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  1. Angela,
    This is a fantastic and very versatile craft. I have used it in so many ways.
    Initially I made several to decorate our Fall gatherings table. I used twigs for the stems instead of rolled paper. It was tricky but worked out. That definitely needed hot glue. My cousin had the idea to use cinnamon sticks for stems to add a little spice (I did’t try it, but maybe someone else would like to)
    Then, in my classroom I made pumpkin books. I used card stock for the front and back covers. For the inside pages, I just used some patterned paper I had in my craft box. Though next year I will probably just use construction paper at school. The first books we made in our small groups: We were able to put build the books together during reading groups- skill following directions. Then in math groups the next day or so students played a matching game with Halloween 10 frames and digits, then glued the 10 frames and matching digits into the book. They loved it.
    We also made “Pumpkin Life Cycle” books for science.

    I have several ideas for the coming school year .I know I can just make the pumpkin shaped books that are stapled on the edge, but something about these is more fun. I just wanted to say thank you! There is so much to learn in kindergarten, your ideas and products are often the difference between torturous and engaging.

    1. Angela Thayer says:

      I’m so happy to hear this! Thank you for taking the time to share this!

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