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Preschool Alphabet Packet

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If you have a preschooler, I am sure you are interested in making sure they are prepared for Kindergarten. I created a 245-page packet, which includes printables for all 26 letters of the alphabet.

preschool alphabet packet

In this packet, there is practice with letter recognition, counting, tracing, scissors, colors, patterns, finding differences, ordering by size, letter sounds, lacing, and more!

These printables will allow your preschooler practice with the skills they need to work on before going to Kindergarten.

3 reviews for Preschool Alphabet Packet

  1. Kadek (verified owner)

    Thank you so much, you make it free because you care about people who become “homeschooling teacher” in a day. It is awesome alphabet packet! I will use it soon.
    It is tough times for all people in the world. May God bless you and your family.
    -Kadek an ESL teacher in Indonesia-

  2. Bianca A.

    What a generous gift! Thank you so very much! Greetings from West Africa.

  3. Debra Bennett -Playtime Pals Preschool , Gatineau , Quebec, Canada

    The Preschool Alphabet Packet is “phenomenal” because it is a great learning tool to explore the individual letters of the alphabet. I am a ECE (BYU Idaho 1976) for over forty years, operating my own preschool for forty years…thirty six of them in my home. I am an early literacy specialist and have advocated for the importance of teaching the sounds/phonemes to young children. Early Literacy has been my focus especially for the last fifteen years. My philosophy is teaching through purposeful play…hands on experiences…with plenty of visuals …access to books and of course through Rhymes …Reading…and Singing!!! All developmental experiences for the young child to retain the information they are experiencing! Angela’s Alphabet Packet as well as her Alphabet Formation Rhymes are exceptional…so creative and Fun…Fun…Fun! Not only for the children but for the educator/ parent as well. I highly recommend these as great resources for every child to experience!
    It makes me so ecstatic to have these wonderful additions to my resources.

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