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  1. Donnell Nash says:

    A simple, fun, non-messy craft to teach kids good dental hygiene.

  2. Alice Humphrey says:

    I like the teeth idea, but we can’t use food as a craft because the administrator says it’t misleading the children, so is there anything else that I can use?

    1. Hi,
      I have cut out sponges in the shape of teeth. The children use white paint and stamp the teeth on the marked mouth.

    2. christine says:

      Why not do it during snack time so they can eat the marshmallows as well while they craft.

  3. I liked the D for craft… Other letters can be used to help kids learn and they will njoy the craft work also. Thanks

  4. FYI you don’t need glue! Have the child lick it and place it on construction paper the sugar bonds it like super glue almost impossible to take off.

  5. Megan Strout says:


    I like the mouth craft, however if you don’t want to go and buy marsmallows can you suggest anything to use for teeth?

    1. Karen Judd says:

      Maybe white pony beads.

    2. Trina Hairston says:

      White pompoms

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