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  1. I sometimes wonder if (especially new) parents don’t always realize how quickly you can start to teach a child. It’s hugely important to start early, while they are still learning where “no” is, before they decide that they don’t have to listen to “No.” (Or stop or whatever other command you give.) And that just because they can’t talk doesn’t mean they can’t understand.

    I think I’m going to agree with you on this one; the most important thing is listening immediately. And I love how you taught him not to go to the street.

  2. I made up a listening game when my kids were little. While they were busy playing, I would say “Sara, come here quickly!” You need to be within visible distance, say the name, pause, give the command. Then praise them and give a fruit snack or carrot stick, whatever he or she likes. Also training to “STOP” the same way. Maybe on the way to the table say “Amy! STOP” then praise for listening and hugs. Then we would practice on the playground, out in the yard, and at people’s homes. Rather than saying “don’t touch that” and by the time the words are out they already have… “stop” and they stop and look at you for direction. I sometimes STILL miss being a mom to a toddler and I have grandchildren!!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      What a great idea! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I have been really encouraged by your blog having just discovered it. I have an almost 1 year old and with all of the blogs out there on activities to do, yours has been the most realistic one for his age. I don’t feel like a failure anymore, lol! Your ideas are also wonderfully simplistic and doable and don’t leave me feeling like I need to go spend gobs of money! Thanks again!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Laura- thank you SO much for your encouraging comment. You made my day! I’m so happy to hear that my blog is helpful to you. 🙂

  4. Sunita Jadhav says:

    Very nice article. I am big fun of your article. Thanks for sharing such nice inform. its help lot to new mom like me

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