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  1. Daniela Oropeza says:

    This looks like a great supplies list and would love to have this!!
    -Thank you!

  2. Chris DeNeice says:

    These are all great supplies! My favorite days are when I can just observe how they use the materials in a totally different way than we adults would use them. Their creativity has no bounds!

  3. Araseliz Ayala says:

    Love all these art supplies. I ask my parents for recyclable materials to create beautiful masterpieces. Love using colorful glitter glue bottles also.

  4. April Skaggs says:

    I love this!! I hate seeing “perfect” art pieces in Primary!

  5. We love paint stick here!

    And magnets. I’ve found that lots of things can be turned into magnets and they make great gifts.

  6. Tanja Fussell says:

    I would love love love the Quick Stiks! Thank you!

  7. Malessa Ann Wing says:

    I never heard of kwick stiks but what a wonderful tool. Love art the messier the better

  8. Great start to an art center in Kindergarten!

  9. This would be great to have!

    1. This would be amazing to have my children work with.

  10. Victoria Young says:

    I have 20 very creative children in my class. Its almost impossible to provide enough materials to keep up with their desire to create displays for the classroom.

  11. Stickers are a great art supply to add to the list

  12. Wow 😣😳 I need

  13. Sherry L Chambers says:

    We love the Kwik Stix and I am all out of the Do A Dots, which we also love! Would love to have all of these great art supplies!

  14. Karen W. Raimo says:

    These are all great products!!! I’d love to add them to my supplies.

  15. Rhonda Tucker says:

    Oh my! This is an awesome give-away! I would love to have some of these items in our ‘very limited’ supply source!

  16. Katie Mitchell says:

    I love doing art with the littles. I would love for you to show how to store all your supplies with out a llot of space and to do it neatly.

  17. Veronica Marciante says:

    Love this post!!!
    Such a guidance when you begin to homeschool!!

  18. ripping construction paper and having glue handy is one of my favorite open-ended projects.

  19. This is wonderful! 🙂

  20. We love dot markers, but I love all your new ideas.

  21. Carolyn Downey says:

    I love the no-spill paint containers. That would really be a life saver.

  22. Heather Lingemann says:

    Thanks for the list of art supplies, it reminds me that it’s more important to have the process than the end product when doing art with our young ones. We use the no spill cups all the time with our kids, love them!

  23. Heather A Lingemann says:

    I really enjoyed seeing the list of art supplies, it reminds me that it’s more important to have the process than the end product when doing art with our young ones. We use the no spill cups all the time with our kids and they are a lifesaver for cleanup!

  24. I made borax slime in front of my 5th graders years ago. I had a classroom with a stove in it! I explained what I was adding and what was happening, spooning some up to show them every few minutes. When it was done, they each got a small handful in a baggie. They loved it! I think we forget that they’re still kids. ❤️

  25. Claire Ramirez says:

    Arts and Crafts is a favorite of my class. Kiddos gets so excited every Wednesday knowing they get to have fun using an art material of their choice. No-spill cups would be really good for my kiddos as we are currently using microwavable small containers that I reused from their cafeteria lunch(salads containers). Indeed, these supplies are great Christmas gifts for the kiddos.

  26. Kristi Balding says:

    Thank you for all you do!

  27. My toddlers enjoy art (painting and drawing). This would be great to win for them.

  28. I like to use tissue paper with my littles. I usually have them tear te pieces versus scissors though. I’ve never seen Kwik Sticks before and the No-Spill Cups look amazing!

  29. I like to use tissue paper with my littles too. I usually have them tearing the pieces versus scissors though. I have never seen the Kwik Sticks before and the No-Spill Cups look amazing too!

  30. The Kwik Stix paint sticks are the best invention ever! Using those and adding some sequence make for fabulous art projects!

  31. becky potter says:

    We love dot markers, Paint sticks and doing kids art not teacher art

  32. Hands on art; kids love it!

  33. Joscelin Steiner says:

    My class this year loves art projects! I’d especially like to try the paint sticks.

    1. Michelle Foster says:

      I am a TK teacher and the struggle is real! This year is harder than last year and burn out some thing many of us teachers constantly fight. Your site keeps me motivated and helps me going. Thanks for everything you do.

      1. Angela Thayer says:

        I’m so sorry to hear the environment at school is not the best. It’s such a hard time to be a teacher. It makes me happy to hear you find my site useful!

  34. Great ideas! Giving materials to the students and letting them explore can be messy but so worth the effort! My kiddos loved making spider prints with potato mashers. We dipped them in paint and added folded paper legs in their colour choice. (Some spiders had WAY more than 8 legs…) So cute! It’s always so fun seeing what they come up with when you leave it open ended!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      SO cute!! I love this idea!

  35. Seleen Brewer says:

    Wow would I love to win this for my class that is art deprived class!

  36. These ideas! My 4yr old and I would use this a bunch!! Love it!!

  37. Cathy McDonald says:

    There is nothing better than having the right supplies for a project with my Littles! You nailed it with this collection!!

  38. Suzi West says:

    What an amazing list! Great iseas!

  39. Nicole Watson says:

    Such great ideas of supplies that make amazing projects!

  40. My Pre-K students love dot painters! We will have to try out the paint sticks. I’m always looking for new fun materials for process art. ThNks for the suggestions!

  41. Never thought of oil pastels for the young ones. Growing up those were reserved for third graders and above. Non spill paint cups are a life saver!

  42. This is such a great list! Dot markers are my favorite!

  43. Diane Onorato says:

    It would feel like Christmas way after the holiday is over to supplement my art closet! Thanks for the great list!

  44. Cassondra says:

    The art trays and paint markers are such a great idea! Some of my students fine motor skills haven’t developed properly so the paint stick would be far easier to use than a paintbrush and paint!

  45. Samantha Ackley says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas. I would love to try some of these. I have heard of them but have trouble finding them. I’ll be on the look out again.

  46. Joanie Hollinger says:

    Would love this:)

  47. kaleena Bell says:

    we are regularly replacing art and project supplies.

  48. What a Christmas blessing you and your blog are! Thanks for all the great ideas.

  49. Amy Starnes says:

    Would love all of these.

  50. Denise Wasielewski says:

    I would love this to use with my preschool class!

  51. Angela Wagner says:

    This would be an awesome refill to a depleted art supply!!! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win!!

  52. Jessie Ericson says:

    This is a great list, thank you!! I am not a crafty or artsy person but my oldest is a budding artist and I’m always so overwhelmed by what art supplies I should have around the house. Now that I’m homeschooling, I feel a lot of pressure to make sure he’s getting his artistic needs met and never know where to begin!

  53. Monica G. says:

    I have very willingly spent a small fortune teaching my 3 grand children from home this year. I have always been more than willing to send in anything and everything their teachers requested for the classroom…but 2020 has given me an even bigger appreciation of teachers. I would be thrilled to win this!

  54. Loveeeee this. Just what I was looking for. Teaching my kid to paint with me. This will be very helpful. Thank you for sharing this great kit

  55. Nicki Rand says:

    The paint sticks look awesome!! We would make some wall art for Grandmas office! 🙂

  56. Those spill proof paint containers look awesome for my classroom. All these disposable supplies are great to keep the creativity going!

  57. laura zachar says:

    This is a great list!

  58. These art supplies are so neat. I would greatly appreciate the to use with my preschool class.

  59. Claire Pfalzer says:

    Love those dabbers!

  60. Julie Connelly says:

    These art supplies would be great for my preschool classroom!!! My students always love doing art/drawing/coloring. I have been wanting to try those paint sticks, but just haven’t had a chance to buy them yet.

  61. Jennifer Dufresne says:

    I love those paint sticks! Those are so much fun for the kids and less messy!!

  62. Sheila McCoy says:

    Fantastic list!

  63. I love these supplies!

  64. I love this!!!!!! I use a lot of art supplies during my sessions my kids really love it.
    With all this technology and online learning my students need a break. I like to take my kids old school and just have fun.

  65. Kristin West says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this generous giveaway of amazing art products! I would love to win this prize to use with students in my school library! They love creating and making projects related to their learning! =-)

  66. Shiloh Olson says:

    Lots of great supplies! Thanks for sharing!

  67. Thank you for all the amazing ideas! Looking forward to trying some of these out. I’m not the natural craft mama but am branching out and it’s been so fun. 🙂

  68. Great list! We love those paints as well, so much less anxiety when letting my kids have at it with the painting!

  69. Danielle Nakoa says:

    I would love to use these supplies in our homeschool/ remote learning. With 2 middle schoolers home school and 2 high schoolers..we have lots of fun crafts and projects to make

  70. Christine says:

    My girls and I craft every week! These are great!

  71. I would share some of these supplies in my classroom and with my niece. 🙂

  72. Karissa Ly says:

    These are all so fun! My 4 year old loves doing “messy art”.

  73. Courtney Wong says:

    I love these craft supplies!

  74. Judith Martinez says:

    I would add these supplies to our meager art supply bin.

  75. Kristi Coyne says:

    I love these art supplies! I use so many of them with my preschool students. I would love to get some free supplies so I don’t have to spend my money 🙂

  76. Jessica L. Moser says:

    I teach PreK at a daycare center and we always need supplies. I love your newsletter!

  77. Diane Weiland says:

    My grandkids would have such fun with all these art supplies when they came to visit me.

  78. Julie Chmielewski says:

    These are all awesome! I use most of them with my grandson…but I always need more!!!

  79. Awesome list and love the supplies!

  80. Kathy Pender says:

    Have you ever tried the sticker eyes? They come on a huge roll and it lasts a looong time. I find these work better than googly eyes sometimes.

  81. I’ve never tried Kwik Stix, love new crafts. thanks for sharing the list.

  82. Omg we use all of these! I agree with the above. Popsicle sticks are a must!

  83. Peek Michelle says:

    Love, love, love these supplies! I especially love the dot markers!

  84. What a great packet of supplies to have!

  85. Would love these supplies!

  86. Nancy Clancy says:

    As a Speech and Language Pathologist, I love to incorporate sensor6 experience and play in my work.

  87. My 3.5 year old is on an art kick. He’s doing crafts all day long!

  88. VaNae Barlow says:

    We love, love, love crafts!

  89. I would love to add these to my classroom. I homeschool my grandson n he would love to do art with some kool supplies like these.

  90. I love your site and use it almost every day in helping homeschool my three year old daughter. I also love how encouraging you are!!! Merry Christmas!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      You are so sweet. Thank you so much!

  91. Beth Reeder says:

    Wow what a great list of craft items….some I am familiar with other not as much.

  92. Danielle G. says:

    I love arts and crafts! The Do a Dot markers are great. I

  93. Lori R Haynes says:

    Kwik Stix are my absolute favorite!!

  94. I’d never heard of Kwik Stix. All these supplies would make teaching preschool art so much easier.

  95. Angela Little says:

    My students and I would love to have these awesome crafting materials!!

  96. I have spent a small fortune teaching my 3 kids from home this year. I have always been the parent that was more than willing to send in anything and everything their teachers requested for the classroom…but 2020 has given me an even bigger appreciation of teachers. I would be thrilled to win this!

  97. Would love the Kwik Stix, they look like new fun for my students!

  98. Ashleigh Hale says:

    My children love arts and crafts and I would love to be able to introduce some of these things to them!

  99. Ashleigh Hale says:

    My children love doing art activities! I would love to introduce many of these items to them!

  100. Miss.Ryan says:

    We love doing crafts! I have a artistic 4 year old and caregiver for a 5 and 1 year old. It’s our favorite past time. I would love to win these!

  101. Art supplies are always needed! My preschoolers love the variety and always check to see what is new in the art center. Art is everywhere–making signs in the block or car center, creating a menu in the kitchen, making cards and pictures for family and friends…

  102. Ronda enger says:

    craft items are always a welcome thing in preschool they are so fun and the kids really enjoy making or creating new things

  103. Kathy Marks says:

    This is awesome!! I love these art supplies and use them all of the time with my 4K classes! This would be a fantastic gift!

  104. This list is awesome – my 5 kids LOVE crafting and we never have enough supplies

    1. This is an awesome list! My kids love art time but we never seem to have enough supplies to do extra fun things.

  105. Beth Beselica says:

    This makes my heart so happy! My son loves the dots and my little one is joining in!!

  106. Dawn McElligott says:

    Great give away. Very thoughtful of you to do this . I purchase most of the arts and craft supplies for my classroom. This would help out a lot.

  107. Tricia Conner says:

    Some of these items I have and need replenished. Others I would love to add! Thank you for the giveaway!

  108. Veronica Marciante says:

    Amazing post and giveaway! Such a guidance for first time moms!!

  109. Love all of these art supples…the water colors and the dot markers especially. Happy Holidays!

  110. Stephanie A says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Love the Kwikstick tempra paints and I use a tray for EVERYTHING!

  111. Nancy Fillip says:

    There is no such thing as TOO many art supplies. These look delicious. Thank you for offering them.

  112. I homeschool 4 kids who are crazy for crafts. They would use every one of these art supplies. The no spill cups look super exciting.

  113. lauren sanders says:

    dot markers are my fave!

  114. Brianne Ryan says:

    My daycare toddlers could benefit from all of these art supplies. Thanks for these giveaways!

  115. I would also add an easel for gross/fine motor development.

  116. Rhonda Kirsten says:

    Love the list!!

  117. These are such amazing art supplies! I would love to have them for my child.

  118. I need to try the Kwix sticks now!

  119. Now that school is completely remote and I work in a very low-income school district, I would determine what supplies each of my students needed and deliver them/mail them to my students!!!

  120. Linda Adler says:

    oh my goodness is this one awesome prize!

    You are so sweet.

    Fingers crossed

  121. We love the dot paint, but I think we need to add those Stix to our collection as well! I hope to try those soon. Thank you!

  122. These are so much fun. I love your giving Spirit!

  123. Bette-Jane Schmidt says:

    Great collection of supplies. Many new things I have not tried.

  124. Stefanie Escobar says:

    Make-up sponges are great to use, as well as celery for flowers, apples cut in half…the ideas are endless for painting!

  125. Christine says:

    I would say Q-Tips are great especially for little ones who don’t like to get messy but love to paint. I also like using potato stamps. Another one of my favorites from back in my day care days was painting with you cars and marble painting.

  126. Great art supplies!!!!!

  127. Aden Williams says:

    Great list! My class added children’s art smocks (aprons) to protect our clothing. BIG help!

  128. Love the trays. It helps keep supplies contained. also love paint, I love q tip painting.

  129. Christine M Clowes says:

    These art supplies would be great for my classroom.

  130. Angela Lawrence says:

    I’ve been obsessed with organization and art projects, love Kwik sticks.
    This would be much needed in class art area.

  131. This is a great list of supplies! I especially have been wanting to try the Kwik Stix in class. I think my students would *love* them. Thanks!

  132. Carol Welch says:

    Super fun giveaways – love them all!

  133. I would use these art supplies for multi-sensory practice in my classroom.

  134. All of these items are great! Can’t wait to get back into the classroom face to face so that I can actually assist the students with their crafts. It’s just not the same sending home the materials and seeing them complete it with their parents.

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Oh for sure! So sad! I can’t wait for that day when we can get back to the classroom.

  135. Wow that all looks amazing!! Would love to have them 🙂

  136. Jennifer Tomarchio says:

    I have never used the kwik stix paints. They look super fun! Those trays look like the perfect size for all sorts of fun learning activities.

  137. Kristin Sherk says:

    Love these supplies. Absolutely love the paint cups. A must for all little ones.

  138. Andrea Liechti says:

    Thank you for that list. I will keep it handy for sure for the next big sale in my craft store… Many good ideas for stocking stuffers, too 😉

  139. Christina says:

    I use q-tips . for gluing small things and to do dot paint. I would love to get the supplies too.

  140. AnnMarie Jackson says:

    What a great list this will help me plan out next years pre-K 4-5 for my child!

  141. Theresa Cope says:

    The Kwik Stix look so fun!

  142. Barbara L Sakai says:

    This is indeed a wonderful craft kit! I work in the South Bronx in an integrated classroom and these would add a lot to our classroom!

  143. I would give the supplies to my son and let him use his imagination to create art for me to cherish. Thank you. We especially love the Kwik Stik.

  144. My students and I could have so much fun with these supplies!!

  145. Kay Kivett says:

    I definitely love all the art supplies !! Wow, these would help my little ones !!

  146. I would really like to try the Kwik Stix Paint Sticks. What a great idea! I have so many craft ideas for my students and these supplies would be very helpful.

  147. Radha Bala says:

    I work with preschool children who have special needs. This set would really help me with teaching them about colors, fine motor skills and so much more Thank you for sharing this wonderful art set.

  148. Kelly Allen says:

    My little ones would LOVE these art supplies. They would add SO MUCH EXCITEMENT to there days. I would be forever GRATEFUL to be chosen as a winner.

  149. Great collection of art supplies!

  150. Melanie Poteat says:

    So many fun things to do with the kiddos!!

  151. Amanda P. says:

    I’d love these supplies

  152. Kristin DeFazio says:

    I would love these supplies.

  153. These are great art supplies. Would love to use them with the preschooler I am working with.

  154. Stephanie says:

    Love this bundle! So many possibilities.

  155. Jan Knorr says:

    There are so many hours of fun in this Give Away!

  156. Emily Stout says:

    I’d love the no-spill paint cups to keep messy play somewhat neater.

  157. Pat England says:

    My students would love to have these materials available.

  158. Super fun list of supplies!! Those paint cups are amazing!
    Thanks for sharing!

  159. Christina says:

    We’d love to use this to set up a daily craft time.

  160. These supplies look like so much fun! My students would love them!

    1. We only recently discovered Kwik Sticks paints and my boys are hooked. They have already asked me to buy more. We are obsessed with art, coloring and projects all the time!

  161. Trisha Cooper says:

    These look amazing! Thanks for the opportunity!

  162. stacey Sibilski says:

    I go through soooo many craft supplies this bundle would be amazing!

  163. Tonya Sinner says:

    This would be awesome to add to our homeschool room! Thanks for the giveaway!

  164. Karen Katzer says:

    We love the Dot Markers a LOT! Thanks for this amazing give-away!

  165. Charis C. says:

    Great list! I will have to try out the Kwik Sticks!

  166. Sarah Cooper says:

    JACKPOT!!!! Wow, these items look incredible!!!

  167. Brooke Adams says:

    What an awesome assortment!

  168. Toooooo Cool! All mentioned supplies are enjoyed at this home!!

  169. This would be awesome to win!

  170. Stacey Johnson says:

    I would love to try the paint sticks!

  171. Stefanie H. says:

    This would be a great addition to my classroom!

  172. Nicole Lamb says:

    This would be so amazingE

  173. Katherine says:

    This would be an amazing bundle to win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  174. I’ve been wanting to try the no-spill cups with my littles! I also like your art trays that I’ve never used before! Everything else I agree with you and use the same products.

  175. Barbara R. Sebens says:

    glitter makes everything better!

  176. Sheila Peer says:

    Love doing crafts

  177. Sarah Myers says:

    I’d LOVE to win these art supplies to do crafts in the resource room with my students!!!

  178. We love crafting. These would be great fir my two year old who tries to keep up with the older girls crafting.

  179. Chelsie Jenkins says:

    We love all things Crafty! I have been wanting to try dot markers and the no spill cups with my littlest one! He wants to do everything the big kids do, but it gets so messy! The kwik sticks look awesome too!

  180. Linda Voelkel says:

    This is a great list. The Do a Dot markers are so handy for so many things and the art trays are a must! I love messy play and arts & crafts. Thanks for sharing!!

  181. Marti Crockett says:

    What a great bunch of supplies – would have fun making lots of different things.

  182. Sarah Oldre says:

    I’d love to use these with my three year old and Six year old!

  183. This kir is amazing! I work with the kiddo with complex needs and we do crafts daily! His favourite activity is painting!

  184. What a great list. We do crafts daily so we have to keep a giant stock because we tend to go through a lot haha

  185. LINDSAY JACOB says:

    So great! My little ones will looove these activities!

  186. Susan Campbell says:

    I enjoy reading your posts. I would use the supplies in my Family Childcare and share them with other Family Childcare Providers.

  187. I love all these art supplies. It is the best time of the day when the kids can create art “masterpieces”. I’ve never used the Kwik sticks and can’t wait to get some to try.

  188. You nailed it Dot markers and paint sticks are at the top of our favorites list, too!

  189. Those trays are the best!

  190. Beth Severson says:

    These would all be handy supplies to have in my Elementary SPED room <3

  191. Maribel Moon says:

    These are great. Even if I don’t win, I am going to order the oil pastel colors and dotters.

  192. I would love to win to share with my virtual learners.

  193. Tammy Brizendine says:

    Yes! Any of these items would be appreciated.

  194. Michele Sullivan says:

    I would use these materials in my OT lessons.

  195. These are all amazing crafting supplies, than you for sharing

  196. All of these would be so amazing for doing preschool at home!!

  197. These supplies are awesome and would be great to use in my classroom.

  198. Stephanie says:

    What great items for our art shelf! Dot art is always popular and I love the kwik stix!

  199. My favorite part of our day is craft time! I love adding food coloring to shaving cream. Students can mix it and add a paper on top then scrap off the extra shaving cream to reveal a beautiful creation!


    Love all of these supplies!

  201. I have looked at adding the paint sticks to our craft supplies, and now that I see them on your list, I definitely want to try them out. Thanks for a great list!

  202. I have never seen Kwik Sticks. How cool!

  203. The supplies are amazing!!

  204. Ashly Cole says:

    Kwik Stix are my favorite things ever!! Love them

  205. These are things I am always having to replenish!!! All wonderful items the kids just love!!!

  206. Kristy Makowski says:

    These are all amazing crafting supplies, than you for sharing the trays for crafting have been a life saver!

  207. Thanks for sharing in… These craft tools are really amazing….

  208. Shamaila Khan says:

    Hey…I would like to add Popsicle sticks to the list because we use them all the time.? Thanks for your list.

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