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  1. I did this with my second graders. We pput some sand in the bottom of a clear plastic cup and then added the cuc and “spikes”. Very cute.

  2. Thank you for this printable as well. I used it and linked to it from my vacation books post on At Home: Where Life Happens. Thanks for all you share!
    Lori H recently posted…Vacation booksMy Profile

  3. Love the cucumber cactus, what a fun idea! We live a desert life here in Arizona, and cactus sightings are a daily occurrence for us. We are even growing our own. We started with a cactus clipping and it’s coming along rather nicely. I really should write a post about that one 😀 We will be printing out the cactus book and heading out to have a little fun with it.. thanks for sharing!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Thank you! Yes, I bet you see a lot of cacti! Yes, you should write a post about that. I would read it!

  4. Hail from the land of the Saguaro! I adore your cucumber cactus. Next time I’m at the store, we’ll be picking these up and letting the kids poke away. It will be a fun activity since it is a bit to hot to really get out and spend too much time with our cacti! 🙂
    Heather recently posted…Please Help! Plus My Most Favorite Crock Pot Dish!My Profile

  5. Kirstylee @ Moms Have Questions Too says:

    I love how you made your own cacti. What a great idea to use cucumber and toothpicks. I can’t wait to print out that cactus book and read it with my kids. They will love it!
    Kirstylee @ Moms Have Questions Too recently posted…Throw and Roll a Ball to Improve Gross Motor SkillsMy Profile

  6. Haha, that is totally something I would do! Thanks for being real! And I love that cucumber cactus – looks fun 🙂
    Sarah recently posted…My Five-Door SagaMy Profile

  7. I like the bit where you found out after, that is exactly my approach to these matters! It is how I volunteered to look after the worlds fussiest bonsai tree for my husband. I love it but it has been…..challenging.
    Love the home made cactus, my kids will love sticking spikes in and then, probably, eat it!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Thanks! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who is like that! I bet a bonsai tree is hard to take care of! You are a gem for taking care of it for your husband!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Thanks, Anna! It was so simple, yet fun!

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