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  • Songs and Rhymes Digital Audio Version


    This is the audio for the book, Songs and Rhymes for Transition Time. It is sung by the author of the book and it is acapella.

    The product comes in a digital zip file with all the songs and rhymes sung from the book.

  • 10 Weeks to Kindergarten

    10 Weeks to Kindergarten


    Is your child going to kindergarten this year? Are you wondering if they are ready for kindergarten? If you answered yes, then 10 Weeks to Kindergarten is for you! This program is designed to create a routine in your summer schedule and also sharpen skills to prepare your little one for kindergarten!

    Included in this program is practice with the following:

    *name writing






    This PDF is 83 pages long and includes a schedule for the 10 weeks. This is a digital product and no physical copy will be sent to you.

  • Spring Science Activities

    Spring Science Activities


    Spring is the perfect time to get outside and learn about the world we live in! This spring science packet contains 10 fun and easy activities to do with your little learners.

    Here are the activities in this packet:

    1. Living vs. Nonliving Things  (printable)
    2. Investigating Flowers (printable)
    3. Plant Life Cycle (printable)
    4. Growing Seeds (printable)
    5. Sink or Float (printable)
    6. Why Rain is Important
    7. Making Rainbows (printable)
    8. Earthworm Habitat
    9. Tree Bark
    10. All About Eggs (printable)

    7 of the activities include printables you can use with the activities.

  • The Toddler Journey Book

    The Toddler Journey


    Looking for creative ways to keep toddlers busy? Here are 100 fun and easy activities toddlers will love. If you are a parent, grandparent, or caregiver to toddlers, THIS is the book for you.

    Here’s what is included in The Toddler Journey:

    1. List of developmental milestones for toddlers

    2. Hands-on activities for sensory play, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, art, and more

    3. 100 toddler activities categorized by age groups

    This product is the ebook version of the book. That means you will receive a digital PDF file to download. No physical copy will be sent.

  • Winter Science Activities Packet


    This Winter Science Activities packet is filled with 10 hands-on learning activities that are sure to capture the interest of your little learner. Teach little learners about states of matter, density, chemistry and more with really fun experiments. All the activities come with detailed instructions, material lists, and some experiments include printables.

    Here are the 10 winter science activities included in this packet:

    1. Snowstorm in a Jar
    2. Making Ice Grow
    3. Homemade Frost (printable)
    4. Floating Ice Cube
    5. Making Icicles (printable)
    6. Melting Snow
    7. Building with Ice Cubes
    8. Melting Ice (printable)
    9. Pinecone Water Experiment (printable)
    10. Blubber & Ice Experiment (printable)

    This is a digital file and no physical product will be shipped.

  • Apple Science Activities


    Learning about apples can be so much fun! This packet includes directions for 10 hands-on activities, explanation behind each experiment, and printables for some of the activities.

    Here are the 10 activities in the packet:

    • Life Cycle of an Apple (printable)
    • Parts of an Apple (printable)
    • Browning Apples (printable)
    • Apple Volcano
    • Jumping Apple Seeds
    • Traveling Colors
    • Decaying Apples (printable)
    • Sink or Float (printable)
    • Trick Your Tongue
    • Mummify Apples
  • Leaf Science Activities


    Little ones will love exploring and learning about leaves with these hands-on activities. This packet includes directions for 10 activities, explanation behind each experiment, and some activities include printables.

    Here are the activities in this packet:

    • Leaf Life Cycle (with a printable)
    • Parts of a Leaf (with a printable)
    • Comparing Leaves
    • Crunchy Leaves (with a printable journal)
    • Leaf Hunt (with a printable)
    • How Leaves Change Colors
    • How Leaves “Breathe”
    • How Leaves “Drink” (with a printable observation sheet)
    • How Leaves Get Water
    • What Happens to Leftover Leaves (with a printable)

    This is a digital product and no physical product will be shipped.

  • teaching mama products

    Uppercase Alphabet Formation Rhymes


    Teach little ones how to write uppercase alphabet letters with these formation rhymes! This set of printables explains how to write the uppercase letters with a fun little rhyme. These can be used as posters around a room, tracing with a finger, or tracing with a writing utensil.

    This file now includes this printable as a digital resource, which you can use on Google Classroom or Seesaw. Your purchase will include the PDF to print the rhymes, plus the digital files for Google Slides and Seesaw. The files include an audio version of each rhyme, so students can listen to the rhyme as they practice writing letters. This is great for distance learning!

    There are 26 rhymes in this collection.

    This product is a digital file and no physical product will be shipped.