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  1. First time mom.. but I love doing this with my one year old. Although things do get very messy.. do they eventually stop making such a huge mess?

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Yes! They definitely do get better!

  2. Oh yes, I do recognise this, with my children and grandchildren. I put a shower curtain under the bin, makes it easy to lift up and pour everything back in to the bin or throw away. Not the plastic sort but the fabric type. We used rice, tapioca and macaroni 40 years ago. I am montessori trained and i love your ideas for my twin grandaughters . I can’t get enough time with them they are so wonderful to watch their progress from babies to toddlers. Well done and keep up the good ideas.

  3. Yes I can relate to this, My 2 year old granddaughter loves to get into any container after having emptied out the contents,,,,a basket of apples, a box of toys ( even if it looks way too small) The dogs bed, the moses basket I made for her Waldorf doll ( dolly and all the bedding were all evicted to make room for herself! Oh and my big jam saucepan… she knows the saucepan cupboard is the only kitchen cupboard she is allowed into!

  4. LOL!!! This is so very TRUE (every bit of it…even coming back to it after you’ve just cleaned it up) and I can completely relate! Just seeing how much they enjoy playing/analyzing and the curiosity in their eyes makes it all totally worth it, though . 🙂
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