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  1. Amanda hartung says:

    Is only preordee available or am i missing something?

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Hi Amanda! The Kickstarter campaign ended for this, so yes it’s on preorder right now. I’m sorry about that! You could email them to see how long the wait it.

  2. Lisa @ NatureImmerse says:

    Research has shown that the anxiety parents have towards potty training can delay and complicate the training process, and even negatively impact children’s development. Research has also shown that play-based learning is one of the most effective teaching tools in early childhood. Tot on the Pot responds to a major stress point for parents by providing a complete solution that informs, incentivizes and rewards children using the tremendous power of play.

  3. ParentingPassage says:

    Thanks for your detailed review of Tot on the Pot. I’m going to check out their kickstarter page.

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