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  1. Elizabeth Poquette says:

    Wonderful list of activities for children. These activities will be useful for older children to be able to do when younger children are resting. It will allow me to switch activities so that child doesn’t become board.

  2. Elizabeth Poquette says:

    The list of activities are wonderful. This provides me with quiite time tasks that older children can do while younger children are resting. The variety of activities allows me to switch out activities so the child is not bored.

  3. Elizabeth poquette says:

    So many ideas. Will be useful when young children are asleep and older children need to be quiet but can have some alone time. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tasks.

  4. Emilie Holloway says:

    I Love The Quiet Time Box Idea. I plan to tell my Director about us making some for Heavens Angels. Great Idea

  5. Heather Dean says:

    This is a great list, however many of the links are no longer active.

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      I’m sorry for the trouble. They are fixed now!

  6. Theres Just One Mommy says:

    Quiet time boxes were so perfect when mine stopped taking naps! In fact, I still use some “quiet time box” ideas for them now when they need a bit of downtime. Pinned!

  7. I read the original post and it inspired me to make boxes for my 2 children to use when I am coaching my high school colorguard. I told my 8 year old that if he played w each thing for about 15 min it would fill up most of the practice. Great ideas!

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