15 Hands-On Math Activities for Preschoolers

We have been doing a lot of math activities over at our house this week! Today I am sharing a round-up of hands-on math activities for preschoolers. I’m hoping this will be a good resource for you moms of preschoolers! Here we go….

15 Hands-On Math Activities for Preschoolers

1. Patterns with Bears

Counting Bears are a great math manipulative to use with preschoolers. You can sort, count, or use them with patterns. I created some pattern cards to help with this. The first page is an AB pattern, meaning two colors alternate in the pattern. The second page is an ABC pattern, meaning three are three colors in the pattern. For this activity, your preschooler will set the colored bear on top of the matching color to create a pattern. On the ABC pattern cards, the last circle is left empty. That is for your child to tell you what color it should be.

You can get your free printable here —> Color Pattern Printable

Patterns Printable Math Skill: Patterns and Relationships

2. Sorting Colors with Bears

Sorting is a skill preschoolers should work on a lot. One way to sort is by color and we do this with our counting bears and a sorting mat. To download your free copy of this click here —> Color Sorting Mat

Color Sorting MatMath Skill: Patterns and Relationships

3. Money Muncher

A fun way to work on sorting is with a money muncher! To see all the fun details, click here.

Money Muncher

Math Skill: Patterns and Relationships

4. Sorting Jelly Beans

Anytime we work with candy, my kids love it! You can sort M&Ms or jellybeans or whatever! To see how we did this with jellybeans, click here.

Jellybean Math

You can also use this printable with sorting candy —>Jelly Bean Math

Math Skill: Patterns and Relationships

5. Graphing Transportation

Graphing is always good to introduce to preschoolers. It doesn’t have to be complex, but you can do a simple activity like graphing the types of transportation on a bar graph and use small pictures or toys (or I used erasers from The Dollar Tree).

Graphing Transportation

Math Skill: Patterns and Relationships

6. Shape Wheel

This is a fun activity for learning shapes! Just print this shape wheel and draw the same colored shapes onto clothespins. Have your child match the clothespin to the shape on the wheel. This is great for working on fine motor skills!

To get your free shape wheel, click here —> Shape Wheel

Shape Wheel- Free Printale

Math Skill: Geometry

7. Shape Sorter

An easy way to practice shapes is with a Shape Sorter! You can buy these at Michaels Craft Store for just $1! Check out this post for details.

DIY Shape Sorter

Math Skill: Geometry

8. Noodle Shape Cards

A neat sensory activity and fun way to learn shapes is with noodles! See the post here to pick up your free shape cards.

Shape Cards

Math Skill: Geometry

9. Foam Sticks

Learn shapes in the tub with these foam sticks! You can see how we did this here.Foam Shape Activity

Math Skill: Geometry

10. Dice Game

This is a really fun game! I took this Melissa & Doug wooden toy and put white circle stickers on the top of the pegs. I wrote numbers 1-6 and had 2 stars. I had my son roll the dice and whatever number it landed on, he would pound with a toy hammer. If the number he rolled was already down, he hit the star. Not only was this fun for him, but he was able to “subitize”, which simply means to recognize numbers instantly without counting the dots.

Dice & Number Game

Math Skill: Number Concepts

11. Star Number Cards

Practice counting and recognizing numbers with star number cards. Grab the printable here!

number cards

Math Skill: Number Concepts

12. Ladybug Math

We made these adorable ladybugs and they were a hit! Not only were they fun to play with, but we did a lot of counting and sorting with them. Read all about it here.

Ladybug Math

Math Skill: Number Concepts

13. Balloons

Learn the order of numbers with this really fun game involving balloons! Check out the details here.

balloon number game  Math Skill: Number Concepts

14. Estimating with Water

We learned about estimation with a dropper last summer when we did water activities. We also did estimation here when we were playing with our foam bits sensory bin.


Math Skill: Measurement

15.  Pouring and Comparing

We  practiced pouring skills with rice into these beakers. Then I had my son line them up from biggest to smallest. Using comparative words like big/small or empty/full help teach preschoolers about simple concepts of measurement. This is simple and you could elaborate on this activity.


Math Skill: Measurement

Hope you enjoyed this round-up of math activities!


  1. Great post. Particularly loved your 2D shape sorting wheel as I’d just been writing about teaching 2D and 3D shapes on my blog. Just added a link to your page, hope that’s okay :)
    Nichole {youclevermonkey} recently posted…Invitation to create – the first 15 daysMy Profile

  2. This is excellent work! Other teachers should see this. I will share it in my facebook!

  3. They all look such fun, am sure ill use them all thank you

  4. I used your sorting bears idea for my head start kids. GREAT IDEA!!

  5. Carmen Ervin says:

    Each idea is great . Just what I needed. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Linda Vossler says:

    Just wanted to say Thank You! I used your pattern printable and I appreciate you having it on here to do so, saved me a lot of time from making my own! Kudos for all the nice things you have on here

  7. Thanks! I’m printing the pattern cards for my 4 year old, and you’ve given me the inspiration to pull out our foamy letters and use them in the bathtub. :)
    Shecki @ Greatly Blessed recently posted…Katie’s December Tot TraysMy Profile

  8. Mrs. Amanda says:

    I love your ideas they will definitely be put to use, thank you for allowing the free printables!


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