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  1. I ordered some of the polish the other day. I decided to Google if anyone else had tried this. I’m happy I found this post! My youngest is almost 23 months and I’m trying to be fully weaned before his second birthday. He only nurses at night but tries to nurse all day long. Hopefully this works and isn’t too abrupt for either of us. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mary Brice says:

    I have a thought, is it possible that the extra food for breastfeeding moms is also given because mom needs more calories to breastfeed? Just a thought.

  3. Lime juice works, I only put it on once and my lo (2.5 yrs) told me I was yucky and that was it. He hasnt wanted to nurse since!.

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      That’s a great idea!

  4. That is brilliant! I nursed my oldest until he was almost 3, but only at nap and to go to sleep at night. It was finally time and then it was a battle and he ended up with a pacifier! Ugh… He gave that up shortly after he started preschool, thank goodness.

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