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  1. Your challenges and charts are a great way to encourage summer reading and get the kids started in a fun accountable way.

  2. Nikki Uvalles says:

    Thank you for your time creating this and sharing it. My boys are just now approaching ages where teaching and engaging comes at a whole new level. I look forward to posting this and getting them excited for a new summer ritual

  3. Audrey Urban says:

    Our library has a summer reading program that we’re already keeping track for. Oddly enough, my 5 year old picked 100 books as her summer goal. We’re about a quarter of the way through already! It’s actually been a lot more work for me than them… forms to fill out for the both of them plus their actual reading log sheets. They just have to read/listen to a book and then draw a picture of their favorite part.

  4. This is an awesome way to keep the brain wheels turning especially for schoolagers over the summer. I work with a mixed-age group at home, and using this challenge is a great way for different age groups to work together, for example, a schoolager reading to a preschooler. And as we all know, schoolagers LOVE taking on the role of being in charge or playing teacher, so this is a perfect opportunity for them to get in their reading skill through play experiences.

  5. Excited about this challenge and free printable!

  6. susen kuchta says:

    We did this last summer AND loved it! We are doing it again this summer…starting tomorrow! My daughters reward last year was a trip to Chuck E Cheese once we read 100 books. My daughter has asked for the same reward this year! Can’t wait to get started! What a great idea you’ve come up with and shared with others! Sharing again on my FB blog page so that others can experience such a fun activity!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      That’s so great to hear! Thank you for sharing. We are starting this again, too! 🙂 The kids love the challenge!

  7. Love this!!! Thank you for sharing this!!!!

  8. We did this our SK year. My twin boys and I had a book club. I taped a poster board to the back of the door and wrote down every book they read! They recieved ten cents for every book when they were done 100! We had a big family dinner with grandparents and all when they finished that included a 100 books cake!
    The year before was 100 parks. We made a scrap book with a picture at every park and the cross streets and friends that were with them at times are listed. My boys are 15 now and still like looking at that binder!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      That is so great to hear, Ginnie! What a fun motivator! And I love that you made a scrapbook with the parks. You are a cool mom 🙂

      1. Neely Beltran says:

        I love your 100 parks idea! I’m going to copy it. I live in a city with 400+ parks and 100s more in the surrounding suburbs.

  9. SunnyShineMommy says:

    Thank you for sharing this, my children are 7, 5, & 3 and this will help us create some excitement and routine around summer reading 🙂

  10. susen @Dabbling Momma says:

    I LOVE this challenge! My almost 5 year old daughter loves story time and our library visits so this challenge is a definite yes for us! I will be sharing this challenge on my FB Blog page and other social media sites as I think it’s a great one!! Thanks for putting this out there for others to join in on!
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