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  1. Linda Korowin says:

    The Pound and Tap bench Xylophone would be awesome for our 8 month old granddaughter. She lives with her mama and dada in Santiago, Chile! She loves music and pounding and shaking any toy she gets her hands on!

  2. Do you have these lists as printables? 🙂

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      I don’t, but I can try to make one.

  3. I would love the Picasso Tiles or Clip Connect. They would be great for centers or indoor recess!

  4. The Stacking Stones are really cool!

  5. The Squigz or the Clip Connect or the Balancing Stones… oh man, all three of these would go over quite well for my girl!

  6. I would love the design and drill toy. So good for fine motor!

  7. I’m sure my little one would love the pogo jumper or any of he building sets.

  8. Haviva Davids Diena says:

    The Alphabet Learning Locks sound great – would love to win those!

  9. Great list of toys! Got some new ones for my wish list.

  10. The building toys are a favorite with all
    4 of my boys…legos, blocks,
    Magnatiles, tracks, etc…

  11. lana doolaege says:

    love these suggestions I use many in the classroom.

  12. Would love any of these for my kids or my classroom!

  13. Jenna Tomaszewski says:

    Picasso tiles are a hit around here!

  14. I would love to win the rainbow stacker!

  15. Wouldn’t love the magnetic blocks for preschool program

  16. Sarah Oldre says:

    I’ve had my eye in balancing stones for a while, so I’d pick them!

  17. Marion Hedin says:

    Love the Picasco Tiles, and Balance Rocks such fun to the Children who are High Special Needs I work with!

  18. Thank you for organizing such a great list! I have always wanted to try the balancing stones.

  19. I would love the Picasso tiles

  20. The pogo jumper or click connect toys look interesting for my kids.

  21. Love the preschooler toys, especially the Picaso and Clip Connect! I think they will be great for not just preschoolers, but many of my students who are a little older too!

  22. Kelsey Anderson says:

    I love all the toddler toys!

  23. I’d love to win the balancing stone rocks! They could be used for play but also to teach my students about balance in a variety of contexts (science context, SEL context, etc.)!

  24. The Squigz, Picaso tiles, or pogo jumper would be perfect!

  25. We love magnatiles a d squids are awesome!

  26. Kate Smith says:

    Squigs would be a fun addition to my classroom! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  27. Joy Wagenblast says:

    Would love to win Magnatiles!

  28. How exciting! I would love the Picasso Tiles for my kids!

  29. Wow!!! Fantastic giveaway! My kids range through all these ages and would really enjoy any of them!

  30. Leslie Guhl says:

    These are all so durable and enticing for the kids.

  31. Kelly Parker says:

    So many great items.

  32. Wow, such an awesome list! I’ve wanted the Alphabet Learning Locks for awhile now, but this is the first time I’ve seen the Balancing Stone Rocks and they are so cool. I’m torn between the two.

  33. These all look and sound great. If I had to pick one I’d pick the picaso tiles.

  34. Nicole Watson says:

    All such great items! I added many of them to my son’s wish list or my Kindergarten list. If I could pick one, I’d choose the Alphabet Learning Locks.

  35. Jessica Broucek says:

    This is a great list of toys for young ones. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jessica Broucek says:

      I would get the Squigz.

  36. Love the Foam Pogo Jumper for getting out all of the wiggles!

  37. Katherine says:

    I would love to win the piggy bank for my 2 year old!

  38. Priscilla Wagner says:

    My son just turned four so we’re starting to do a lot of preschool activities. So any of the preschool toys would be great to win! Thank you!!

  39. Tiffany Martinez says:

    I would LOVE the Alphabet Learning Locks!!! They look so fun!! 🙂

  40. My kiddos would love the balancing stone rocks.

  41. This list is great! I love that there are some for multiple age groups as they learn and grow for better fine motor skills or whatever they’re growing in. There are so many great toy options here! I have some of these items and know they are great, so I believe the other ones you have listed are great too! I can definitely see my son jumping on that pogo stick over and over ha ha!

  42. I’ve never heard of the balance stone rocks and they seem really neat.

  43. I’ve never heard or seen of the balance stone rocks and they seem really neat.

  44. Ying Zheng says:

    Bamboo Builder Marble Run

  45. I would love to win the Picasso Tiles or the Foam Pogo Jumper. You’ve created an excellent list!

  46. I love the Picaso tiles.

  47. Elizabeth Tyree says:

    I really like the variety of the toddler group.

  48. The clip connect toy looks really cool. I love any toys that help with fine motor skills and the kids like to play with them.

  49. I teach kindergarten and we love all STEM toys! Anything that they can build with we would love to have in our classroom.

  50. Magnet tiles are fabulous! My kids played with them for years and now my kindergarten kids love them too

  51. I can never have enough Magna-Tiles. My students love building with them so much thus year!

  52. Teena Plona says:

    I think I would like the sensory tubes for my severely Autistic son.

  53. I would love to win the balancing stone rocks for my kindergarteners! ❤️🙌🏻

  54. Magnatiles! My kids would love to build 3D buildings!

  55. Thanks for all the great content you put out there!! Preschool education is so magical!

    1. I’d love to win the
      Clip Connect. It’s such a unique way to construct!

  56. I would like to win Clip Connect.

  57. I would love the Bath time Wall Track. My grandbaby would love it!

  58. Teri Ware says:

    I would love the sensory tubes. It’s entertaining, mind engaging, and doesn’t have pieces to get scattered all over the house.

  59. Any of them but my children would love these! Squigz

  60. I’d love to win the Clip Connect and see what my preschooler can create! This is great to encourage creativity.

  61. My kids would love more magnetic tiles! Another set for larger builds would be so fun!

  62. Stephanie K says:

    I would love to win the Kid O Go Car. It would help my preschooler feel better when the baby tries to steal her little cars and eat them!

  63. Kay Parker says:

    I would love to win the Alphabet Learning Locks. It looks like a great fine motor and alphabet learning tool.

  64. Flo McDOnough says:

    I love the balancing stone rocks – not your typical toy!

  65. My class would love the magnatiles!

  66. Peggy Cooper says:

    I have been wanting several of these very same preschool toys for my classroom. Marry Christmas to my class!!!!!

  67. cristine packard says:

    I would love the balancing stone rocks.

  68. Angela Wagner says:

    All awesome toys!!

  69. Valentina says:

    My daughter would love the Playskool Ball Popper!

  70. I like the look of Clip Connect. It looks fun.

  71. I’ve never seen some of these toys and the Alphabet Locks look like fun!

  72. The Balancing Stones and the Clip Connect look like a lot of fun!

  73. I would love to win the balancing stone rocks!!

  74. Gabriela Jordanova says:

    The marble run ❤️

  75. I would love the Balancing Stone Rocks! I could see so much happening with these! My class love rocks as it is, but to be able to build with them! WHOA!

  76. I would love design and drill. I have never seen this before.

  77. That drill is one of the coolest toys I’ve ever seen!

  78. Rachel Gill says:

    My daughter uses them at PT and loves them. I know even my 1st and 2nd graders would enjoy them

  79. Laura Zachar says:

    So many great choices! I would love the stacking rainbow.

  80. Laura Zachar says:

    So many great choices!

  81. Caroline G says:

    Great (and timely!) ideas for my very busy class of PreK-3! Thank you! I would probably choose the Learning Locks or Clip Connect!

  82. Stephanie Karijanto says:

    These are so great! My son would love crazy shapes magnetic building set!

  83. Marcia Bordovsky says:

    I’d love to win the Balancing Stone Rocks! How neat and unusual!!

  84. Kara Thompson says:

    I teach preschool so I’d love preschool toys.

  85. The balancing stone rocks are amazing!

  86. My kiddos would love the Picasso tiles. They’re always playing with magnets and puzzles

  87. Tiffany Neels says:

    Our family would love the Picaso Tiles. Every time we are at our local library they run to the table that has them set out. They spend hours playing with them. Having our own set at home would be a huge blessing!

  88. I would love the balancing stone rocks!

  89. SL Anderson says:

    Thank you for making this happen! We would love the clip connect fine motor toys. Those look great!

  90. Diana Lorge says:

    crazy magnetic shapes would be great for my daycare children and my grabnchildren.

  91. Janet Leiby says:

    Squigz are great for all types of activities. The kids love them and can be working on balance, strengthening, and coordination while playing with them!

  92. Carly Bade says:

    I would love to win the squigz. My girls would love them?

  93. I would be grateful to receive any one of these toys. All of these toys are very educational and look like fun to play with.

  94. Thank you for the recommendations. I am always looking for items to add to my classroom wish list.

  95. Monica B. says:

    Squigz or MagnaTiles would be awesome!

  96. Alicia M. says:

    Balancing Stone Rocks look so awesome!

  97. Julie Chmielewski says:

    My favorite is the Picaso Tiles. I know my grandson would love them!!!

  98. I would like to win the Picaso Tiles for my classroom.

  99. The Squigs look like fun and I love the balancing stones!

  100. Stephanie says:

    Would love the balancing rocks. I have not seen this before.

  101. I’d love the clip connect toys!

  102. So many great ideas! My class is really into building this year, and we don’t have anything like the squigz or the balancing stones. I think either would be very cool additions to their creative building area. Thanks for the great ideas overall!

  103. Jana Meyer says:

    I would love the Melissa and Doug Colorful Blocks!

  104. Brittany M Bratt says:

    So many great ideas since I have kiddos in both age categories right now! Thank you for this list and descriptions!

  105. Oh love how much fun my kids or any kids would have with these.

  106. oooh those stones look like fun… for a garden sensory bin…
    and a preschool can never have enough magnetic riles. We just used ours, added bells & made Christmas trees.

  107. We started to learn the alphabet, and I think The alphabet learning locks are gonna help the kids to learn it faster.

  108. Victoria Fleming says:

    I have 11 month old twins who would love the bath time ball track and a 4 year old who would love the clip connectors!

  109. I’ve had Picasso tiles in my cart several times this year and just keep putting off completing my order. (There’s always something more essential to spend the money on!) I think students would really enjoy building and exploring with them!

  110. I would love to win the Squigz!! They look like so much fun and fine motor focussed too!

  111. Love these! I would love to win the Balancing Stone rocks, as it looks like something my 7, 5, and 3 year old could enjoy together 🙂

  112. I love all of these ideas! I run an infant through pre-k preschool and this is helpful to have all of the age group suggestions!! The balancing stones look super fun!

  113. These are great suggestions! For my classroom, I would love the Picasso tiles of the Squigz. I love being able to support my students with hands-on materials that build and strengthen their fine motor skills.

  114. Kristina Pingleton says:

    I would love the balancing stone rocks!

  115. Jamie Hogan says:

    Squigs and clip connect!

  116. Molly Epperly says:

    I would love to win the Balancing stone rocks! They would be an awesome addition to my block area.

  117. I would love the Picasso tiles. My kids are very creative with lego and other building materials. They would love these.

  118. i would love to win the stacking stones

  119. I have had the Squigz in my classroom wishlist for a while now. I would love to have them.

  120. Elizabeth says:

    The alphabet learning locks are amazing 🙂

  121. Jeanette Pacanowski says:

    I would love the sensory tubes for my baby’s first Christmas!

  122. My girls would love the design and drill.

  123. Shari McCroskey says:

    Squigz! My kinders would love to have a set of these to play with at Discovery Time.

  124. clip connect looks cool!!

  125. i would really like yo win the alphabet lock toys, my boy has a hard time with lower case l, upper case would be perfect!!! i didn’t know something like this was out there..amazing!!

  126. Such a good collection – we’d love the balancing rocks!

  127. Hard choice, but I’d go with the bamboo marble run.

  128. Squigz!! My kids in my classroom would love them!❤️

  129. Cassondra says:

    Squigz!!! They are awesome and our new classroom doesn’t have any!

  130. I’d like to win preschool toys for my classroom!

  131. Rene T Latner says:

    The learning alphabet locks look really cool!

  132. Jennifer Brooks says:

    I would like to have the Alphabet Learning Locks for my granddaughter who is 3 1/2.

  133. Peggy Keller says:

    The balancing stones look like fun!

  134. These are all such great recommendations! I want them all!

  135. Maria Tefft says:

    I would love the Clip Connect!

  136. Squigz are great! My preschool students loved them!

  137. This is Awesome! Thank you so much! It is a great list giving me lots of ideas as I tried to keep my 1.5 and 3.5 years old boys busy!!!
    They would love Bamboo Builder Marble Run, cuz they both love things that spin. and they have been perfecting their skills on spinning anything!

    Thank you so much!

  138. Patti Sears says:

    Thank you for the suggestions. I was not familiar with some of the preschool products available now. I am currently looking for a well made, educational toy that will be still relevant as my nephew transitions out of toddlerhood. I don’t think you can go wrong with building blocks and sturdy books.

  139. Mary Katherine Nichols says:

    I need these! Great ideas for my grandbabies, too!

  140. Calisa DeOliveira says:

    I would love to win the bamboo marble run. I think my 4 and 4 year old students would love the experience of building the track and watching the marble move 😊

  141. Mariah Samek says:

    I would love to win the foam pogo jumper!

  142. Julianna P. says:

    I really like the toddler wooden rainbow set and the shape sorting cube – great for fun learning!

  143. I love the Dress-Up Doll Set

  144. It would be super hard to choose but love the recommendations.

  145. I would love magnatiles or alphbet locks.

  146. Rhonda Kirsten says:

    The sguigs and the balancing rocks are both toys I think would be so fun to play, and learn with

  147. Kristyn Grace says:

    These are all so great!!

  148. I use stem in class. The magnet tiles are awesome. Would love more.

  149. So hard to choose just one. I think my little one would love the piggy bank.

  150. I would love to win the marble run!

  151. I love the magnatiles, and kids of all ages do too!

  152. Jennie Richards says:

    Amazing toys! How can I pick just one! I’d love the Picaso Tiles!

  153. The magnetic tiles or the bamboo marble run would be a great addition to our classroom. ….. Crossing fingers.

  154. I like the Melissa and Doug Colorful Blocks. I think they would provide many hours of play!

  155. Thank you, this is a great resource for choosing toys. It looks like a great selection. I have been thinking about the balancing stone rocks, they would make a great addition to my play time programs.

  156. I love the Alphabet Learning Locks, the Picaso Tiles, or the Balancing Stone Rocks!

  157. We have the Picaso tiles and my children have loved those for years!

  158. I’ve had my eye on those Squidz for a while. So much fun

  159. Stacey Dukes says:

    Thank you for sharing so many wonderful options! Building toys are a big hit in our house, so the squigz, balancing stone rocks, or Picasso tiles would be ones that would keep their interest for a long time.

  160. We seem to have very similar taste in toys for our children, as we have and love many of the toys on the list; they are such fun! We do not yet have the stacking stones or the Melissa and Doug giant cardboard building bricks, though, and I know that my boys would LOVE them!

  161. We would love the Clip Connect!! My boys would have so much fun building stuff with those things.

  162. Sarah Myers says:

    These look so fun! They’re definitely popular toys right now, too!

  163. I would love the design and drill my kid is so much into construction toys

  164. The magnetic building set would be a great resource in my classroom. I hope I win.

    Thank you.

    1. Jackie Di Cecco says:

      Would love the preschool toys for my kindergarten class!

  165. These amazing toys would be enjoyed in my classroom. I hope that I win.
    Thank you.

  166. I would love to win Design and Drill or Balancing Stone Rocks for my kindergarten classroom! Thank you for the opportunity.

  167. Vickie Earich says:

    I love all these ideas. I am a fairly new grandmother. I have a 4 month old and a 20 month old. I love getting them toys that encourage creativity and and engaging. Thanks for sharing. I am also a elementary special education teacher. A lot of these would be great for my classroom.

  168. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful suggestions. I have some new items on my shopping list now.

  169. Laura Smith says:

    My children love the magna tiles

  170. Julianna Daniels says:

    Thanks for the list of suggestions. So many great options for my day program! Thank you! If I were to win, I would choose the balancing stone rocks. Great for fine motor skills!

  171. I would love to win the magna tiles.

  172. Melissa Lutt says:

    Squigz look so fun!!

  173. We love magna tiles and design and drill!

  174. Cristina Cummings says:

    I am a school-based therapist who works in the Early Intervention program for my school district. The classes I serve are SDC preschool students, and they could really benefit from the squigz. There are so many different therapeutic benefits/activities that can be done with squigz!

  175. Buffy Glenn says:

    Fun ideas! Always looking for new ideas for my personal kids and also my classroom!

  176. Shawnna Hampton says:

    I love all of the ideas that you share. They are very helpful.
    I would love to win the stacking blocks, the pogo stick or the squigz. Kids can be so creative given the opportunity.

  177. Kathy Metcalf says:

    These all look so fun and engaging.

  178. My kids love anything to build with. I love the building toys too, but the ones that have a container to be stored in to help them stay organized.

  179. Teresa Luna says:

    I would love to win the Balancing stone rocks and the Alphabet Learning Locks

  180. Stephanie says:

    I would like the bouncer for my 4yo!

  181. I would the Picasso tiles! And all of them actually

  182. Daniela Oropeza says:

    Would love to win any of the preschool toy for my preschoolers!!!!
    -Thank you!

  183. I love your blog and activities you share with the world! Thank you!
    I would love the balancing rocks! I have so many friends who enjoy building! I think these would provide them with an extra challenge!

  184. Sarah Hamilton says:

    Love those balancing stone rocks!

  185. Your blog is so fun and helpful!

  186. Stephenie Sun says:

    The Bamboo Marble Run looks like so much fun!

  187. Stacey DeMotto says:

    Lots of classroom memories are possible with the Picasso Tiles and the Foam Pogo Jumper!!

  188. Michelle Faunda says:

    I have been wanting the learning locks!

  189. Michelle Sylvia says:

    I would like to win the balancing stone rocks!!

  190. I would love either the stones or bamboo builder marble run!

  191. Norma Farnell says:

    I would love the alphabet learning locks or the clip connect for my Pre-K 4 classroom!

  192. I’d love to win the Picasso tiles!

  193. Megan Ellickson says:

    I have a few of these toys and I would love the learning locks!

  194. These are all great and super fun toys, It would be hard to choose one

  195. So many great toys!!! I have had my eye on a drill design toy for years to add to my therapy tool box ; )

  196. My son would enjoy any of the Preschool toys you highlighted. Thanks for the info and recommendations!

  197. Such a great list! We have and love a lot of these for our young kiddos. Would be hard to pick between Picasso tiles or click connect set for the giveaway prize!

  198. I would Love to win any of these, but the Melissa and Doug Shape sorter would be perfect for my students who are aged 8-11 but who are developmentally 4-6. I have a hard time finding toys that are skill AND age appropriate.

    Thank you.
    Karrie DiCesare

  199. My girls would love the design and drill!!

  200. Alicia Haines says:

    Picasso tiles are the best! My child loves these at preschool.

  201. These are great! I love the wood blocks – especially the ones that look like rocks. And I love the squiqs – definitely on the list now!!

  202. Would love to win the Bamboo builder marble run or the foam pogo jumper!! Very nice prizes!!

  203. I’ve had my eye on a set of Squigz for a while now!!

  204. Angie Lysitza says:

    Those Balancing Stone Rocks look so cool!

  205. Wow! These are all wonderful and would be amazing to have! So hard to choose just one. I would try the squigz or crazy shapes magnetic building set because I’ve never had them in a classroom before.

  206. Debbie Callaway says:

    Many of these toys are great for people with disabilities to practice fine motor, building, sorting, and just creating in general.

  207. Any of the Melissa and Doug toys! I love their stuff.

  208. Dena Zoske says:

    The balancing rocks look like so much fun!

  209. I would love to would love to win either marble run for my daughter. I think we would both spend hours playing with it together. The foam pogo jumper would also be awesome to win. She struggles to jump with two feet and I am hoping this would teach her that.

  210. I’d love to win the rainbow stacker!

  211. These are ALL terrific! I’d love the Alphabet Learning Locks or Balancing Stones!

  212. These would be so wonderful all at once to add to my therapy sessions!

  213. I would love the Picasso tiles or balancing rocks. Great way to get engineering into play.

  214. Jolene Troia says:

    I would like to win the balancing stone rocks!

  215. Jenni Harves says:

    I would love to try squigz or clip connect. All are great toys

  216. Wow, the Foam Pogo Jumper!!!! I’ve never seen that before and that is a great item for the classroom and for my nephews!

  217. Breanne Campbell says:

    Magnatiles are a favorite around here. I have been eyeing the balance rocks and squigz for awhile.

  218. Leah Miller says:

    I teach prek and my kids love squigz! I’ve never seen the balancing stone rocks, those are so cool! They’d be perfect for my science center or for my own 3yo to practice building!

  219. Magnetic blocks are explored daily by all in my preschool classroom.
    The balancing stones look like a lot of fun!

  220. Beth Hankoff says:

    These are great picks! I raised two kids and volunteered with preschoolers for over a decade. The preschool toys you highlighted are definitely the ones that are a big hit! I have never seen those stacking stones before. Those look really fun!

  221. Jennifer Payne says:

    I love them all!

  222. Dottie Smith says:

    All of these are great choices for the kiddos I work with. I’m currently working with one that doesn’t play with any toy. She is 4 and I’m slowly introducing infant/toddler toys. I play with them and she walks around and watches. My hope is that she will start engaging with them. I would appreciate any of the toys to introduce her to if I was to win. Thank you for being so giving!

  223. So many good choices but I’d love a set of the Balancing Stone Rocks!

  224. Alex shipper says:

    Bamboo marble toy! Love all the preschool options 🙂

  225. This is a great list! I work with 2 years olds so any you would help.

  226. WOW!
    What a great list!

  227. I would love to win the Alphabet Learning Locks.

  228. These are great ideas for toys! It’s tough to find any recommendations that aren’t screens. Thanks for the ideas! I think the Picaso tiles are my favourite.

  229. Debbie Eccles says:

    I would love the balancing stone rocks!!

  230. Great toys! love the clip connects and magnet tiles!

  231. Preschool set! Thank you!

  232. Martha Baker says:

    I would love to get the balancing rocks. Thank you for the giveaway. I love all of your ideas.

  233. Those toys look amazing!

  234. Tara Kroeger says:

    The Balancing Stones are so cool! Endless ideas of what to do.

  235. Samantha Martin says:

    Hi!!! Great list of toys, thank you!!

    The squigz & balancing rocks look like so much fun!!

  236. Such cool items, engaging for aure. thank you for these great opportunities.

  237. The squigies look like they would be super fun

  238. Rhonda Tucker says:

    These are all great gift items! I wouldn’t know where to start but anything to help with learning the alphabet would be helpful!

  239. Tonya Sinner says:

    My kids are always trying to stack stuff, so I would choose the balancing rocks. Thank you for the giveaway.

  240. Katie Morris says:

    The Picaso tiles looks like they would be super fun to use in my kindergarten classroom!

  241. I think the Clip Connect and Squigz look like great activities for preschoolers. Lots of creativity and problem solving is involved. I would love either of those.

  242. They are all great toys!

  243. Cheryl Sandefur says:

    I would love any of the preschool toys. However, I think the balancing stone rocks are my favorite. 🙂

  244. Charlene Wiesenborn says:

    Toys, toys, toys, kids love to play with any toy. This is how they learn.

  245. Lisa Regier says:

    The balancing stone rocks are something that all ages would enjoy 😉. Thanks for the giveaways.

  246. Lynette Teel says:

    Thank you for researching toys that are appropriate for our youngest students. The balancing stone rocks are on my wish list now!

  247. The Squigz are so cool!

  248. The Wooden Rainbow looks amazing! We’ve got the picaso tiles and they are a hit! As well as the foam pogo jumper.

  249. That marble run would be so great!

  250. What a great list! I would love the squigz toy for building.

  251. Thanks for the list! I’ve been on the fence about the magnetic tiles, that would be a wonderful addition here. Ooh and the balancing rocks sound fun. So many great ideas! Thanks a bunch!

  252. I would like to win the crazy shapes magnetic set. My daughter would love to build structures with these!

  253. OMG! This list is awesome! I don’t know where to start with… I recognized the Hape pound and tap bench my daughter had as a baby. She loved it and best of all it is made of wood. She is a Kindergartener now but she sure would love all the toys on the preschool list! First of all the bamboo marble run how awesome is that!!! But also the clip connect and the picasso tiles are great building toys. My daughter loves building and creating and would do so with any and all her toys all day long, if she could.
    This list is awesome because it has a variety of materials (not only plastic…) to chose from and is totally gender neutral. Thank you so much!

  254. Sandi Kang says:

    My students would Love the Picasso tiles.

  255. Annette Holtz says:

    Thank you for offering free toys! Even if you don’t win, at least you know someone out there cares enough about children in child care to offer.

    Oh and definitely the magna tiles

  256. Mary Maxfield says:

    I love the toys for infants. I teach high school students and two are currently doing internships at a local child care program. I do not have a lot of experience with infants and toddlers as my focus has typically been preschool age. I therefore do not have a lot of recourses for them.

  257. Ashley Davidson says:

    All of my kids love the magnet tiles. We can never have enough!

  258. I am an ESL teacher and the alphabet puzzle would be a great tool for my non speakers to hep them learn their letters

  259. Design and Drill looks amazing for my classroom and the bath time ball track is something I’ll need to purchase for home for the grandkids.

  260. Kristin Sherk says:

    Love that you do this each year. Great for the sponsors too.
    We have the magna tiles. I highly recommend them!

  261. I would love the squigz for my classroom, but any of these would be great!

  262. Shelly M. says:

    There are so many great options here, and we actually purchased some of these previously based on previous posts, but I think we would chose either the Balancing Stone Rocks or the Bamboo Builder Marble Run.

  263. This is a great list! I love the alphabet locks and the dress up doll!

  264. All these ideas are great! I would love to win either the marble run or Picasso tiles.

  265. These are great Christmas gift ideas. I would like to win the Picasso tiles.

  266. Hallie Edgerly says:

    The Personalized Photo Book is adorable!
    This is one of THE BEST lists I’ve ever seen for these three age groups that are all very close, yet so different in development! Thank you for sharing!

  267. I love the alphabet locks. All these ideas are great and some i’ve never seen.

  268. The pogo stick and squigz would be perfect for the students at the therapeutic day school I work at!

  269. Leona Blessing says:

    Manipulatives are so important as well as play. I would love some toys for my classroom.

  270. The preschool items would be amazing in my classroom. So many learning opportunity with each item.

  271. I am fascinated with the Squigz, Bamboo Marble run and stone building blocks. I could see my students loving and learning from each one of these toys!

  272. It’s taken me a long time to get on the Magnatiles train. I usually hate toys with lots of pieces because they just get everywhere, but I’m LOVING magnatiles now!

  273. Would love to win the magnetic pieces!

  274. Amanda Bartee says:

    I have had Picaso tiles/Magna tiles on my wishlist for a few years! Anything to get those little fine motor muscles stronger is a plus!

  275. Gail Peck says:

    I would love the marble run.

  276. Cătălina Lawrence says:

    My son would love The Balancing Stone Rocks.

  277. Maria Luisa Kidd says:

    I would love the bamboo builder marble run!

  278. The Squigz look like hours of fun for my toddler.

  279. The wooden rainbow looks like a fun toy to add to a block center 🙂

  280. The preschool set of items would be perfect for my child.

  281. The preschool set would be perfect for my child!

  282. The magnetic tyles look like hours of fun!

  283. Holly Kovaleski says:

    I didn’t see the question! I would like the marble run. I think it would be quite useful in my classroom.

  284. Cheyenne Mundy says:

    I would love to add the Foam Pogo Jumper to my classroom! My home schooler is Neurodivergent and this would be a great way for him to release pent up energy during the school day.

  285. Kimberley Skidmore says:

    As am Infant Development Consultant I will share toy rec with my the new ideas.
    As a new grandma of two amazing baby girls I appreciate the gift ideas.
    The personalized photo album is great!

  286. We love Picasso Tiles!

  287. Holly Kovaleski says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  288. Danielle B says:

    The Marble run would be a great addition to my classroom. Great for motor skills and EF!

  289. Marie Lisko says:

    My 4 older grandchildren ( 2 of which I homeschooled 18 months during covid) would love love the Balancing Stone Set. Two have sensory issues and already collect rocks. Thanks for all you offer.

  290. I would love either the sensory tubes, piggy bank or picassa tiles.

  291. Whoa. These are great suggestions. I work with both toddlers and preschoolers, and any toy can be used for language. Melissa and Doug are my favorites!

  292. So many great ideas!!

  293. These are some great toys! I’d love the stacking rocks.

  294. Lizzie Armendarez says:

    The Picasso Tiles are THE biggest hit in my preschool classroom right now! I could have a whole shelf of them and there still wouldn’t be enough!!

    The foam pogo stick would be really great for those high energy kiddos who need more than a 30-45 minutes here and there on the playground or in the gym!

  295. I would love to win the Picaso tiles! This is an awesome list!

  296. Mickey Banks says:

    I would like the doll dress up set. My students would love being able to change clothes on the dolls.

  297. Julia Villanueva says:

    I’d Ike to win the foam pogo jumper

  298. The squiqz look like so much fun! We have the Picasso tiles and they are played with every single day

  299. The Squigz are SO COOL! Would love to try them out. So great that you can use them for so many different things!

  300. Maryanne Kirchner says:

    This is such a nice post and one that I will forward to parents of the children I work with. I would love to win the Alphabet Learning Locks! thanks

  301. All these toys look great. Love the wooden rainbow!

  302. julie staines says:

    Magnetic tiles PLEASE!

  303. The design and drill toy looks so fun! Love the ideas you provide!

  304. Christine S says:

    I like the alphabet learning locks. That seems like it would keep their interest and they’d really have to concentrate on matching up the alphabet.

  305. Id love either of them!

  306. I would love the alphabet locks! Great for my clinic!

  307. Melissa Williams says:

    These toys are fun and help with motor skills.

  308. My kids love the magna tiles. The stacking rocks look amazing though. I may have to get a set for my classroom!

  309. chelsea c gros says:

    I would love those stacking rocks!

  310. My kids would love more magnetic tiles or Squigz!

  311. I would love to have the alphabet learning locks. I’ve been eyeing those for a year now. I also think the possibilities with the balancing stone rocks would be great!

  312. Shannon James says:

    Never heard of squids but sounds like fun.

  313. Hannah Beck says:

    I would like to win the balancing stones rocks!

  314. I would love the squigs!!

  315. Melissa Moore says:

    To be honest, I wouldn’t mind winning any of these amazing things for preschool! I do not have any of them and would appreciate anything. They look like so much fun!

  316. I think the foam pogo stick Sounds fun! Loved all these ideas:)

  317. Michele Kuperus says:

    These look amazing! I would love the foam pogo stick to use outside with my preschool class.

  318. Cathy McDonald says:

    You do such a great job cultivating the perfect collection. I would be honored!

  319. April Skaggs says:

    I would love to win the Preschool toy bundle!! They would be wonderful in my classroom!

  320. I would use magnets or shape sorter in my classroom area.

  321. So many cool items. I think my 4yr old would like the alphabet locks!

  322. These are fantastic ideas!! I especially love the alpha locks set!! My daughter would LOVE those!!

  323. Glee Rice says:

    SOOO many good recommendations! I saved several in my Amazon wish list for my students and my great nieces & nephews!! If I won, I think I’d pick the Squigs!

  324. Kerry Drayer says:

    Would love those balancing stones for my classroom!

  325. AnnMarie Jackson says:

    Love the list! The magnetic blocks are cool

  326. Would love to have a new toy for the classroom!

  327. I would love the Picasso Tiles for my STEM Classroom!

  328. Lauren Lockwood says:

    I would love the wooden rainbow to use with my early intervention kids (and to look pretty on my shelf when not being used, lol!)

  329. Sydney Webb says:

    I would love the balancing stones set! My K students love to build and create with Picasso tiles in my classroom, and I think these balancing stones would add a whole new challenge for them!

  330. Kathy Smith says:

    Puzzles and blocks and marbles, oh my! 🙂
    The special needs students I work with and my grandchildren all benefit from the variety you show. I have a few, but always enjoy more choices to share!

  331. Jennifer Walker says:

    I would love to win the Stone Builders set!! These are great!!

  332. This is a perfect list. I am a new mom and these will be great to have available for when my son gets older.

  333. Lisa Flowers says:

    I would like to win the Melissa & Doug shape sorting cube.

  334. Cheri Tate says:

    I would love some new toys for PreK to add to our centers. This has been an amazing giveaway and deeply appreciated.

  335. Grace Eaton says:

    Love the selection of toys in each category, I would love to win a pre-schooler prize.
    Thank you

  336. Sharon k . Osborn says:

    I have 2 and 3 grandsons and all the toys look great and I know they would enjoy.

  337. Foam pogo stick
    Anything for building
    Dress up
    These all sounds great

  338. Would be so awesome to win one of these!

  339. Such cool toys!
    Thanks for sharing!

  340. I would love the magna tiles and the balancing stone as well a the piggy bank. The children i work with would get so much use out of those items.

  341. Melissa Thomas says:

    I would like the rainbow stackable. I am having my first child at the end of April and don’t have any toys yet.

  342. I’m an OT and love all of these toys – great for fine motor and visual motor skills!

  343. Would love the rainbow stacker or balancing stones for my kids!

  344. I would like to win the Picasso tiles.

  345. I love the bath time ball track! It looks like so much fun!

  346. I would love the baby toys for some of my more delayed three year olds. I love the simple cause and effect to facilitate joint attention.

  347. Debra Lancaster says:

    The bathtime ball track is the cutest! I would love to have one of those for sensory play for the littles.

  348. Becky Cosgrove says:

    I would love to receive toys for my in home childcare!

  349. I have always wanted the alphabet locks! Thanks for the chance to win! Happy holidays!

  350. Katelyn Medeiros says:

    Perfect list, I have a 3 year old and a 7 month old

  351. Katie Mitchell says:

    Love have a small variety to rotate thru instead of an enormous choice and mess.

  352. Heather Clarey says:

    I would love to try to balancing rocks and the clip connect toy! They look like a lot of fun.

  353. Robyn Bischof says:

    Awesome! What a blessing this would be!

  354. Thanks for all these suggestions! Great to have the last (even if I don’t win 😁)

  355. My preschooler could use that pogo jumper to get out some energy!!

    1. My son’s therapist showed him a video on balancing rocks as a way for him to be focused and calm. The balancing stone rocks would be awesome for this. Then I could bring them into my classroom when he no longer uses them.

  356. The foam pogo jumper for PreK would be great to get out some energy in the house this winter! And then take it outside in the summer!

  357. Stephanie says:

    I would like to win the bamboo builder marble run

  358. I love the rock tool!

  359. These toys would be great! I want them all!!!!!

  360. My students love Magna Tiles and it would great to have another set.

  361. Theresa Lehmann says:

    I would love to receive the toddler toys, specifically the piggy bank, ball popper and large dump truck. Musical toys would be wonderful too.

  362. Jill Monday says:

    I love the Crazy Shapes Magnetic Building set!

  363. Philamenia Haskins says:

    Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker is a great toy!

  364. Thanks for curating such a nice list!!

  365. Amy Pertl-Clark says:

    What a great list of materials for young children! I would love to win the Balancing Rocks! Thank you.

  366. Marble run looks like fun!

  367. Stephanie D. says:

    Love the preschool ideas!!

  368. Leslie Steele says:

    I Love this list. I will be passing on to friends and family!

  369. Jaime Wasserman says:

    So many great ones!!!

  370. I would love to win the clip connect, or plasco tiles or squigz! I love having toys in my classroom that the kiddos can build with!

  371. Catherine says:

    The squigz look fun!

  372. My kid would love the marble run!

  373. I would like to win the Crazy Shapes Magnetic Building Set.

  374. I would like to win the Picaso Tiles. My preschoolers love to build things and they could also be used to teach colors and shapes.

  375. Christine B. says:

    I would be perfectly happy with any of the toys, as I have 7 grandchildren, age 7 and below, and a great grandchild, who just turned 2. So, anything would be great! Thanks!

  376. Twylla Jones says:

    Thanks for the list
    I work on Early intervention and I have parents that want to know what to tell family and friends what to get the little ones. They will be gr aftul for the list

  377. Ang Jackson says:

    I would love to win the alphabet puzzle!!!!!!

  378. Ariel Figueroa says:

    These look so cool! Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive and organized list!

  379. Amy Lehman says:

    We love Alphabet Locks and Picasso Tiles in my classroom, and I have a very small set of Squiz. I want more of those for sure!

  380. Eleana Stephens says:

    Thank you for the list Angela. I’ve bought “Crazy Shapes Magnetic Building Set” and “Melissa & Doug Jumbo Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks” for my toddler. I also keep in mind the preschool items.

    Keep up the good work.

  381. carol klein says:

    I loved the stackable wooden toy. We played make a rainbow and learned all the colors while doing so.

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