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  1. I’d love to win the shape pattern blocks.

  2. The mini erasers— so many ways to use them!

  3. Melissa Lawson says:

    Who doesn’t love math manipulatives? Double-sided counting chips are also great.

  4. Katie Mech says:

    I would love to win the unifix cubes!

  5. Linda Kile says:

    I would like the magnetic ten frame set.

  6. I would love the Unifix cubes because of all the different ways you can use them.

  7. Christina Wilson says:

    I love the dice and the little erasers… so cute as counters and really eye catching for the kids.
    Christina Wilson recently posted…Joy Handprint CraftMy Profile

  8. I would love the magnetic 10 frames – preschoolers are fascinated by magnets and how they don’t fall off of things!!!

  9. Love the bears! I could use more in my classroom

  10. Courtney N says:

    I would love to win the counting bears! As a new pre_k program we do not have these super engaging counters/sorters yet1

  11. I love using a variety of counters to try and keep my students’ interests. The 10s frames have also been helpful for teaching students to count.

  12. Melanie Hawk says:

    My son would love the foam dice. Thank you!

  13. Erica Sarnecky says:

    I just added cuisenaire rods to my math manpulatives! Its so nice to have these to allow the kids to visually see and feel how to use numbers!

  14. Ashley McCargish says:

    I would love to try the magnetic counters and 10-frame it would help support my small groups! What a great collection of math manipulatives!

  15. Leona Blessing says:

    I like using the counters. It helps my students understand the concept of numbers and amounts.
    I would like the 10 frame manipulative. It looks like a fun manipulative to use for learning about 10.

  16. Paula Solkema says:

    I love using manipulatives with my students, because it really does help them understand the concepts better, and to develop number sense. If I am chosen, I would like the 10 frames.

  17. The bears would be amazing!

  18. Thank you for your kindness with these giveaways! Manipulatives are a great way to engage little minds.

  19. Kristin Sherk says:

    Would love to have the pattern blocks or unifix cubes!

  20. Michelle Faunda says:

    Love the bears and erasers!

  21. We have the bears, and the other ones look great too!

  22. Pattern blocks would be awesome!

  23. My favorites are the counting bears and the unifix cubes. I’ve never used mini erasers, those look so fun!!

  24. I love using manipulative in my prek classroom!

  25. I would love to have the pattern blocks or snap cubes.

  26. Kristy Foy says:

    I use most of these manipulatives in my classroom. I would love to have the 10 frame boards.

  27. Debbie Pickerd says:

    The ten frame manipulatives look fun!

  28. Miss Susan says:

    Love the bears…. you can do so many things with them! Happy Holidays!

  29. Would love the foam dice or ten frames.

  30. Linda Houston says:

    My autistic granddaughter enjoys leaning with any manipulatives. Thanks for your post!

  31. Christina says:

    I’d love the counting bears!

  32. Jacqueline says:

    Just moved up from 3’s to Pre-K and those magnetic ten frames look so fun to use with my class.

  33. Jeni Taylor says:

    I these! I have used the counting bears and my kids love them! I would love the pattern blocks. So many ways to use them and grow with the kids!

  34. These are all great math manipulatives for preschoolers! I would love some of the snap cubes for my classroom.

  35. I enjoy the versatility of teaching with math cubes.

  36. Valerie Lucas says:

    All the Math manipulatives are the perfect complement to any Math Curriculum. Pattern Blocks are great for Geometry in my 2nd & 3rd Grade Classroom. (I Like tangrams that have pattern pages to build on.)

  37. Math manipulatives are always great to use! I like the foam blocks and cute mini erasers.

  38. I haven’t use the 10 frame/magnet board. That would make be helpful when you want to teach subtizing.

  39. I love all of these math manipulatives. The pattern blocks would be a great addition for my preschoolers since we are beginning to talk about shapes and patterns.

  40. My kids would have loads of fun with the mini erasers. Such an amazing amount of joy for every skill!

  41. I would love to have some foam dice, since I let my teaching partner have mine. I would also love the magnetic ten frames!

    All great manipulatives!

  42. I would love the magnetic ten frames. Thank you for the opportunity.

  43. I would love the foam dice! I’ve wanted those for quite a while!

  44. I love using mini erasers as manipulatives for math and ela! I have a crazy collection of them. Those magnetic ten frames are awesome!!

  45. Doreene Anderson says:

    Working with young children has always been a passion of mine. Watching their minds work to discover something new. Singing nursery rhymes and to sing the song on their own is a blessing to see. I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to enjoy the twelve days of Christmas.

  46. Madeleine says:

    All of these resources are great! I would love to have the Math link cubes for my kindergarten class.

  47. Denine Hicks says:

    I LOVE math manipulatives! I already have most of these and the kids LOVE them!

  48. I would love to have math link cubes in my classroom!

  49. I would love the pattern blocks. I can use them with my preschooler students, I’m sure they will love them too.

  50. Bree Tarnas says:

    Would love to gift these to my daughters preschool and use some at home with her!

  51. I have been thinking about ordering the math link cubes. The children would love to use these.

  52. It’s a hard decision, but I think I’d like to try the Unifix cubes!

  53. Oh I would love the wood shapes!

  54. I would love the bears or the foam dice!

  55. Sarah Myers says:

    The erasers would be so fun to use with my students! I think they would enjoy the variety. I could also use them as prizes and incentives! 🙂

  56. Elizabeth Simpson says:

    Enjoyed looking through it ,Got good ideas. Thank you.

  57. All of these manipulatives would be fantastic!

  58. These are all great! I’ve had a lot of these for a while, but one thing I’ve never had is the little bears I would love to have a set of them!

  59. Kristen Fishburn says:

    The magnetic ten frames are so nice! I would love those!

  60. My favorite has always been the pattern blocks, but apparently my son thinks we need unifix cubes.

  61. The math manipulatives all looks fun! I especially think my students would like the counting bears and mini erasers.

  62. Lindsey J says:

    I love all of these! I think I would love the Ten Frame Boards the most. Thanks so much!

  63. Rosalina Bonilla says:

    I use them all! I definitely need to build up my eraser collections!

  64. Jenni Adams says:

    These are all my favorite ways to work on math!

  65. Jaton Najera says:

    Thank you so much for all of these giveaways! I would love to win the magnetic 10 frames or the many erasers.

  66. Crystal Pugh says:

    The 10 frame boards would be amazing to have.

  67. I love all of these materials. They help my Pre-K students understand the concepts

  68. These math manipulatives are great! Kids love using them.

  69. Rebecca Severson says:

    My kindergarteners would love the ten frame boards!

  70. I am an OT and I love the math manipulatives as they help develop mostly fine motor skills. The dice have been a favorite and in need recently as I have shared dice exercise/brain break pages with teachers and put in sensory rooms. I work in 3 schools ( grades preschool-2rd) so I would love all of the above!!

  71. Sandee Montrose says:

    You can never have too many mini erasers! They are likes socks in the dryer!

  72. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful resources!

  73. Shelley Thompson says:

    I use almost all of these manipulatives! This is a great list!

  74. Diana M Crawford says:

    Love all these math manipulatives, especially the foam dice. Just the right size for little hands to play (learn)with. Love your dedication to educate our future leaders. Thanks for sharing and teaching us as we also learn.

  75. Love all these math manipulatives!

  76. I love the mini erasers for patterns and the tanagram blocks for imaginations, building, and putting patterns together! So much fun!

  77. I love how you do the 12 day giveaway I would love the counting bears for my little ones. We can use it in so many ways with them. Thanks again

  78. Mary McDonough says:

    I absolutely LOVE using mini erasers with my preschoolers! There are so many ways to use them and they keep the kids interested!!

  79. We love switching about pattern blocks for each season!

  80. Kathy Davis says:

    I need the mini erasers!!! I can use them in so many ways!

  81. Jennie Richards says:

    I love the 10-Frame Math Manipulatives!

  82. I would love to have the bears for my preschoolers!
    It would be a great addition to my classroom.

  83. I would love the foam dice. One always comes up missing after each use.

  84. Lisa Hammond says:

    I would love the math link cubes or the 10 frame counters.

  85. Laura Patterson says:

    My kindergartners would love the tub of bears! They would be able to use them for math as well as literacy and pretend play. There are STEM activities for which we could use them – using them with a balance scale, freezing them in ice and rescuing them, as examples. The kids could play “warmer, colder” and hide one somewhere in the room. We could even choose a bear as a table buddy for a day. So many ways to use them!

  86. Kristen Zill says:

    I love all of the math manipulatives. I would choose the math linking cubes or the magnetic ten frames.

  87. Karen Cochrane says:

    I love the foam dice!

  88. Jackie Di Cecco says:

    These are all great tools. I’d love to win the magnetic 10 frames!

  89. I would love to win the counting bears!

  90. We have the bears, my two and four year old play with them all the time!

  91. Teresa Lass says:

    I’d love to win the magnetic ten frames & counters!

  92. I love the base 10 frames!

  93. Yvonne Bisk says:

    I’d love to win some mini erasers. I have collected some ideas to use them, but never got around to buying the erasers. It would be so much for to use colorful little erasers.

  94. I’d be grateful to win any of it. ❤️❤️

  95. Amy Redar says:

    Math manipulative are a must. Would love to add to reader collection.

  96. Math is so much more fun with cute manips!

  97. I love these manipulatives! Especially the math link cubes! The mini erasers are adorable and perfect building for fine motor skills!

  98. Michele Wilson says:

    Love all your free worksheets. I’ve been teaching 40+ years and still enjoy new creative activities. Thanks so much♥️

  99. Anita Gottsponer says:

    We have and use most of these. What a great idea on the erasers, I will be going to Target! I could use the tent frame manipulative!

  100. Deanna Crossgrove says:

    My students love counting, sorting and creating patterns with the mini erasers. A new collection will help maintain and grow their mathematical learning.

  101. Emily Gervase says:

    I love these ideas, and the pro tables as well! I would love to win the counting bears for my little ones. I think they would be great for so so many different activities!

  102. These are some awesome math manipulatives. We have some of these but I would love to add mini erasers and foam dice to my classroom.

  103. We have and love most of these! The one we do not have the the pattern blocks. My boys love math manipulatives!

  104. We have and love most of these! The one we do not have the the pattern blocks. My boys love math manipulations!

  105. I’d love to win the bears or foam dice.

  106. I usually like to use anything I can find around the house as manipulatives. I often use pennies, crayons or even mini pompoms work well.

  107. We use erasers and the cubes. My girls love them!

  108. Christine Locke says:

    My preschooler and I would surely enjoy some number blocks 🙂

  109. Deirdre Thomas says:

    I would love the Counting Bears.

  110. Kendra Morris says:

    I would love the foam dice. I love doing activities with dice to have the kids work on their counting skills every chance they get.

  111. I’d love to win either the foam dice or the mini erasers.

  112. Adrica Price says:

    I would love the mini erasers.

  113. Tonya Williams says:

    So exciting and you are AWESOME! Playing Santa for the adults but also for the children. I am homeschooling 3 of my children ages 5, 8, and 10. We just started this school year and they don’t have any manipulative’s because it’s actually expensive to buy all resources they need at once. We would be grateful to win any of them, but if I had to choose I think the cubes. They are needed for understanding math visually and grasping concepts easier. Thank you so much for taking the time away from your family to help others on your blog, website, and all the free resources.
    Hope you and your family have wonderful holidays!

  114. I would love the foam dice! I love all of your resources!

  115. Shelly M. says:

    We have loved using manipulatives over the years, and my second grader still loves them. The shapes are a favorite. Would love to add more.

  116. LuAnn Joseph says:

    Love these. The kids find so many fun ways to play with them!

  117. Laura Hilton says:

    I would love to win the Magnetic Ten Frames! How fun for the kids and how much easier and neater for the teacher!

  118. I would like to win the math link cubes.

  119. Math manipulative would be great.

  120. The mini erasers are a great idea! They would lend themselves well to telling stories while teaching math. That draws the attention of any little one!

  121. I love the unifix cubes!

  122. Suzanne Grisham says:

    I would love the magnetic ten frames! (All the manipulatives are great-and necessary- with younger students!) Thanks!

  123. Patti Warren says:

    A lot of great choices. I’d go with either the magnetic 10 frame or the mini erasers!

  124. Manipulatives are a super MUST-HAVE in every classroom and home!! It’s fun for the kids, they learn a lot because it’s an experience they will remember AND it strengthens their motor skills. win-win-win for all! If I were to win, I’d love to have the magnetic 10 frames!

  125. cristine packard says:

    I would love to win the bear counters or the 10 frames. This year my bear counters have grown legs and walked away.

  126. Christine says:

    Would love to win counting bears! Love all your teaching resources.

  127. Joscelin Steiner says:

    My kindergarteners love anything involving mini erasers!

  128. So many great Math manipulatives! Hard to choose just one.

  129. Elizabeth says:

    Such a great idea to use mini erasers! Cute and practical and dual purpose!

  130. Elizabeth says:

    Such a great idea to use mini erasers- cute and practical and dual purpose!

  131. I would love to win Ten Frame Manipulatives. Thanks so much for giveaways

  132. Ashley Davidson says:

    My daughter got to use some of these in her preschool last year and they are so fun!

  133. Love all the giveaways!

  134. I would love to win the magnetic ten frame for my kindergarten classroom! Thank you for the opportunity.

  135. Thank you for the resources and ideas !

  136. These are all fun math manipulatives for the students to use. Excellent picks!

  137. Karen Mamakos says:

    Would love to win the counting bears

  138. I’ve never use mini-erasers as a manipulative but that is such a great idea! Those would be fun and enjoyable for the kids.

  139. Deanna Wesenberg says:

    I have use all of these manipulatives over the last 30+ years in my preschool classrooms. At my current center we do not have any linking cubes and they have not been able to afford them over the last 5 years. Winning them would enhance my math curriculum emencely.

  140. Unifix cubes are awesome for teaching addition! Two colors help to provide a visual for little mathematicians, showing how to make those number bonds

  141. Cheyenne Mundy says:

    I’m a homeschool mom to a Kindergartener. I didn’t realize how badly I would end up needing Pattern Blocks and didn’t buy any. I would love to win some, it would help my homeschooler and I so much!

  142. I have the bear counters in my classroom and they are always a hit! I would love to get the pattern blocks, there are so many ways to use them!

  143. I had seen pattern blocks before in a childrens museum but never thought to look for them for sale. My 5yo would have sat for hours playing with them but the 2yo would never let him. Ha

  144. Angel Marresse says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! They are all great tools for helping with math teaching. My daughter loves colors and shapes and building, so her favorite would be the math link cubes. Happy holidays to you and your family!

  145. Beth Hankoff says:

    These are all great choices! All of them are useful in elementary as well, especially the early years. Foam dice are useful for any age because there are so many learning games using dice. Objects for counting and ten-frames are helpful for K-1 and for older children with learning disabilities. Great post!

  146. Marion Hedin says:

    My Preschoolers love doing the Math Link Cubes and Patterning Blocks, thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  147. I love those ten franes. I haven’t seen magnetic ones before!

  148. Teresa Lass says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Teresa Lass

  149. My 3 year old would LOVE the pattern blocks! I see so many cute task cards on Pinterest that use them, and would love to be able to play with my daughter with them.

  150. Nicole Watson says:

    Such great tools! They’d be a great learning tool in any classroom.

  151. I’ve seen the cube blocks and wanted them for homeschool:)! Love the eraser idea too!🧡

  152. Daniela Oropeza says:

    I would like to win a new preschool teacher who needs new supplies!
    -Thank you!!

  153. Always great manipulatives! ☺️

  154. Julie Connelly says:

    I would love some pattern blocks for my classroom!!! I have been seeing a lot of fun ideas on how to use them.

  155. LOVE these! We use a lot of erasers!

  156. Cheryl D Rice says:

    New preschool teacher who needs new supplies!

  157. i would love to win the ten frames or the ocunting bears

  158. You’ve included some of my favorite manipulatives. Those erasers look so fun!

  159. Brittany M Bratt says:

    I would love some of the dice to work with my daughter on numbers!

  160. I would like to win the magnetic ten frames.

  161. Teri Ware says:

    I would love the math cubes for teaching my grandgirls.

  162. Kate Waters says:

    Unifix cubes are the best! Counting, sorting by color, measuring, stacking — you can do so many things with them!!

  163. I would like to try the magnetic ten frames

  164. Flo McDOnough says:

    As a math geek, I love using manipulatives in class; I think I have as much fun as they do! I am always happy to see the students enjoying math!

  165. Manipulatives so important in Preschool! Thank you for sharing these ideas:)

  166. lisa m corpora says:

    I so appreciate the opportunity to learn. I’ve found that my kiddos have a hard time with the blocks, but love playing with the sorting bears.

  167. Cheyenne Mundy says:

    I’m a homeschool mom who just started homeschooling my Kindergartener this year, and I didn’t buy pattern blocks. I’m now realizing how badly I need them for lessons! I would love to win some, it would help me out so much!

  168. I would like to win the magnetic 10 frame manipulative.
    Thank you

  169. The magnetic 10-frame manipulative would be perfect to help teach addition and subtraction to my grandsons.

  170. The magnetic ten frames would be so helpful!

  171. Priscilla says:

    These ideas are great, as usual! I would love to win the math link cubes. Thank you!

  172. Denise Griffin says:

    I utilize math manipulatives frequently in my classroom. My students have complex multiple disabilities. They enjoy hands-on, colorful objects and activities to encourage active engagement.

  173. Katherine says:

    Great post! I would like to win the mini erasers:)

  174. My non-verbal girl will really benefit from these math manipulatives.

  175. Suzanne Grisham says:

    I would LOVE the foam dice!!! (Can you say, “Quieter than plastic dice?”)

  176. Kelly Twidwell says:

    I’d have to go with the erasers because I have everything else. I just bought the ten frames and can’t wait to try them.

  177. i would like to win the bears

  178. Sarah Myers says:

    These make math SO fun for kids!! I love it!!

  179. It’s so hard to choose! These are all great! I could really use both the link cubes and the mini erasers. Thanks for offering these giveaways!!!

  180. Carol Tavares says:

    This is a fun giveaway. Hope I win!

  181. I love using manipulatives to teach abstract concepts. Any hands on opportunities are a win, in my opinion.

  182. Cindy de Jongh says:

    I love the counting bears. You can do so much with these…counting and sorting by color and size.

  183. I love those math link cubes. Mine don’t have shapes on them like those. So many more uses with the shapes!

  184. I really want the counting bears!

  185. I just bought some Unifix cubes for Christmas. I have pattern blocks too.

  186. Rene T Latner says:

    The 10 Frames boards are really neat.

  187. Pattern blocks have so many uses, would love to have more of them!!!

  188. I think either the counting bears or the math link cubes. I would probably get more use our of the cubes.

  189. I love anything that is hands-on. In math that is especially important. Children need to be given multiple opportunities to explore and discover using manipulatives.

  190. Shiloh Olson says:

    Math tools make math so much more fun for everyone!

  191. SO many great manipulatives here! I’d love the erasers because they can be used lots of ways & are hard to find where I live. 🙁

  192. Ka'Lon Montgomery says:

    Id like to win the link cubes. They’re versatile.

  193. I love all of these!!! But, I don’t have access to the math cubes for my classroom currently, so would love to be able to use them!

  194. Such useful activities to learn math. I like the magnetic ten frames and the link math cubes.

  195. I use to love pattern blocks growing up! I’d love to be able to have a set for my kids at home.

  196. These all look so great. I love the erasers and counting bears!

  197. Erica Jabouri says:

    So many cool ways and it brings back memories of when I was in school!

  198. These are really great tools!!!

  199. I would love to use the ten frames!

  200. Wasserman Jaime says:

    Love the counting bears…can do so much with them!

  201. Kathy Waldner says:

    Great stuff! Those ten frames would sure be handy.

  202. Katie Mech says:

    The magnetic ten frames would be amazing!

  203. I would love to win the counting bears because they are so versatile!

  204. I like to use the dice for a more engaging way of working on “which one has more?”

  205. These are all great resources and I use several of them in my classroom. I have never seen those ten frames before and would love to have those for use at circle time.

  206. Haven’t thought of using mini erasers. I was wondering why everyone was getting them. My love making patterns with the cubes as well. Love using the ten frames for counting.

  207. Love the pattern blocks! Again, thank you for the opportunity to win.

  208. It is a fun way to learn and teach math with these manipulatives.

  209. Pattern blocks are our first choice. So much fun to use! Again, thank you for the opportunity to win.

  210. All of these are great! We love using bears, and dice.

  211. I would like to win the pattern blocks! Kids can get so creative with them, using them for math, literacy, building, problem solving, almost everything!

  212. Kristyn Jaycox says:

    I absolutely love all these items!! They would make schooling so much easier!

  213. Charlotte Ackermann says:

    There are so many fun math skills to use with the mini eraser!

  214. These are all great! We love using pattern blocks and we have regular dice. But I really love the idea of foam dice! Those mini erasers are so cute!

  215. I love the ten frames! These are so useful for my students to have a concrete understanding of composing and decomposing numbers and is an excellent way for me to visually teach the early framework for place value!

  216. Julie Chmielewski says:

    The pattern blocks would be most beneficial to me…..and fun!!!

  217. I would LOVE to win the mini erasers.

  218. Lauren Aiello says:

    While each manipulative mentioned above has its merits, I would likely say unifix cubes or “snap cubes” are one of my favorites. They’re colorful, they can be used to “trace” a shape or a fine motor tracing line, they can be built upon each other, and they appeal to boys and girls.

  219. Makes learning so much fun!

  220. Caroline G says:

    Mini erasers would be a fun addition for my class! Nice to have a seasonal/unit-theme touch on the classroom manipulatives, too!

  221. Kathy Smith says:

    Counting, sorting bears are the best!

  222. Love the hands on materials!

  223. Pattern blocks- I don’t have enough for my huge class this year! Thanks!

  224. My students would love to be able to show me what they know on the magnetic 10 frames. Such a great tool!

  225. Each manipulative is valuable in the classroom. It’s hard to choose a favorite!

  226. Love the mini erasers and magnetic ten frames…so useful!

  227. These are all my faves!

  228. Lori Williams says:

    I love using mini erasers working with my special education students. We can count them, use on ten frames and other uses for little manipulatives. I also love the foam dice because they are quieter than plastic dice.

  229. Katie Mitchell says:

    Llve having a variety of manipulatives to help the learning processs.

  230. The counting beers would be awesome in our house.

  231. Kelsey Anderson says:

    I love the creative ways you utilize these manipulatives. I get so much from your posts. THanks for sharing!

  232. I love all of them – but mini erasers – great!

  233. I love the magnetic ten frames! These would be a real game changer for me to use. The erasers and bear counters would be very engaging for students.

  234. Lana Doolaege says:

    I love your blog

  235. I love using mini erasers and math link cubes with my kids. So many different options for sorting and counting.

  236. The Counting bears look like they make math fun and playful from the getgo. I also think the magnetic 10 frame squares look really useful.

  237. Karen Souter says:

    I love all these ideas. The counting bears and mini erasers are my favorites.

  238. I love using dice in the classroom. There are so many different ways to use them in Math activities.

  239. I love to use counting bears & mini-erasers can be used in so many ways! Great giveaway idea!

  240. Love using objects to teach math concepts

  241. I love both the cubes as my kids love stacking objects both kindergarten and preschool. Also mini erasers as they can be used in so many ways

  242. Michelle C says:

    I love all of the resources but I would have to go with the Magentic Ten Frames-what an awesome tool!!!!

  243. Kristy Foy says:

    Manipulatives are so great to use with the kids! Love all of these.

  244. Allia Allen says:

    I love math manipulatives! So many different and fun ways to learn

  245. I would love to have all of these in my teo head start classes.

  246. JENNIE S RICHARDS says:

    I have the bears and the link cubes. I would love the dice! So many ways to make learning math fun!

  247. Nicole Blakeley says:

    I would love to win the linking cubes or foam dice. The licking cubes would be great for explaining base ten.

  248. All of these would be so helpful for my preschoolers and first grader. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  249. I would love the pattern blocks. So many uses over a wide range of ages!

  250. I left all of my math manipulatives in my previous classroom, so I would love to win all of these!

  251. Shaela M Martin says:

    I would love the tens frame boards!

  252. Amy Shearer says:

    I would love to have the mini erasers, we can use those in so many ways!

  253. Kathy Bendix says:

    The family counting bears are great because not only can you use them to count, they are great for lots of different sorting activities too. Would love these in our classroom.

  254. Carly Bade says:

    I’d love to have the pattern blocks to use in my homeschool classroom.

  255. I’d love to win the math link cubes!

  256. Carolyn Lee says:

    I love the foam dice! These could be used for so many things! I would love these in my classroom!

  257. Janet Scordato says:

    I would love to win the bears as we are working on one to one correspondence

  258. Amanda carrow says:

    This is a great prize! We have the linking cubes but the others are always so highly recommended.

  259. I never thought of using mini erasers before, but it seems obvious now! I’d love to win the magnetic ten frames – very neat!

  260. Megan Ellickson says:

    I would love to win either the pattern blocks because they work on so many different things at the same time or the mini erasers 🙂

  261. The linking cubes would be my first choice!

  262. I LOVE using manipulatives like these with my preschoolers! My 3 year old really enjoy getting to touch and count and sort with them.

  263. Julianna Daniels says:

    We use the counting bears, foam dice and math link cubes daily in my day program. The math link cubes seem to be the group favorite and we could definitely use some more!

  264. Violet Blake says:

    These are good to use at any age, great thing to have.

  265. I like the counting bears, math cubes and erasers.

  266. Monica Donley says:

    I’d like to win the erasers. They can be used in so many different ways.

  267. Hi there! Great ideas! We have the counting bears and unifix blocks! We would love to have the pattern blocks to add to our classroom!

  268. The counting bears bring math to many different areas of a classroom

  269. All of these are great and really helpful! I used all of them when I was a teacher. One of my favorites are the cubes. Working with kindergarten it made it easier that they could stack them together. This way there weren’t loose pieces and they were able to count in a straight line!

  270. These would be so great for math learning!

  271. Stephanie K says:

    I would love the math link cubes!

  272. Malessa Ann Wing says:

    Love using manipulatives!

  273. Laurie Connor says:

    The maths manipulatives are ideal for my SEN students

  274. Reading this took me back to Kindergarten where I remember using the counting beats and pattern blocks. I think my son would love the math link cubes because he’s really into legos.

    1. I love math manipulatives, so easy to work something in to a lesson plan.

  275. Tamara Weaver says:

    My students get so excited when they get the use manipulative, this would be a great addition to my classroom. Thanks for all you do.

  276. Carter would love to win counting bears!

  277. Christina says:

    Awesome tools that can be used in so many ways! 10 frame boards are the best!

  278. I would love the pattern blocks or math cubes!

  279. Katie Morris says:

    I love the magnetic ten frames. This seems like such an easiy way to display the numbers for my class.

  280. So many great things here, thanks for sharing!

  281. Theresa L says:

    I love using math related items to work with my students. It give them a chance to use their hands as well as their problem solving skills.

  282. Denise White says:

    I’d love to have the unifix cubes for my nieces and nephews for homeschooling and tutoring.

  283. Sara Graves says:

    I would like to win the counting bears to help my grandson learn to sort and count.

  284. i like the pattern blocks for the diversity of activities you can do with them!

  285. I would love to win either the math cubes or the counting bears

  286. Tanja Fussell says:

    This is so hard, but I think I’ll go with the ten frame boards. Kids love novelty and teachers love convenience. These have both! Thank you!

  287. Kayla Rios says:

    Math Manipulatives is my favorite center.

  288. Sandi Kang says:

    I love using hands on manipulatives during math. It makes learning so much fun for my students.

  289. These are all great tools to use with young students.

  290. I would love to win the pattern blocks because my Kindergarteners could really use these for morning work, and while working on patterns/colors.

  291. I would like to win the ten frame or the dice.

  292. Shannon James says:

    I love how the math cubes have the shapes on them.

  293. These all look so fun, what neat ideas!

  294. Our small preschool (or I, myself)has all but the ten frames.

  295. Maria Luisa Kidd says:

    These are all great products!

  296. Marissa Newton says:

    I love the mini erasers and so do my students. They can be used in many different ways and they just look fun!

  297. The mini erasers are a great idea! And foam dice… those would be my lifesaver! I’m loving all of your ideas, keep them coming!

  298. Love the math links which can be used for counting and pattern making. Love multi purpose learning things!

  299. Love colorful dice. There are so many fun dice games!

  300. Eva Griffin says:

    I would love to win the pattern blocks! Thank you!

  301. Christine Biddell says:

    We have used all of these math manipulatives in our homeschool. Great choices!

  302. The mathlink cubes and counting bears are favorites in our house, but I never thought of using mini erasers as math manipulatives. What a great idea! Love this site for that reason.

  303. Mini erasers are so versatile as math manipulatives! My preschoolers pattern with them, sort them, trace shapes with them, build letters, use them on 10 frames, etc! So many activities!

  304. I would love the magnetic ten frames! My kids would enjoy those as they would be more exciting than the paper ones we use.

  305. Jessie Bennett says:

    We love math manipulatives for the littles!

  306. Cathy McDonald says:

    It’s hard not to love all these resources! You’ve done a nice job gathering the must haves for number sense!

  307. Shelly Murphy says:

    I have purchased a few different sets of the manipulatives above after reading your post about them last year. We really enjoy them and would love to get more of the math link cubes. They seem to be a favorite.

  308. Kendra Morris says:

    I’ve been wanting to get some foam dice.

  309. Rachel Gill says:

    I would love the counting bears, ten frames, and mini erasers for my 1st and 2nd graders

  310. These are all so great! My daughter loves math and these ideas keep math fun!

  311. It’s so hard to choose one favorite! As a private tutor with no access to the many manipulatives I had when I was a classroom teacher, I’d be thrilled to have any of these in my tutoring supplies! I think during online tutoring, the magnetic ten frames would be amazing. The pattern blocks have always been on my wishlist (but would work best for in-person tutoring).

  312. Love all of these. The dice are so versatile though!

  313. Love your site and all the math manipulatives.

  314. Angela Tunnard says:

    You have some wonderful ideas!

  315. The counting bears & erasers have endless possibilities- would love to win those!

  316. I love manipulatives! I am a special education teacher who co-teaches with Kindergarten and first grade and we have moved to more hands on learning over paper/pencil as students learn from the hands on activities!

  317. Alissa Bimberg says:

    Pattern blocks are the best! So versatile to play and learn.

  318. Debra Hawkins says:

    I would love to win the mini erasers. I have so many theme based games that use them, but I only have enough erasers for one child to play at a time.

  319. I love all your resources and this is an exciting giveaway!

  320. Stephanie Brandon says:

    I absolutely love ten frames! I’ve been wanting to try stuff with mini erasers, but haven’t been able to find any. I’ll have to check Target.

  321. Nora Boles says:

    Would love to use the ten frame manipulative with students up to second grade!

  322. I would love to win the mini erasers!

  323. Valerie Nitz says:

    It would be great to win the pattern blocks.

  324. I love all your ideas and suggestions! The counting bears are a great motivator. I would love to try the magnetic tens frame.

  325. I’ve used all of these but pattern blocks are my favorite.

  326. Ang Jackson says:

    I would love, love, love the counting teddy bears! Would be super fun and engaging for my little ones!

  327. These are all so great and made me realize just how much I need them in my classroom!!

  328. These are all great. We use dice a lot and would love some foam ones.

  329. Kathy Nichols says:

    I love my magnetic ten-frames and counters.

  330. These are all great! Thanks for the useful ideas

  331. These are all awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  332. The teddy bears or the link codes would be a great addition.

  333. I have most of these, but I do not have the foam dice and I think they would be fun. PLUS!! They will not be quite as loud.

  334. My kids love using linking cubes and mini erasers! Each of these make math fun!

  335. Erica Sarnecky says:

    I teach special education so I love using manipulatives in my classroom.

  336. All of these math manipulatives are amazing to use in the classroom. I can think of so many different ways I would use them. I would be excited to have any of these to incorporate into my math activities!

  337. Fabulous ideas! It makes me want them all. We use the counting bears and pattern blocks often but most of the other items we don’t have yet.

  338. Sherry Chambers says:

    We love all of these and would really like the ten frames.

  339. Courtney Donoho says:

    I would love some new linking cubes. I left mine in an old classroom since I would not need them. And of course 2 moves later no linking cubes. 😁

  340. My preschool students love to do all different types of hands on math activities. The best part is that they don’t even realizing they are learning they just think that its a fun game to play.

  341. I would be beyond grateful for any of these manipulatives! I particularly love the ten frames with the handles for easy maneuvering. Thanks for these great ideas!

  342. I would love to try the ten frame tools!

  343. Mickey Banks says:

    I am not picky, I would like to be surprised with your pick. 🙂

  344. Oooo so many uses! We love our counting bears but I could find many uses for the pattern blocks or the foam dice!

  345. Laura Patterson says:

    My kids love using the foam dice! They make up their own games and I love that they are learning to recognize the number without counting. My dice are being loved so much that they are beginning to disintegrate. I also love that they are a quiet, independent activity.

  346. I love the mini erasers and every time I look at target I can’t find any.

  347. We have a set of the counting bears and they’re fun to learn with. I just need to find more structured activities with them.

  348. Cori Melzard says:

    Pattern blocks are awesome. We’d love them!

  349. Lauren Smith says:

    I love all the math manipulatives to help my students learn, but one thing I don’t have are the ten frames. So I am would love to have these for the students to be engaged and learn with.

  350. I love the counting bears as there are so many concepts to explore, color, size, counting, 1:1 correspondence to name a few.

  351. Carrie Sheppard says:

    I love them all. The mini erasers are my favorite.

  352. Amy Lehman says:

    Great list of manipulatives! Ten frames are great for Kinders, and ALL hands on manipulatives. I love rekenreks as well.

  353. Stephanie says:

    I would like to win the foam dice. We use a lot of mini erasers and I love them but we don’t have any foam dice

  354. These are great ideas!

  355. Amy Starnes says:

    I hadn’t thought of the erasers! Good idea.

  356. These are definitely must haves in the classroom! I love the 10 frames boards with the handle. Could definitely use those teaching virtually.

  357. Id love to
    Win this for my homeschool room!

  358. I would be so grateful to have any of these for my classroom. We are on a very limited budget this year, all these items would be awesome for getting the kids ready for kindergarten. I love the bears and the math link cubes !
    thanks Ann F

  359. Christina Connor says:

    These are all awesome manipulatives for my SPED classroom!

  360. It is so much easier for kids to grasp a concept when they can physically see it. There manipulatives are wonderful for doing just that. Would love to have them.

  361. I love the idea of using the mini erasers! What great ways on using them for math!!

  362. The Counting Bears are so cute and would be so helpful!

  363. Nancy Fillip says:

    These are all so helpful and a handful of manipulatives is worth a thousand words.
    Thanks for offering.

  364. How much fun these would Be!!

  365. These manipulatives would be great for special needs students as well as young learners.

  366. Ve Marciante says:

    Amazing post. Math manipulatively are such a helpful resource for kids.

  367. Lorraine L says:

    My boys would love these, especially the 4 year old who is getting into math more and more!

  368. Kelly Bialk says:

    homeschool!! Manipulatives would be amazing for my math loving kindergartener!!

  369. THese would be so helpful for me as a home visitor.

  370. Dayna Connolly says:

    Such great hands-on inviting manipulatives! So many ways to engage my pre-k learners!

  371. I love all of these math manipulatives. They would be great to use with my son.

  372. Ronda Enger says:

    Math manipulatives are wonderful and the children really enjoy using them

  373. These would be awesome to supplement my math materials. Love those little erasers for so many activities!

  374. Andrea K. Williams says:

    I would be VERY happy with ANY of the manipulatives. I work for a Title 1 school, so my littles would be happy also with anything new and different to hold their attention. Thank you, also, for all you do! 🙂

  375. April Schaffer says:

    love these ideas

  376. Julie CHMIELEWSKI says:

    These are awesome manipulatives….especially the pattern blocks!!!

  377. I’ve had pattern blocks on my wishlist for a while now!!

  378. Alma Romney says:

    I need those manipulatives in my classroom

  379. I would love to win these.

  380. The kiddos in my classroom love manipulatives and use them not only in math. I really would love to use the ten frames with them.

  381. Ooh la la, what a fantastic array of math manipulatives. These are so helpful for experiencing math in a meaningful way.

  382. Christine Clowes says:

    I love these manipulatives. You can never have too many manipulatives.

  383. This year I am homeschooling my 3 kids. I am looking for ways to incorporate more hands on learning and these math manipulatives would be great.

  384. Megha Waghmare says:

    So much easy and fun learning with these math manipulative !! Loved the all products ! Thank you for sharing with us!!

  385. I have a kindergartner and then another child coming up after him. These would be perfect with our math program.

  386. Stephanie A says:

    I could not live without pattern blocks in my prek classroom!

  387. These would all make for fantastic counting practice activities with my preschoolers!

  388. Christine says:

    I’m a middle school/high school math teacher, but am now a stay to home mom and am always looking for fun ways to incorporate math into our activities. These manipulates would be great!

  389. I would love to win these math manipulatives for my son since we don’t have much resources to work with. Thank you

  390. Erica Sinicropi says:

    I would love to win ten frame manipulatives to help my students with number sense, counting, addition, and more!

  391. Michele Sullivan says:

    So beneficial for little hands!

  392. Christie Welko says:

    I would love any of these manipulatives, but I could use the counting bears since my supply has gotten low over the years!

  393. Macfarlane Cassie says:

    These magnetic ten frames are awesome!!!

  394. VaNae Barlow says:

    This one is the best giveaway yet for me! I’d love to have them!

  395. Julie Bryce says:

    I would have to choose these adorable
    Mini erasers!

  396. Rene T Latner says:

    These would be great for homeschooling my children.

  397. I’ve used the bears for color sorting, so much fun to use hands on manipulatives. I love the pattern blocks for shapes too! These are such great ideas – thank you for the chance to win these!

  398. The mini erasers! Thank you for this great opportunity to win!!

  399. Kami Almy says:

    I could use all of these with virtual learning!

  400. Kristin DeFazio says:

    All of the math manipulatives listed are great.

  401. Lizzie Armendarez says:

    Between my son and my preschoolers ALL of these manipulative are amazing!! They can be used for so many different objectives!

  402. Alison M. says:

    Fun… don’t we all learn better and more when we’re having fun? These look like lots of fun and I can see how much creativity can come from them!

  403. My students love the counting bears and the shapes. We frequently use them for color matching activities. I would love to incorporate the link cubes more often in our classroom- they are great for working on those small hand muscles and strength!! With all of the restrictions on sharing materials right now, any and all of these materials would be amazing to have in our classroom!
    thank you so much for your site, it has been day/week/life saving on more than one occasion!

  404. These are awesome, my students would love them!

  405. These all look great! Would love these to use with my granddaughter. The beats would be fun for her. I’ve never thought about using mini erasers – great idea.

  406. Tammy Brizendine says:

    I love them all. Easers or Bears or really any of the items would be a wonderful addition to my activity box.

  407. These are so fun! I love ways to make counting and math hands on, and these are such great ideas, I love the mini-erasers!

  408. These are great classroom items.

  409. I use manipulatives for everything! Any I use anything I can find (those erasers are often hard to find at target) Even bottle caps and fish tank stones! I’d love to have some more “professional” supplies. Not sure what I’d pick. The magnetic ten frames are the only ones I haven’t seen before…

  410. I remember using math blocks to learn multiplication! It made math so much more fun. Would love to have these manipulative as my 4 year old is so into math right now. He wakes up asking, “Mom, is 10 plus 2 twelve?”

  411. These look like such great resources. I would love to add them to my collection!

  412. What great tools!! We love math!!!

  413. So many ways to use all these manipulatives!!!

  414. Khristina P Brimah says:

    Would love to use all of these in the classroom.

  415. Kelli Kiss says:

    These would be great for my special needs students!

  416. Shawna Faro says:

    How am I just noticing that the holes in the unifix cubes are shapes?!?!

  417. All of these manipulatives would be good in my Special Ed classroom

  418. Stefanie H. says:

    I would love those magnetic ten frames!

  419. All of the manipulatives are very entertaining and motivating for all students to use!

  420. Elizabeth says:

    Love all of these! I have really good memories of using counting bears and unifix cubes when my mom was homeschooling me. Would love to be able to do the same with my two kids that are now getting to pre-K age! Counting bears have been in my amazon cart for a year waiting for the right moment when I can get them, haha 🙈

  421. My little loves his counting bears. I purchased them when we started your preschool curriculum. I don’t have the others but I know all 3 of my kids would benefit from these. I really like the pattern blocks. Thanks!

  422. Stephanie says:

    We use math manipulatives every day!

  423. These are all great manipulatives I would love to have to use with my preschoolers.

  424. I would love to add these to my classroom! THank you so much for sharing your talents with us!!

  425. Aden Williams says:

    These are all really great ideas! I catch myself stopping at Target’s dollar section every time I go there looking for cute mini erasers, lol. My students love that they go with the current theme. Merry Christmas!!

  426. These are great resources for teaching Early Childhood!!

  427. These manipulatives are fantastic! You can never have enough.

  428. I love the manipulatives! We use them daily to compliment math activities. The student i work with finds math challenging so we use maniulatives to turn math class into an advanture

  429. Chelsea Smith says:

    As a pediatric OT in preschool I’d like to say all these manipulatives are great to develop fine motor and visual-motor skills too! The snap blocks are good for bilateral strengthening, dexterity, and coordination, bears and discs for grasp and in-hand manipulation skills, and the mosaics for visual perceptual skills!
    Chelsea Smith recently posted…Hello world!My Profile


    All great items to practice counting.

  431. These would be amazing for our math learning!

  432. These are all great manipulatives, but I hadn’t thought about using mini erasers. I have not seen the ten frame manipulatives before. Those would be great for students to work with!

  433. Tina Champagne says:

    I love those magnetic tens frames! I think I will be looking for some more mini erasers so I can make up individual bags for each kiddo. No sharing manipulatives right now makes it tough!

  434. So many wonderful tools highlighted! Hands on fun is where the most learning seems to happen. 🙂

  435. Dawn Martin says:

    These would add to my tool box. Anything novel helps with motivation and excitement in learning.

  436. Jaime Sorrells says:

    I love all of these, but especially the magnetic ten frames! Those are amazing!

  437. Kristen N says:

    Yes! These are amazing and we would LOVE to be able to utilize them!

  438. Heather Nicole Davis says:

    So want!!

  439. Anne Perry says:

    I would love to win these Math Manipulatives to use with my son.

  440. Sarah Myers says:

    I love ALL of these counting manipulatives, but especially the erasers! My students love erasers and love counting with them!! 🙂

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