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  1. First site I actually found that had printables geared toward this that made any sense, let alone free pintable’s. actually stumbled on your site by accident but I will be using it a lot now and intend to purchase items as well. once again first site I’ve found reasonably priced and the printable actually make sense!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      I’m so happy to hear this! That is my goal!

  2. Love this! Could I get a copy?

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Sure! The link for the PDF is in the blog post. Let me know if you can’t find it.

  3. I would love to use these.

  4. I love this. Please can i have a copy

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Yes! Just enter your email address in the box and it will be sent to you right away!

  5. kathy dedell says:

    These are so helpful for my students I work with in their intervention setting. They are fun and the kids love to read them.

  6. Thank you so very much for this valuable resource .

  7. Jerbanu Zack says:

    Thank you very much. Greatly appreciated,

  8. Melissa Gaylor says:

    Thank you for this great resource!

  9. Hollee Schultz says:

    These look very helpful

  10. Rachel Morris says:

    Would love to receive the short vowel, blends and digraph flipbooks!

  11. Erin Kerins says:

    I am struggling to find the books. Please help!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      I’m sorry! There is a form at the bottom of this blog post that you fill out to receive the free printable. After you put in your email address, the PDF will pop up!

  12. Angie Lashley says:

    Love your work!

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