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  1. My list is very similar. Apart from the naps. My kids NEVER napped. I would add watching my dogs play when we go for a hike. They turn into joy filled puppies and it is beautiful to see.

    I also love when my hubby rings at lunch time and emails me in the day.

    Oooh, oooh and I really love that lovely bit of the day after the children have fallen asleep and the jobs are done and the dogs are snoozy and the house is calm and so, so quiet. Like now. It is so peaceful.

    What a lovely list, nice to count the lovely, little blessings that come our way.

    1. Teaching Mama says:

      Hi Gina! That is a huge bummer that your kids never napped. So fun to hear about your list! Yes, I agree with you about the end of the day. Probably the best feeling of the day! Hope you are doing well 🙂

    1. Teaching Mama says:

      Thanks, Michelle! I can’t imagine days without naps, but I’m sure they’re coming!

  2. Love your list. I would agree with all of yours. Another that makes me so happy is clean windows. Weird, I know. Oftentimes, I’ll put my kids down for rest/nap time and go clean a few windows and sit in front of them with a cup of tea and just stare out the window before the kids get up!
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    1. Teaching Mama says:

      That is too funny!! I do love clean windows, too. Actually my thing is floors. I’m practically giddy when my wood floors are cleaned. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Teaching Mama says:

      Fun! If we had places to hike around here, I would enjoy that too!

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