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  1. This looks like so much fun.
    Can’t wait to try with my Pre-K class.
    I am going to practice with my grandson today to hopefully master the mix.

  2. Tobie Bohannon says:

    I super excited to try Soap Foam Sidewalk Paint with my Pre-K class the last week of school. I think they will love it!

  3. This looks like so much fun. My TK kiddos would definitely love it! Thank you for sharing.

  4. This looks like so much fun…I’ll have to try this for summer preschool camp!

  5. Hey there Teaching Mama! Just wanted to stop by in 2020, & say thank you again for this recipe! We still use it 5 years later & it’s still my favorite, easiest to make, most affordable, & easy to clean up, outdoor sidewalk chalk paint! I can’t thank you enough for all the years of activities! Hope you and your family are doing well through this unprecedented time in the worlds history!

  6. This did not turn out as easy as I thought it would. I am not a newbie to this kind of stuff. Anyway my first problem was since it didn’t pour, how to get it in the squeeze bottle? Tried spooning it, no good. Then used a baster to fill bottle. This did the job but slow and messy. My children got very impatient with the whole process. As soon as one bottle was used up, they came for the next one. And in the time it took to fill all 6 bottles so everyone could have at least one bottle, it was runny with water coming first followed by a little bit of bubbles. Anyway this is a better activity as a tray for them to play with but I am using bubble bath as it won’t sting their eyes.

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      I’m so sorry to hear this! I just spooned it into the bottles, but I can see how that can lead to frustration. One thing you can do in the bottles after they’ve been sitting for a little bit is shake them. That will help them get foamy again. I do love putting soap foam in a bin or tray (like you mentioned) for kids to play with. Once again, I do apologize this activity didn’t turn out well for you! Have a blessed day!

  7. Mimi Notu says:

    Ok-i just made it for the grand daughter but do you have a suggestion for getting it into the quirt bottles easily? I can see that is going to take all day!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      The only way I’ve done it is by using a spoon to scoop it in. I’m sorry!

      1. Julieanna Chapman says:

        What about using a funnel? I haven’t made it so I don’t know the consistency, but instead of spooning it in, could you put it through a funnel?

        1. Angela Thayer says:

          The soap foam is thick, so it wouldn’t go through the funnel very well.

      2. Get a funnel and pour into! Goes quick and not as messy!

    2. Melinda Lee says:

      I just received this in my feed. Looks like a fun activity!
      I’m going to use a wide mouth funnel such as one you would use when making jelly. Hopefully that will expedite the process.
      Thanks for the recipe!

  8. I’m just curious to know if this would work with any of the natural dish siap brands? Dish mate? Seventh Generation? Ecover? Or any other natural brand. Thanks

  9. This looks like a blast! I’ve tried a few kinds of DIY sidewalk paints, but never with soap bubbles. My two little ones will love it. Will have to borrow a blender to get it made, but that’s fine by me. Pinning.
    Jelli recently posted…Indulgent Dessert Inspired PopsiclesMy Profile

  10. Elle Salazar says:

    Seems like the kid is having fun! I wonder if the dye works on shirts? If so, that would be a good alternative with tie-dye. Haha See? I’m giving you ideas.
    Elle Salazar recently posted…Special Treat for MomsMy Profile

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Thanks for the idea! I don’t think it would work though, since it doesn’t stain a shirt. I let it sit on a white shirt for at least 5 minutes and it washed right out (because of the soap). It would be cool though if it worked!

  11. so, my question would be if your children’s hands were different colors for a few days? I have seen several homemade paint recipes and they all use food coloring. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve played around with food coloring plenty in our house but it would be nice if it didn’t actually stay on our skin so long. Lol! I think the baby shampoo idea is great. You could buy a container of it at the dollar store for cheap and since it’s such a light orange color it probably would not affect the food coloring too much.

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Hi Laura! No, this does not stain your skin. We’ve played with soap foam in a bin and the boys’ hands are COVERED in the colored foam. They never have a stain on their hands. I’m going to have to try the baby shampoo idea! Thanks for your comment.

  12. I’m thinking about trying this with “no tears” baby shampoo to guard against burning eyes in my little grands. Any thoughts or have you tried this?

  13. What brand concentrate soap do you use? I’ve not noticed an dish soap concentrate. Thanks

  14. Does this stain clothes if my child got it on her clothes? Looks fun but I write about stains with food coloring. Thanks!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Great question! It did not stain our clothing. I am hesitant to claim that it would never stain since I only used one kind of gel food coloring. As a test, I put some on a white rag and let it sit for a bit. It washed right out when I washed it in the sink. I would put kids in play clothes if you are worried about stains. Hope that helps!

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