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  1. Suzanne L says:

    Love these ideas! Plan to use them for a homeschool co-op 4-5s class I am teaching. Can you tell me where you found the red blowers that are sturdy enough to use for this activity?

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Thank you! I think I got them at The Dollar Store, but I’m not 100% sure!

      1. Suzanne Lesser says:

        I found some! Shockingly, Party City did not have any (they were all very decorated.) After buying them from “Dollar Tree,” I had to take off the balloon theme decoration, and then they were plain enough. Ran it by my daughter (as a prep for the class), and she loved it. Thanks again for this great idea!

  2. Heidi Strong says:

    I did get frog eggs from Bug Lore. It was a wonderful experience for the kids. The whole frog life cycle playing out before their eyes. We ended up with 6 adult frogs.

  3. How adorable! These ideas look fun and easy to do at home. It’s really important to exercise your child’s creativity at this age, and this activity is a great way to do so! Great projects! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. This is so cute.. i have recently taught my kids making frog with the help of paper.

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