Kindergarten class.

  113. Our son loves these and keeps asking for more!

  114. Cassie Stephens says:

    Love the magna tiles, would be great to have a set.

  115. Christine Manthe says:

    I only have a few but kids fight over them everyday! I love learning new ways to use them!

  116. I love the idea of using them on the garage door! What a wonderful way to use a vertical surface for learning!

  117. Kimberly Briede says:

    We use the magnatiles to do various things in the classroom. The children love to make different designs and follow simple patterns with them. We also sort and categorize by size and shape.

  118. Karen Aldrich says:

    Love your ideas to use the mega blocks! Would love to use them with the children I work with. Please enter me in the Day#2 give away to use these mega block ideas.

  119. My daycare preschool class loves magntiles! But we never seem to have enough of them. They would love to have another set.

  120. Chevelle Kirkpatrick says:

    I really think these would be good utilizing them in a special needs classroom so the students could see concrete objects when teaching them about shapes, building, making sentence and words as well as adding or subtracting.

  121. Robin Lowder says:

    Love the idea of using light behind them!

  122. Elaine Aldridge says:

    great for my Sunday school

  123. Jill patrick says:

    The magna tiles would be wonderful for a variety of age groups to play and learn together! It’s my favorite thing to watch the older kids play/teach the younger ones…it warms my heart!!

  124. Lisa Gurley says:

    I can think of so many ways to use the manga-tiles with my Special Ed class!

  125. Where did the moon-shaped magnets come from?

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