Thank You to My Readers!! {giveaway}

I just want to say thank you. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for all your comments, ‘likes’, emails, and messages. I really appreciate all of them. When I started my blog in September 2012, it was just a hobby…basically a creative outlet for me. It started out very small. Then I decided to branch out and create a facebook page last December. I had no idea that just one year later I would pass the 5,000 mark! And because of you, my blog crashed last Sunday! I guess that is somewhat of a good thing when your blog crashes…meaning people are reading this blog! I apologize that my blog has been down for most of the week. I switched my blog to a host that can handle my traffic and I am hoping this never happens again!

Anyway, I just want to shout a huge THANK YOU for everything this past year! I want to give a little something back to all the mamas. As this Christmas season approaches, I know how crazy it is for moms. So I want to give a little something that will pamper YOU! Today, I’m giving away a basket filled with lotion, body wash, and spray. I’m also giving away three $5 Starbucks gift cards.

Teaching Mama Giveaway!

So there are two giveaways to enter. They both end on December 6th at Midnight. And you can enter EVERY day! The first one is for the Bath and Body Works ensemble, which include the following:


You must live in the U.S. or Canada to enter this giveaway. You can enter the giveaway here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And for the second giveaway,  I will choose 3 winners to receive a $5 Starbucks gift card!! Hope you will be able to treat yourself to a yummy drink this Holiday season! You must live in the U.S. or Canada to enter this giveaway. You can enter the giveaway here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you again!! XOXO!


  1. I love your book! I am using it for my son! I especially like the sensory bins and my son needs help in that area.

  2. Korin Whitney says:

    Love your blog, can’t decide which topic is my favorite. I enjoy reading about the different sensory ideas and ways to keep your toddler entertained lol. My kids loved watching your video on the egg, we will be trying that one soon :).

  3. It’s so nice that you’re rewarding your fans (readers), as moms we tend to put ourselves last… especially around the holidays, so it’s wonderful you’re showing us all some love!

  4. I loved the turkey time post! I also love the l is for light. We will be using that next week for my tiny tot.

  5. I love the sensory bins and bags. There was also a post about busy bags that my children loved. The Jello Playdough was a big hit too… fact I cannot think of one single thing I have seen posted that I did not love. Thank you!! :)

  6. Brenda Jones says:

    I love it all but especially the preschool homeschooling posts :)

  7. I enjoy any of your sensory bin posts!

  8. I like the preschool activities.

  9. Hmmm, I don’t know if I could decide on a favorite post! :) …but I just made Jello Playdough yesterday! I’m going to have my son play with it through December and then make handprint ornaments with his and the new baby’s prints for Christmas presents! :)

  10. Cheryl Petersen says:

    I love all the ideas that you have for preschoolers!

  11. tammy cordery says:

    I love hearing about what you do with your kids.

  12. Love your pages!

  13. Christine says:

    Your blog is my favorite, I especially love the sensory bag posts.

  14. You know how much I adore you, friend :) I am really looking forward to jumping in with some more preschool activities with Lainey after the new year. It’s my goal :) I can’t wait to use some of your ideas, especially sensory bins!

  15. I love the young children articles.

  16. I loved your post on making slime. Such a fun project for kids!

  17. Cheryl Petersen says:

    I love all the ideas on here. looking forward to many new ones.

  18. I don’t know if it was a blog post or shared on facebook only, But it was splay dough. Loved it

  19. I am new to your blog, so I don’t have a favorite yet, but am very excited about it!

  20. I just enjoyed reading your history above. I’m new to your blog :)

  21. I love your sensory ideas! I also love you preschool book.

  22. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  23. I love all of your ideas for preschoolers.

  24. Im a fan of the ideas for preschoolers

  25. I love all of the toddler and preschool posts. So many things to keep my little ones learning and happy.

  26. I love your ideas for this age group (my son is 3). Beyond that, do you have a list for top home school curricula for after toddler-hood and pre-school? Since you are a ‘bonafide’ teacher (not a slam to any of us that aren’t), I thought you might have a good handle on things. :)

  27. The busy bags ideas are sooooooo neat, too!!! Love, love, love

  28. rayraycartucci says:

    I am new to your blog but I love hearing about kids. Your blog seems fun and light. Thank you!

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