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  1. Shaun Allshouse says:

    Q If I purchase the life time subscription, is there a discount for public school teachers great than 60% off? If purchased, can more than 1 – 2 students access the games or compete against each other? Can I see a sample of social study lessons and worksheets before purchasing?

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Hi Shaun! I am not sure…you would need to contact customer service at to see! Sorry I’m not much help.

  2. Great article! Goods tips of education… Thank´s for sharing this information!

  3. Just found this blog! I am super excited to go through all of your information! I really hope you are still active and post recent updates! I will definitely check out I’m currently in the process of planning a home school curriculum for my 3 year old little girl, since I am currently going to school online so I do not have to put her in daycare. I want her to be ready for Kindergarten and not be behind!

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