J is for Jesus (free printables!)

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Christmas is such a beautiful time of the year, but the true meaning of Christmas can easily be pushed aside. Movies, commercials, books, are about Santa, elves, presents, etc. Although I think those things are fun aspects of Christmas, I want my children to really know the real meaning of why we celebrate Christmas. My children are young (4 and 2 years old), so I wanted to do a fun unit with them, focusing on baby Jesus. Today I’m sharing some printables I created for them.

J is for Jesus (free printables)

First, we did a Do a Dot page for J is for Jesus. You can use Do A Dot markers or Stickers to fill in the circles. We also talked about the sound letter J makes. We  made a list of words that have the /j/ sound: juggle, jelly bean, jump, jelly, jeans. You can get the printable here —> J is for Jesus

Nativity Scene

We talked about who Jesus is and the Christmas story (which you can find in Luke 2:1-20). Then we played with our Little People Nativity Set. By the way, I love this nativity set for kids. It’s perfect for little hands!


Our next activity was completing a puzzle of the nativity scene. This was a little hard, but after I helped him get started, he loved putting the pieces together. You could also glue the pieces to a piece of paper. You can get your own copy here —> Nativity Puzzle

Maze to Jesus

Then we did a maze for the 3 wise men to find baby Jesus. We are still working on holding writing utensils :) You can get your copy of this here —> Baby Jesus Maze

Baby Jesus size sortOur next activity was a size sort of Baby Jesus. Get your copy of the printable here      —> Jesus Size Sort

We also played a memory game with people and animals from the nativity scene. With the memory game, you just place all the cards face down, flip two cards over and if they are a match, you take them. If not, you flip them back over.

I laminated the game by using my favorite laminator so we can play this game over and over again. You can get your own copy of the game here   —> Nativity Memory Game

I hope these printables will be helpful to you!! Have a wonderful Christmas!

The beautiful clip art is done by Grafos.


  1. Love the idea of activities all focused around the true reason for Christmas! Pinning!

  2. Very cute printable! Love your site
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