Color Mixing Activity with Soap Foam

We recently made soap foam to play with and it has quickly become a favorite activity at our house! Its light, fluffy, colorful, and all-around fun to play with! I was talking with my preschooler the other day about colors and we were talking about mixing colors together to make new colors. He was not quite getting what I was talking about, so I decided to do a hands-on activity to demonstrate color mixing. Since we love soap foam, I thought it would be perfect to use for this color mixing activity.

Color Mixing Activity with Soap Foam To start, you will need to make several batches of soap foam. Here is what you will need for each batch:

  • 2 tablespoons dish soap (mine is from the Dollar Store and is the off-brand of Dawn)
  • 1/4 cup water
  • several drops of food coloring
  • blender or food processor
  • container to put the foam in

supplies for soap foam

Just pour all the ingredients into the blender or food processor. Then turn it on for about 30 seconds. I turn mine off when the foam rises up to the top like in the picture below.

foam It should look foamy like this:

Soap Foam Then just dump the soap foam into a container. I placed two colors into each container for the color mixing activity.

Color Mixing Activity with Soap Foam

Then I presented them to my kids. We first predicted what would happen when we mixed each tub. Then we mixed them all up!

Color Mixing

Color Mixing

Mixing the Soap Foam

We made green, orange, and purple.

Mixed Foam The kids loved this hands-on activity and were amazed that two colors could make a new color!

There are lots of great color-mixing activities for kids. Here are a few that I love:

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  1. That looks like it would satisfy my son’s daily request to ‘do something fun, Mom.’ Does the color stain clothes?

    • Never mind. We went ahead and tried it and the clothing seems fine. I am concerned about that much soap going into the flower beds around the patio, which is where my kids played with and poured it out, so next time we’ll play in the grass. Thanks for a fun activity!

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