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  1. Mary Prickett says:

    I have been asked to prepare a music program for children and families at a community centre that supports vulnerable families. This resource is just what I need – thank you so much, it will make a difference to the development of our young ones and provide a sense of joy, not to mention language development for our new Australians (both Mums and toddlers).

  2. Nicole Sweeney says:

    Would I be able to upload some of these to a ClassDojo stories????

  3. Here’s a traditionally older one I have used before:
    “”Mary” wore her “red” shirt(or dress, or pants)
    Red shirt,red shirt. Mary wore her red shirt all day long.”
    The song continues using all the friends in the circle with the different colored clothes they are wearing that day.

  4. Thank you, I love these songs and will use them in my Wednesday Wiggler Program in the Library.

  5. Emma Williamson says:

    I’m supposed to teach a lesson in a nursery school. I think I’ve just found my topic for the day.

  6. How cool are these songs that you have selected, the kids love to sing, so they learn singing quickly about the colors

  7. Thanks! I am an elementary art teacher, and we do rotations with students. I was searching for some fun songs my kindergarteners can sing on the rug while I collect the paintings from the last group and reset the tables. Thanks for making me the list – this will be an awesome start!!

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      Great! Glad to hear they will be helpful!

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