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  1. I love your ideal its easy and fun for a 2 two years old who is in love with bugs.

  2. I loved your Facts About Ladybugs and Facts about Dragon Flies.
    I was hoping to see here Facts about Caterpillars and Butterflies.

    As always, thanks for sharing your works. You are appreciated.

  3. I love your insect / bug theme. I’m just curious. I saw your fact sheets for ladybugs, houseflies, fireflies and dragonflies. I’m just wondering if you made one for butterflies too. I’m using a bug theme in my ESL class in Croatia and your materials will definitely help. Thanks.

  4. Rebecca Smith says:

    I’ve done a similar crayon craft using an iron. We used a pencil sharpener to shave pieces of crayon and then put them between two pieces of wax paper. Doing it that way can make a big mess. A little goes a long way since the iron tends to press them and mix them together. You can’t use too many colors or it’ll just turn out black. But it’s a way to do it without turning on your oven. Just make sure you put something like a towel between the wax paper and the iron.

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