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  1. My favorite birthday was 30! I was pregnant with twins, my first children.

  2. Happy Birthday! I loved the pictures and learning more about you. You still look like you’re 22 if it’s any consolation!
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  3. Natasja Brooks says:

    Happy 30th! Any birthday where I get to spend it with my husband and kids is a good one. Thank you for being a blessing to this stay at home mama.

  4. Happy birthday! Enjoy having your children young! Mine aren’t mic holder than yours, but I am!! Blessings at any stage if life!

  5. Happy Birthday!….hmm, fav birthday? I’ve had a lot of wonderful birthdays…On my 21st birthday my husband proposed to me…so, that’s a good one, and right before I turned 30, I had my first daughter…so that’s a good one too, and right before I turned 32, I had my son. I just love when people say, “Happy Birthday”, just being acknowledges really blesses me. So, each birthday is sweet. Enjoy your 30’s.., but I will say, I’m loving the 40’s:)

  6. Happy birthday Angela! My favorite birthday was just last year, when Michael sent me to Boston for a weekend away with a dear friend. Such a special memory!


  7. Happy Birthday Angela! One of my favorite birthdays was 30 also…celebrated with friends and family!

  8. Bekah Riker says:

    Happy Birthday,,,enjoy your day.

  9. Happy 30th!!! My favorite was my 24th….my first birthday as a mom

  10. My favorite birthday was 25, my first surprise party ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you had a wonderful day!

  11. I turned 30 last year and felt the same as you, my 20s were wonderful and I wasn’t sure I was ready to be done with them! My 20s were all my favorite birthdays because I gained so much in my life…husband, 2 amazing kiddos, and I made some amazing friends!!! It’s gonna be hard for the 30s to live up to the previous decade :). Happy Birthday!!!

  12. I’m not sure I have a favorite birthday. My 18th was pretty fun but that was 16 years ago!

  13. Melissa watson says:

    30 is just the beginning of a great life. I m 52 and still lovin my God, life family and job!

  14. I can’t really think of any birthday that was especially memorable. Usually just dinner with the family, which is always nice! My birthday is actually this Sunday. I’ll be 28. Happy birthday to you!

  15. leah wall says:

    Mine was actually 10 ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve had some good ones since then – but that one was amazing.

  16. My 30th! My daughter was just over one and I was pregnant with my son!

  17. My favorite one was my most recent one. Celebrating with my hubby and my now two babies was the best!

  18. Have a lovely birthday Angela! 30 is only a number and you are only as old as you feel. So in my case, I’m still 27. I’ve “celebrated” 27 four times now!

  19. jessica fernandez says:

    My favorite birthday was when I turned 23! The year the lord saved me!!

  20. My favorite has always been my most recent one. My husband always takes my little boys to the store to have them each pick out a special present for me. I love how thoughtful they are each year.

  21. Andi Fisher says:

    It is hard to say which birthday was my favorite. It might have been my 22nd when I got my engagement ring.

  22. I love everything about this post! Cannot believe it was almost 7 years ago that picture of us was taken! Blessings to you today on your 30th birthday and abundant JOY to you throughout this year!

  23. Hi, Angela! Happy 30th…you have so much ahead of you to look forward to. I remember 30 very well…..I had my 1st son just 3 months prior so I guess I would choose that as my favorite birthday! Now, I am no longer in my 30’s (sniffle, sob….) BUT I have 4 wonderful sons and an amazing husband. I was able to teach for 7 years before I stayed home to raise my boys, so there was much to be thankful for. You will enjoy your 30’s just as much, if not more, than your 20’s. Love your blog and I am a big Starbucks fan, too….thanks for the opportunity to win! Yum!

  24. Happy Birthday and welcome to the thirties club!! While most of us have an amazing time in our twenties with lots of life changing moments, it is my 30s that I am enjoying and cherishing the most. Watching my family grow and thrive is the most amazing experience I will ever have. I hope you have many blessings in this next chapter of your life. Cheers!

  25. Hilary VH says:

    Beautiful post Angela! You sure have a lovely family! Thanks for sharing with us!

    My favorite birthday was my 18th birthday because that was the day I met my husband ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. My favorite birthday was easily 21. I was newly engaged and ready to take on the world! That was 2011 (Gosh how time flies!).

  27. Happy birthday! Welcome to the 30’s!

  28. Happy birthday! 30 is a great age!

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